Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh yes, the three dayer...

Two more classes and then it's off to a San Franciscan weekend of boy and happy love with PARENTS! Yays!

Apparently, I am not meant to look presentable on campus. Today I finally dug out a pair of pants (err, capris) that werne't my holey, navy, falling apart cords, but about ten minutes after I put them on my coffee decided it woiuld like to be put on as well. Do not wear your morning beverage! So unhip.

I wrote that in the back of my COMP 41 notebook this morning in order to preserve it's fresh feel. Now, though, the coffee has dried to a fairly invisible splotch. I'm debating putting on those other pants anyways, though, because San Francisco will be cool whether it's 90 degrees here or not.

I gotsa read my astro homework...

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