Thursday, April 26, 2007


The story is pretty much the same as usual. Yesterday I managed to get LOTRO working, so I'm doing that all day today, probably, with short breaks. We're having Chinese food with Marc tonight, which is good, since I haven't seen him in quite a while.

Other than that I'm feeling a little weird because I finally e-mailed AMITY and told them I wouldn't be attending the interview this Saturday. I guess it's weird because it's what I always thought I would do, what I was really excited about doing, etc, etc. But now I just have other stuff I want to do. Rather than leading a Japan life teaching English, I will live a San Francisco life writing about video games. Either one is great, but this one is here and rockin' already, getting better, even.

Anyways, *shrug*

Hesfrid on Brandywine if anyone is playing LOTRO.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Today Things

So...I'm sitting here having eaten lunch thinking I should do some laundry. It's about 12:30. I'm waiting anxiously for a package to arrive via FedEx. It contains my first assignment for my new freelance job at The beta is already on our machine here at the apt, and it doesn't work very well. We've fallen victim to a rather common-seeming bug that they're apparently having trouble fixing. Somehow I doubt having a retail copy will fix the problem, but maybe it is worth a shot. Maybe.

The other trick to this is that FedEx is probably the sort of delivery service liable to not actually deliver anything unless the recipient is present. Hopefully they read the note about the buzzer being broken and call my cell phone. Otherwise I won't even be able to fill out my contract.

In any case, that brings the job total to three. I'm going to stick with the grocery store for a little while, just to see how things go. Yesterday I was feeling like maybe I should just do all three and make money. I was so excited to maybe quit the store, though. Still want to.

I should really get to that laundry. Then I suppose while I wait for that, and the package that containing the game that may not work, and for it to be time for anime club later, I can read a book or translate a thing about the Crystal Chronicles game for DS. Or play Dragon Warrior. Or something. I should maybe go to the bank, too, but that can wait until tomorrow. We do, however, need milk.

In other, more exciting, news, the boy and I ordered my new computer last night. I'm trying not to think about it because it's not going to ship for quite a while.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

3 weeks

I renewed The History of the World for the third time this morning. I think that will probably be the last time they will let me without returning it for a while or something first...not exactly sure how that goes. Anyhow, I have it until May 13. That's about 21 days and I have about 23 chapters to go. Or about 527 pages.

That's 25 pages a day, which isn't so bad, really, but it's a history book. Tends to be boggy. And lately I've been having increasingly LESS free time since I'm busy with writing and work and games and such. I guess this can just be part two of my regime. I need to have a schedule, I guess, because I need to finish this book and study Japanese.

Maybe I'll think about that.

EDIT: I will never finish this book or become fluent in Japanese, but I might write about video games a whole bunch.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Girl's Night In

Yes, the girl being me.

I took pictures, but only after the fact, so I'm not sure they're really fit for inclusion or not. In either case, the cord for hooking my camera up to the computer is mysteriously misplaced.

Picture 1: Me and my DVD menu of the evening, Me and You and Everyone We Know. I had it mislabeled in my head as more of a chick flick than it actually was. I enjoyed it just as much as I thought I would, though. In fact, I wish I would've paid more attention. I spent a lot of time looking down at applies (EDIT: I'm going to leave this typo in since I've been making it all day and think it is ridiculous.) I was peeling and slicing.

Picture 2: There were lots of leftover apples. In fact, I may just make another pie. We have another pie pan.

Picture 3: The carcass of dinner. I went out and bought a rotisserie chicken (herb) from the grocery store. I have been craving one these past weeks and thought it an appropriate choice since I was faced with dining alone. That makes it sound dreadful, but actually I was just excited about having chicken and didn't have to worry about the fact that the boy isn't so partial to it. Anyhow, the pic I took is actually quite...graphic. It's post pickings. There is probably like...a couple pounds? of chicken in the fridge right now. I can already taste that first leftover sandwich. Can't wait!

That's the photo essay you may or may not see. Like I said, very half-assed. The real point, though, is that instead of moping around on the Internet or forcing myself to get more work done I decided to be nice to myself and get things I wanted and do things I like.

The boy is out with friends doing varying things and I was actually out earlier at a friend's place, but then he had something akin to a date. Before I left we played some MAME, watched some youtube, chatted about some lifey things. He sent me the ROM for Final Fantasy Adventure, which is actually a mana game. Oddly, now that I look at the box art through that link I've totally seen it before, just never played it. It's funny, because I remember looking at the SNES box art for a couple FF games as a kid and never playing them, either. I think it must've been the box art that threw me somehow.

Anyhow, I've been also, in addition to rotisserie chicken (and mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and carrots), craving warm applie pie with vanilla ice cream. To this end I have prepared No Crust Apple Pie because I was feeling lazy. I, too, really sincerely enjoy pie crust, but the fact of the matter is that I didn't want to clean up enough to have enough space to roll out a crust, nor did I want to tiptoe around the area of SHORTENING which is now...the devil. There are oil based crusts and butter based crusts, but in the end this recipe promises the taste of a butter based crust only just sort of mixed in with the applies in an interesting way. It will be an apple...bake...or something. There is certainly a lot of sugar in it. Hopefully not too much. The vanilla ice cream has been bought as low-fat BECAUSE I figure you don't really need full fat vanilla ice cream. To me, who does sometimes enjoy plain vanilla ice cream, but is more likely to put it in or on top of something else with plenty of fat and sugar itself, the full hit of ice cream calories is not really necessary. That said, I did a taste test when I got home and it is pretty darned good, or at least vanilla-y enough. It's also slow-churned, whatever that means(but rather than Edy's as the link would imply, it's Dreyer's which is apparently the same thing, only West of the Mississippi. Strange.)

The movie I enjoyed quite a bit, despite being occupied with apples. My favorite part was the little boy, because the Internet is a weird weird place. That I know very well. I also like their ASCII art. The soundtrack is also very great.


and one more thing. Blast from the oh-so-nostalgia-filled past:

Oh, this song. I love this song so much. One of my first J-POP songs, from way the freak back in high school introduced to me by my the same person (my first boyfriend) who introduced me to anime etc. This is one of those things that could possibly be minorly credited in a shout-out to "things that inspired me to study Japanese" as geeky as that is. As a sidenote, I've never seen this video before. In fact, I've never played Rockman X4, either, but...I just love this song.

Anyhow, there is apple to pick up off the floor, or something, so I'll go do that and play video games and stuff and sing this song.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Claymation Odyssey

"And indeed the gods began at once to show signs and wonders among us, for the hides of the cattle crawled about, and the joints upon the spits began to low likes cows, and the meat, whether cooked or raw, kept on making a noise just as cows do."

Oh, that would would be so cool. Or maybe done marionette-style like those old x-mas specials.


Yesterday was quite the happy day. There is nothing I can say here really that I didn't already say over there, but nonetheless.


I'm not kidding about the anime. There is so much I want to see, just like there are so many games I want to play.

So many good things!

This morning I'll probably be writing up a preview and then reading, though. I'm a bit foggy on what was going on in The Odyssey and since Ryan lost his copy I might as well just finish the thing. That and the New Penguin History of the World.

Took a break over the weekend to read American Born Chinese, a comic combining three stories: the legend of the Monkey King, the trials and tribulations of a young guy growing up as a Chinese American, and a white guy annoyed by his obscene stereotype of a cousin.

Of course, it features the young Chinese American fellow turning into a complete klutz around the girl he likes. Do guys really do that? I asked the boy, and he doesn't recall ever having such moments. SOMEBODY must experience this type of faculty-numbing attraction, because it's all over. Seems like their always has to be at least one kid with a bumbling crush.

I liked the twist ending. I won't reveal what it is, but just say that it was a nice trippy surprise.

Yesterday I flipped through I Never Liked You. Tried to find a different pic, but this one is pretty good:

Shows off the slightly fleshed out stick figure that is the main character. Apparently all the stuff in this story actually happened to the author back in the 60s/70s. Feels very much like real life, though. In fact, since I was just thinking about the klutz-crush cliché, it's really obvious now that this one is a much more realistic portrayal of the situation. He thinks about her, thinks about when to reveal how he feels, is either shy or uncommitted--much more what you tend to encounter in actual human relations. Sort of a depressing story, but I usually enjoy this slice-of-life type stuff.

Both of those books were lent to me by friends. I like being recommended or lent things. It's cool to know what people you know are into, I think. Kind of like anime club, since we can all share our favorite shows. Makes me happy ^_^

In less happy news:


Should I never drink coffee again? I dunno, but it's been on my mind for a while. Doesn't seem to do me much good at all, in fact, I'd say it's detrimental, but it's so good and also one of my favorite social activities. Damn you, coffee, for being so delicious with milk, and smelling so comfy when your beans are freshly ground. DISTRESS!


"I think there's nothing more melancholy than not being able to muster enough feeling," Jenn explained, as we discussed I Never Liked You. Sorta hit me over the head all of the sudden, that it's true, and that the artist really does do a good job portraying it in the comic. Whether in love or mourning, it's impossible for the main guy to express how he feels, or maybe even feel it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I've never gone to a book tour before

Maybe next month will be the time to change that. Via, I have been turned onto the fact that the lady who made Me and You and Everyone We Know (ironically sitting next to the television in Netflix form, waiting to be watched) has a book coming out. There is a delightful tie-in website made even better by the analysis provided in that link above, specifically: "No web designer worth her salt would ever recommend building a site like this to a client. Yet it works because the story pulls you along so well; July's using the site's narrative to sell a book that is, presumably, chock full of the same sort of narrative. If you think the site sucks and quickly click away, chances are you're not going to like the book's the perfect self-selection mechanism."

She'll be in San Francisco May 16. I'm somewhat tempted to check it out.

Friday, April 13, 2007

TGIF, I guess (aka depressive bullshit)

Ugh. Here I sit eating Easter candy, lamenting another afternoon soon to go sour at the part-time job. I applied for a new one. I also started sending around for letters of recommendation for that interview with AMITY, if I mentioned that. I have one. I'm pretending maybe I'll go to Japan. Actually, I'm not even doing that. I'm just sort of applying and assuming that I'm not going even if I get it.

I'm not in a very good mood.

1) I've been doing a bad job of picking food lately.

I shouldn't even talk about that, though. It's so obscenely mundane.

Last night I was out at a game thing by myself. Well, not really by myself, but without the boy. So, more or less by myself. Covered a couple things. Had half a drink and some random party food.

Uhhhhhmmmm, wow, blogging just is no good today. I had no luck in my HEY, GAMES! initiative today, either. Ended up deleting several hours worth of copy-paste work (from my 1UP blog.)

It IS Friday, which means that yes, the weeks are still hurtling past us in this most unfamiliar fashion, and also that I get two days off during which I will probably be stuck in a dictionary with import games, which sadly, doesn't even sound fun.

OKAY, time to get psyched up about SOMEthing. Just pick something, anything. SOMEthing has to be too freaking awesome to be wrecked by whatever evil my mind has stewing for me today. Uhhhhhh, the 1UP anime club has been moved to Tuesdays. Of course, that won't be REALLY awesome until next week, which means it can't really be ruined by today. I'm not sure if that one fact will keep me going through grocery land all afternoon, though.

*grumble mumble growl sigh* mrrf

2) Save me from the grocery store.

I should stop, really. Stop writing, and go FORCE myself to do something else. Anything. Like play some stupid game or something. Read a fucking book. I don't know. Flaming hell.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Minus the film minor

I realize I mentioned something connected with me not being a film minor anymore and then subsequently forgot to explain it further. Well, here's the explanation.

I got an e-mail from school late last week telling me that I was two units short for my minor. I have the five classes, but they add up short. Why is this the case? Well, it's simply an artifact of the fact that I transferred. In Wisconsin, regular classes are three units whereas at UOP for some dumb reason they are four. Two classes transferred, two units short. A sad sad face.

I'm not sure why they can't just understand that it's the same amount of work, just a different credit/unit system. Anyhow, they said I could take a summer course on Woody Allen, which honestly, I would've liked to take that class anyhow, but now? They expect me to go live on Campus for a summer session and pay them stupid amounts of money? Well, not quite. I've been offered the "opportunity" to do (another) independent study from here. It would involve watching and discussing movies, writing papers, and stupid amounts of money.

How stupid? Well, try $930 per unit (according to the course catalog) which would have me at $1860 by the time the whole gory mess is over. No, I think I'll pass. It's not like anyone is going to hire me based on whether or not I completed my film minor and I'd MUCH rather have my new PC.

Hopefully we can count this as the FINAL final insult, and the rest of my graduation will go off without incident.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Has it been that long? THE BIG POST

Sorry I've been slacking off. There HAS been stuff going on, just haven't really been in the right mind-set to say anything intelligent or witty about it. Still not sure if I am or not, but if I put it off any longer no one will ever read my blog again...


For instance...

Last night the boy and I watched The Silence of the Lambs. I went with the tasteful picture above rather than the box art (which pretty much everyone knows, but you don't know why there's a MOTH if it's about LAMBS until you watch it) or something like...well, I was trying to find a really nasty still to paste up here and scare all the kiddies, but so it goes...can't find what I want (i.e. ambulance spoilers.)

I seem to remember being very small and coming downstairs because I couldn't sleep or was thirsty or something the night my parents rented this movie back when it was new. They told me to go back to bed and probably that I didn't want to watch it anyways. Of course, now being a NEAR FILM MINOR (more on that later *stew smolder burn*) I appreciate it's artful story-telling and am mature enough to look past the gore. Still yucky, though ;D

**spoilers??** According to the boy one of the sequels (actually, the prequel, I think) is decent and the rest suck. I generally agree with him that it would've been better to just end it like it ended. The premise is what made this movie good--having to rely on one serial killer to catch another, bartering personal info. It's tense! It's novel! It's good! The ending is ominous and spooky. He's out there. Whoaz. It should just stay like that. You don't have to tell us what he gets up to because, again agreeing with the boy, it just becomes another serial killer movie with gratuitous gore and phoo to that.**end spoilers**


In other news, we've entered the short hard wait for this week's Dr. Who.


As opposed to the long hard wait that was between X-mas and two weeks ago. Very happy to meet what'shernameohMartha. The girl's acting style reminds me somewhat of my sister's for some reason. I guess the fact that I generally see my sister in A Christmas Carol with such an accent as that, but also the facial expressions and things. Little things.

**spoilers??** I like this silly idea of having two doctors. THE and a. Have they not done it before? I guess you need to build some momentum. Anyhow, both episodes have been pretty much completely enjoyable so far, especially the Harry Potter fan service in the second. Somewhat annoyed by the incessant pining for Rose, but hopefully he'll get over it. Or maybe not. I mean I underSTAND, but I nor anyone I know was so fond of her as The Doctor was. *shrug* **end spoilers**

Anyhow, I guess I didn't have as much to say about that as I thought. Mostly I'm just surprised how much I missed it. The boy really got me hooked.

I guess now I can talk about all that other crud. Like how I didn't get the reviews intern spot at 1UP and am relegated to the store for part of my time. Looking on the BRIGHT side, you could say that perhaps they are pleased with me and what I'm currently doing to the point where they don't want to lose that, but on the OTHER hand I didn't get the job and I didn't even get an INTERVIEW for the job or a response to my humble "just checking back" e-mail. So it goes. Haven't heard from the Academy of Art, either. I was sort of hoping I would. So THAT goes.

And so the book club goes. Someone took the notebook right off the break room table. I clearly marked the notebook (mentioning also the pen so it wouldn't get lost) as the NIJIYA MARKET BOOK CLUB, anyone welcome, yadda, also taking distinct care in pointing out that it should remain on the break room table lest someone be bursting with insights into The Odyssey and have nowhere to write them down. This leads me to believe that the management must just not want literate intelligent curious employees, but only simple drones, which...makes sense, but it's not fair. I'm not really being fair either, though, by accusing someone of maliciously denying us of our club without any proof, but it seems to me that anyone who thought it was a good, healthy, fun idea would leave the notebook there and maybe even write in it.


On a lighter note, the boy and I had a pretty sweet weekend. Obviously there is no order whatsoever in this because the first thing actually came last and the middle came first and the end is in the...middle, I guess, but no matter.

On Saturday we went on a big long wander over to Pizza Orgasmica where we had the special of the month which was called...something...with "Spring" in it. "Spring Fling," I think. It had tomato sauce, mozzarella, rosmary potatoes, bacon, sausage, some other kind of cheese, and it was really REALLY good. Sort of reminded me of being in Paris. They put potatoes on pizza there, too, sometimes. There was also a salad involved and some beer that I didn't really drink much of because I don't think pizza and beer go particularly well together at all.

On the WAY to the pizza, we stopped at a bookstore. This shopping component on the trip was supposed to be longer and include toys and comics as well, but we were pretty worn out after walking all the way out there. In fact, that way is probably quite a bit shorter than the route we took because we noodled around, didn't really know where exactly we were going, hadn't bothered to look up the address before leaving, that sort of thing. It was fun!

At the bookstore (the used book store) we perused the gigantic unalphabetized selection for a while. I didn't really find anything better than what I picked up within the first couple minutes. Found THIS:

young adults

Holy crap! I had never seen the actual book Young Adult Novel before, but had read it since it's included in one of the collections of novels Daniel Pinkwater has out. This book is even cooler than that, though, because it's an edition that includes extra stuff. Stuff I haven't read yet, so I can't really say much about it, but...still pretty sweet. Gotta love that cover art, too.

I sort of regret not picking up the Cyborg 009 manga volumes 1 and 2, since I could've had them both for four dollars. We may head back next weekend, because although the boy found some groovy stuff he, too, feels as though he may have missed out on something.

I like weekends.

The shopping didn't end there! Sunday (Easter) we decided it would be good to go outside since the weather was fairly pleasant. Headed downtown because generally when we walk with no purpose we are drawn toward the 1UP offices. Ended up at Virgin where they had God of War 2 (fancy that!) and relatively cheap DVDs.

I believe we may have just come full circle. GOOD NIGHT!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mammoth Task

I've been taking the gradually disappearing archives of my 1UP blog and putting them into my name-holding game blog. It's taking a long time, mostly because I'm trying to take advantage of labels.

This is why my other blogs don't HAVE labels. It's time consuming. Also, sometimes you later think of a label and have to go back through everything. I dunno. I'm a perfectionist, maybe. Anyhow, I'm doing it by series, system, and categorizing everything as a 1UP backlog in case I ever write original stuff there. I shouldn't have said "backlog." Should've said "archive," but if you think I'm going to go in and change all the posts I've moved over the past two days, you're WRONG.

Other than that I'm previewing some things this week and working at the grocery store, as usual. And eating junk food. And reading stuff, trying to study, or pretending I want to study, or something. Or something or something or something. Monday I was very depressed. Yesterday was fine. Today...I dunno. Somewhere in the middle, I guess.

Yesterday afternoon Shin and I had a productive meeting. Managed to talk for two hours without looking at the clock and then realized we had better be going. We spoke mostly English, but I did say some stuff in Japanese. Tried to explain Emperor Norton. Anyhow, I think it will be good if I take notes of stuff I can't find in dictionaries. Should take advantage of the slang potential.

I hope my kanji DS thing gets here soon...maybe today. That would be nice.

Wonder how the book club at work is going. Maybe someone posted on it yesterday while I was gone? Somehow I doubt it, unless it was to say "Hey, 'sup?"

Probably I will read another chapter of The Odyssey and then play some more Dawn of Mana.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Creepy Little Toaster

When I was a kid I never noticed how creepy The Brave Little Toaster was. Having watched it again this weekend with the boy (who was horrified) I picked up a lot more of the horribleness. Like the junkyard scene at the end where everything is "worthless" or the how nasty the used parts guy is. If you take a bit of a cynical eye to the thing, it's really a pretty unsuitable thing to show little kids :D On the otherhand, you'd have to be one intelligent and depressed child to feel worthless at such an age... Kids are generally more resilient than outdated automobiles, at least one would hope.

I was thoroughly annoyed by most of the characters. The toaster is really andro and motherly, which is just sort of sickening. Lampy whines too much. The blanket is cute, but also sort of creepy in his extreme devotion to the MASTER @_@ @_@ @_@ My favorite character is the radio because even though he's obnoxious and always rambling, there are some cute references and funny asides.

Watching this made me think of Fern Gully, because that was a movie where the horribleness was very apparent. The nasty pollution villain actual creeped me out. He sings that one song >_< Arrgh. In fact, that's really most of what I remember from that movie, that and when they covered him in a tree at the end...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Canned Soup: A Disparaging Rant + A Theater Outing + Jobs

I bought a bunch while it was on sale thinking it would be good for nights when I get home from work and want something with vegetables.

Then I did it again.

Not sure why! I don't really like soup all that much. Chicken soup is good for when your sick, maybe, but other than that...

I think all the pea soup variety is doing is putting me off pea soup so when I get the opportunity again to eat REAL, TASTY pea soup that my mom makes I won't be as excited.

That and giving me a stomach ache for some reason.

That just makes two of us feeling rather ill for no reason (the boy has a headache.) We just returned from Emperor Norton, The Musical, which was just a short walk from home in a tiny little basement theater. The Imperial Council was in attendance, as the closing performance was a benefit for them. Anyhow, good fun. I found myself feeling that many of the songs were a bit down tempo, but there were some perkier ones as well. I can't decide whether the dogs or the club host were more show-stealing. They both had their moments. The guy who played the Emperor himself seemed pretty much right on. I mean, he had the crazy failed businessman thing going for him. I'm sort of wondering about the portrayal of Mark Twain, whether it was in any way accurate. I don't know much about him, although there's a recent biography of him that I'd like to take a look at.


As for the rest of the evening, *shrug* I wish it weren't Monday tomorrow. Or at least, I wish I had a different job to go to. Getting real sick of the store again, between rude customers and co-worker friction, I'm just not feeling very good about it. That's not to say there aren't SOME cool things, like the book club. I'm almost a third of the way through The Odyssey. I think we're moving too fast. At this rate we'll be done with it before we have a chance to discuss even the first couple chapters. I'd like to say it's ok to get off to a rough start, but hopefully the start is all I'll be around for. It'd be nice to have a new gig by the time we finish this book...

Speaking of which, I finally ended up applying at the Academy of Art. The salary is much better than the one I get currently and they offer the opportunity to take an undergrad art course for free :D Amy was always recommending that I join her ranks, so hopefully now I will (part-time administrative assistant Emily, whoooooo.) Either that or maybe at the end of next month I will impress AMITY during the interview process and they will hire me to teach English in Japan, so I'll whisk myself (and the boy) away never to be heard from again, until we move to Alaska, that is.