Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Today Things

So...I'm sitting here having eaten lunch thinking I should do some laundry. It's about 12:30. I'm waiting anxiously for a package to arrive via FedEx. It contains my first assignment for my new freelance job at GamePro.com. The beta is already on our machine here at the apt, and it doesn't work very well. We've fallen victim to a rather common-seeming bug that they're apparently having trouble fixing. Somehow I doubt having a retail copy will fix the problem, but maybe it is worth a shot. Maybe.

The other trick to this is that FedEx is probably the sort of delivery service liable to not actually deliver anything unless the recipient is present. Hopefully they read the note about the buzzer being broken and call my cell phone. Otherwise I won't even be able to fill out my contract.

In any case, that brings the job total to three. I'm going to stick with the grocery store for a little while, just to see how things go. Yesterday I was feeling like maybe I should just do all three and make money. I was so excited to maybe quit the store, though. Still want to.

I should really get to that laundry. Then I suppose while I wait for that, and the package that containing the game that may not work, and for it to be time for anime club later, I can read a book or translate a thing about the Crystal Chronicles game for DS. Or play Dragon Warrior. Or something. I should maybe go to the bank, too, but that can wait until tomorrow. We do, however, need milk.

In other, more exciting, news, the boy and I ordered my new computer last night. I'm trying not to think about it because it's not going to ship for quite a while.

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