Monday, March 31, 2008

The "new" blog

This is not a new blog, obviously, since you're still here at the same url. I upgraded from "template" to "layout" finally, though, and scrapped all my sidebar links. I miss my old skin, but, you know, upheaval. I'm sort of somewhat considering commissioning a custom header or entire everything once I am not poor. I dunno from who. If you have any suggestions, feel free. Mother II has been suggested. I could see an anime collage. I could also see something remarkably like the way it looks now, only with a different header. I like the colors blue and orange together. (Way to go, Blogger!) If you know anyone who designs Blogger templates in their free time...or...

Yeah whatever. So it looks different (crappy?) for now. The sidebar links will come back, and they will be links to places I actually go often enough to remember the address, so word to that. I'm still not tagging.

For the moment, I just need to WORK.

Eurovision Errata

A reader (!!) has pointed out that Belgium actually won second place in 2003 (with their other made-up language song) and Turkey took first. This is not hard to do since even the link I left contains the correct information. I'm not vain enough to believe they've edited the copy since last week, so I must've read it wrong. Thus, here is the clarification post!

TURKEY - Sertab Erener - Everyway That I Can

BELGIUM - Urban Trad - Sanomi

2003 is the year before I started watching, so it's a good history lesson. For the record, the song from Turkey wouldn't have made it anywhere near my list (unless the rest of that year was just...worse somehow, but I don't have time to dig through it all right now) but Belgium may have.

For comparison, we already know what Belgium is doing this year (<3), but how about...

TURKEY - Mor Ve Otesi - Deli

I actually approve of this, too. I mean, regardless of whether the lyrics are any good, the melody is one of the best this year. It probably should've been in my top ten, but you know, fucking Dustin the Turkey or whoever. You're seeing it now!

In conclusion, 2003 was not as awesome as 2008, and Turkey did somehow win, not Belgium.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Top Ten To Watch: Eurovision '08 - Part V (FINALE!)

So here are my two top picks. Not that it couldn't have been another order, because it was. I changed it a thousand times, haha! Anyhow, let's roll'em:

2. FINLAND - Teräsbetoni - Missä Miehet Ratsastaa

I know I said the French guy rocked, but what I meant is that these guys do--with guitars and viking screams.

So, is Finland going to win again? They totally broke the show with Lordi in '06. I had actually forgotten that, but they won hardcore.

Ok, so this band isn't dressed up as hellspawn, but I think this song is way better. It's just really catchy. Finland has leapt up the list because every time I listen to it I like it more and more and MOAR. Also, their lead singer is kind of handsome in an, "I can't believe that huge manly voice is coming out of such a mild mannered young lad!" sort of way. It's gonna be fun to see them live.




1. BELGIUM - Ishtar - O Julissi

My initial notes: "Oh, this is awesome. Pretty harmony, good beat, awesome. Acoustic. Woodwinds and a strum. This is very nice. I want them to win!!!! Thank you, thank you, Belgium. This is beautiful."

I just found out it's in a made up language. That only makes it cooler! Apparently, Belgium won *EDIT* second place in '03 with a song in a made up language. So, go figure, maybe it's a successful formula.

Mostly I just love the way this is so light-hearted and happy. I also can't help but think how it could be used to devastating effect in one of those looping

Anyhow, now we just get to settle down and wait. Less than two months! I really hope all my tops make it this year. Last time quite a few got cut : / Not like you can't watch the semi-final videos, but any of these that get cut probably (but not necessarily) mean one more lame ballad to sit through. Anyways, make sure to check out all the awesome/ridiculous videos I posted, and if you're curious, you can always go check out the rest, too.

Finally, I think I might actually have a party this year. Plans are in motion. If you want to join via AIM, I think we're going to have a chat room ;D so let me know! May 24th!!! Can't wait!!!

Media Lounge | Part: I II III IV | Thanks for reading :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Most Dangerous Cooking Battle

[as embellished slightly from the original facebook photo album, even though I took the pictures for this blog]

Live Action Club was cancelled this evening, and since I had a non-negative amount of money in the bank for the first time in nearly two weeks, I set out for the grocery store to procure the items necessary for chili. Last time Oleya and I made the recipe, so we tweaked it to include things like fake meat and vegetarian broth. This time I looked for venison, found buffalo, but ultimately decided on lean beef (because the buffalo looked really bloody). Walking home from the store was A PAIN because there were many heavyish cans of things, and other groceries besides just chili ingredients, such as a carton of grapefruit juice.

Here is me finally getting started cooking:

You can see I was anxious to get on with it, and a little upset at the onion. Actually, I ended up mincing the garlic first, which made my fingers very sticky. Garlic is so sticky!

Then there was this horrible issue with my can opener. Or maybe the cans. Either way a titanic battle was waged wherein my finger lost:

Can you tell which cans were the bastards?

I only got cut on the first big one. I was using a spoon to pry and it slipped : / I've actually never been cut by a can before, I don't think. 22.5 years! Gah! So it goes. I used a knife to pry the other one and that worked better. I was worried my can opener (which I just bought the LAST time we made chili, only a couple weeks ago) was busted, but two of the four cans opened fine. Maybe something is wrong with my technique.

I think this is actually before I put the spices in, but we'll pretend this is the pre-simmer finale:

The real finale:

After I cooked it for about an hour or so, I decided that it was good enough and grabbed a scoop, dressed it with cheese (although not as fancy a variety as I would have liked), and added a couple slices of stupidly delicious sourdough. Yes, that's the computer desk in the background. Now you know what my life is like!!! (Just like yours! ;D) <3 Internet. <3 Food. The day was not a total failure.

Top Ten To Watch: Eurovision '08 - Part IV

Is it Thursday already?? Can it just be May now?

4. BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA - Laka - Pokušaj

This song is actually pretty awesome, despite the weirdness. It grows on you the more you listen to it, I think. As I was revising my list it jumped quite a few places.

I'm not sure what is up with the semi-undead aesthetic, but here is my favorite bit from the lyrics:

I will try to kiss you and you act stupid
I will try to kiss you and you act stupid
I will try to kiss you and you act stupid
I will try to wake you up and you pretend to be awake

3. FRANCE - Sébastien Tellier - Divine

This is the song that sounds closet to something that I would listen to normally. In fact, I'm liable to look him up in a minute.

It's got some sort of indie retro flavor, got "doots" and "bops" and synth. I also really like the video. The Jesus in huge sunglasses look I could do without, but, you know...

the music is good--that's what matters! I do really like the video, too, how he's chucking the microphone between (or past!) all of him...selves. I'd be surprised if he wins, but he rocks all the same.

Media Lounge | Part: I II III | The EXCITING CONCLUSION tomorrow!!

The pepper in my cookies

Today I hung out for the second time with Louis. We baked walnut and chocolate chunk cookies that also included a bit of white pepper. I feel we (by which I mean "I," since I was the one measuring dry ingredients) may have put a bit too much of the pepper in. It's a rather strong flavor of pepper, but Louis seemed to think they were fine, which is good because he's had them before and also because he paid for the ingredients. So we did that and then we watched Harold and Maude, one of my favorite movies! His roommate was also present, and she prepared homemade vegetarian tacos and saw the movie with us even though she had just watched it last night. Lastly, there was some Smash Bros.

So, moving backwards from that, I was in the Mission feeding Oleya's rats and when I checked her mail (which is now my mail as well, for those keeping track) I found I had been paid! Of course, I finally get a check on the day my dad puts money in my account. It figures. But hey, I can afford more toothpaste now. I've been squeezing this tube to its death for over a week now.

I had tacos with meat in them (one carne asada, one chicken) at La Taqueria to celebrate. I have heard often of the greatness of their meat, but am so addicted their vegetarian burrito with the addition of avocado (and I'm usually there to split food with Oleya) so I hadn't tried it yet. Actually, meat is quite expensive. The vegetarian stuff is much cheaper and just as delicious. It's good for a splurgey-type thing.

What else happened today? Well...I had a lazy morning, which was fine. Just punked around on the net. I'm excited about more involved in previews at GamePro--they are sending me to an event April...9th? I haven't been e-mailed the details yet and the date escapes me right now. I'm just happy to go. All I have on my plate right now is a (sort of crummy) DS game and an import preview of Time Hollow (also DS). I remember seeing a big booth for that at TGS, but I didn't pay attn. Maybe I should have! Actually, soon I'll be starting Opoona for Otaku USA, so that will rock.

OH, I remember the other thing. I spent like 15 minutes hanging out with a bored GameStop employee. It was sort of nice to talk randomly about games. Ended up confessing my profession. I guess I generally do, when I'm having a conversation with someone. It feels sort of awkward not to, and it establishes that I know about games (to some extent) without a whole lot of rambling. That said, telling them almost feels against the rules somehow, like there's this game we play where I have to go in there and buy games without them realizing that it's either for work, or an after-work treat, or research, or you know, whatever. I wonder how other people feel on this topic.

I'm cold and it's like 1:30, so I guess I can go to bed now!!! Been staying up so much later, lately, but there is no incentive to waking up early for me. Work doesn't even start until 10 really for most of my colleagues, and since I commute to the living room it's not a huge deal. Also, it's not like they need me'll be so nice to be needed in an office someday :D To have my presence requested... *daydream*

No! Night dream! Lights out, kids.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Top Ten To Watch: Eurovision '08 - Part III

Official Facebook Page! Comin'atcha!

6. United Kingdom - Andy Abraham - Even If

This has a very classic, old school feel to it. A little bit of funk or soul or something. I like it!

On the one hand, it's sort of a cheesy love song, but on the other hand it's a positive one, not a "you're so far away" or "get the hell away from me how did I like you." Also, I think it almost goes beyond being cliché since it's a throwback to begin with. Groovy!

5. MOLDOVA - Geta Burlacu - A Century Of Love

Lyrics are not the strong point here, but it's a very nice song to listen to--jazzy, trumpet, a little vocalese, harmony. The bubbles in the video are a cute touch!

Media Lounge | Part: I II | 4 and 3 tomorrow!

EDIT: I don't know where those pictures went! They were there bizarre. Anyways, you'll still be able to find the videos, so I'm just gonna leave it. I can't re-upload the pix again because I don't have them anymore and I really don't fee like doing them over right now : /

Oh dude, this is awesome...

That's what I get for being productive? REALLY? So on Monday I wrote all my Eurovision entries for the week, since I was on a roll. Apparently the day you draft them is the day they will get published, even though it is no longer that day, resulting in my entries being buried before they even go up. That is so AWESOME x_x Scroll back to Monday to check them out!! : /

*EDIT* Someone smart has informed me that I should [quit being stupid and] copy-paste into a new post!!! Yay for actually using your brain! I love people who do that.

*EDIT* Even better! In the course of attempting to use MY OWN brain, I have discovered the option to change the post date and time. Three cheers for not knowing how to use your blog after how many years?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AIM Express Continues To Suck

Well, yesterday I thought I had finally got it working. The landlord's pop-up blocker was defeated, and I broke through to the AIM universe after weeks of silence. Unfortunately, everytime I try to log in now there is some sort of error. Figures it would happen the day after I finally get online.

Got some more work for this week, though, so at least that's nice and the people who pay me over at GamePro called to confirm my new address, so I gave them Oleya's. Hopefully that means money will come soon! Whoo...ooooooooooooo...


Top Ten To Watch: Eurovision '08 - Part II

43 participants this year! Therefore, double semi-final! Whaaaaat? More hype than you can handle!!! Here are my next two picks:

8. SPAIN - Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila El Chiki Chiki

I don't even know what to say about this one, it's so geeky!! I was tempted to list it higher, but you know, the order for this isn't terribly important--I could rearrange it all day, but then it'd never get posted.

So this comedian guy with the fake hair and huge dorky glasses dances like a total nerd with female back-up. I totally approve.

7. LATVIA - Pirates of the Sea - Wolves of the Sea

Last year we had vampires, so it's only natural to have pirates this year!

As you can see, they are not kidding. Actually, they're singing this manic, thumping, synthy dance song. Take care with this one, because it's too damned easy to get stuck in your head. "With a hi hi ho and a hi hi hay..."

Media Lounge | Part: I | 6 and 5 tomorrow!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ton Ten To Watch: Eurovision '08 - Part I

5 days in a week, so that's 2 per day. It's Monday, so we're starting now! I actually ended up watching ALL the original preview movies last night, so I have a very good understanding of what we're in for. Filling in the bottom slots of my countodown was sort of challenging. Why not include the crazy guys from Azerbaijan dressed as an angel and devil singing in crazy voices that include some piercing high notes, or the Estonian comedy act? Well! That, my friends, is because there were actually some ballads that didn't suck.

As much as most ballads, heh.

While the Swiss ballad was sung by a guy with a nice voice, the lyrics left a lot to be desired, namely SUBSTANCE. The message that the world is a bad place so we need to escape back into childlike ignorance and bliss is pretty faulty if you ask me. Instead...

10. SERBIA - Jelena Tomašević feat. Bora Dugic - Oro

Serbia won last year, which is why the event is being held in Belgrade! This year, they entered a very pretty ethnic ballad, which is way better than some unaffecting "save the world" ballad or "oh my love come back to me" ballad. Also, I may just be a sucker for part that goes, "Nuna ney, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna ney."

9. IRELAND - Dustin the Turkey - Irelande Douze Pointe

This is one of those you have to watch just because of the sheer insanity. It's basically a gag song wherein the turkey puppet (visible there with the bright purple...beak?) and his female accomplice sing out to all the nations to put whatever beef they may have against Ireland aside, and that they want their 12 points (the highest you can award). You will laugh, but then you'll be like, ok, where's the real entry? That said, massive applause for not putting out a crappy love ballad or a girl with no clothes singing a "come 'n get it" europop thing.

Keep in mind that you can view all these videos on the official media lounge page! For my 8 and 7 you can wait until tomorrow!!

Anatomy of a Rickroller OR How I learned to stop worrying and love that song

The follow is a Rick Astley music video and a lightly edited version of a conversation a colleague and I had today regarding...


ruususokkusu (01:06:22 pm): you know
ruususokkusu (01:06:31 pm): i've never been rickrolled
ruususokkusu (01:06:36 pm): so today
ruususokkusu (01:06:44 pm): i rickrolled myself
jotaku (01:06:47 pm): hahah
jotaku (01:07:00 pm): on purpose?
ruususokkusu (01:07:01 pm): and...the thing is...this song? I used to really like this song in like 4th grade ;D
ruususokkusu (01:07:12 pm): also
jotaku (01:07:18 pm): I used to like it, too. I used to think a big, burly black guy sang it
ruususokkusu (01:07:35 pm): his music video reminds me of my friend's music videos, only less trippy
ruususokkusu (01:07:45 pm): like the way he is just dancing around singing by himself mostly?
ruususokkusu (01:08:26 pm): but yeah, you're right about the burly black guy syndrome
jotaku (01:08:37 pm): it's very strange!
jotaku (01:08:46 pm): I'm lucky I didn't actually see the video as a young lad
ruususokkusu (01:08:48 pm): if someone ELSE were singing it, i think it'd probably be even better
jotaku (01:08:52 pm): I might have been confused beyond belief
ruususokkusu (01:08:55 pm): hahaha
ruususokkusu (01:09:18 pm): I think maybe everyone is just insecure because they can't make the kind of commitment this guy can!! ;p
jotaku (01:09:24 pm): haha
ruususokkusu (01:09:35 pm): Everyone is so keen on giving everyone else up that they can't stand it, so they have to make fun.
jotaku (01:09:51 pm): he is NEVER gonna give you up
ruususokkusu (01:09:55 pm): Do you mind if put this convo in a blog post? ;D
jotaku (01:10:15 pm): haha do it!
ruususokkusu (01:10:22 pm): Oh, I totally will!

Let's have a tongue-in-cheek discussion about this.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eurovision '08 - The Hype Starts Now!

Yeah, I'm gonna do my Top Ten To Watch again this year. The first round of preview videos is all up as of Friday, so I'll be going through them starting tonight, I guess, and we'll see how long it takes. I guess it depends whether I want to sleep or not ;D

For fond memories of last year's Top Ten, check here and here.

My dream from 2 nights ago!

I forgot to post about this.

Incidentally, I just checked out my blog entry from FOUR years ago, today. FOUR YEARS! I was a freshman in college and now I've been out for a year. Wowowowowow. It's in a secret blog. My early blogging days were wayyyyyyyy emo. Way. It's BAD. I think I may even have poetry on there. Ugh!

Anyways, I saw a dream I had 4 years ago and it made me remember to post this one.


I got shot! Twice! In the leg. I was in this sketchy (generic) neighborhood, entering a house, when suddenly someone threw firebombs through the window. It was some sort of gang war starting, so people were shooting and I managed to get caught twice in the leg. Then suddenly I was with some police and one of them was this exceedingly good-looking fellow--no one I know, just dreamscape-- with the most awesome soft-yet-styled-in-a-messy-way, short cropped black hair, turning silver gray. He wasn't really old enough for that, like maybe 30. So top that off with a uniform and then top me off with him because when I was injured on the floor, and for some reason freezing my brains out (shock, maybe? Although it was very coherent of me in the dream to think that maybe I was going into shock) he hugged me and kept me toasty till the medics arrived. Definitely one of the best dream "physical" contact moments I've ever had, despite, you know, being shot up in the leg.

Later there was still a war going, and I was screaming at everyone to, "Get down!" Like my mom, and some other people, some cops. Too much shooting. Anyways, then someone throw grenades at me anyhow, so being on the ground was no good either. I think that's when I woke up.

It's too bad, because there was a lot more to this dream, but I guess it's better to have a brilliant recollection of the best part than a vague idea of what happened overall. At least in this case!

Easter candy and a funny Kimagure Orange Road

Last night I stayed up late to check out some anime, like I said. The first episode of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was great, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store. They bring you up to speed some what and still introduce another character!

Then this morning I got up, popped a couple jelly beans while breakfast cooked. I made a Sharkey-style egg (it's buried in that link...) and had some blueberry smoothie, and topped it off with a Reese's peanut butter egg. That's pretty much the extent of Easter this year for me. I mean, I'm sure I'll talk to some of my family on the phone, but it's not like I actually celebrate it, and I don't get to see anyone or have an awesme brunch. Actually, the food I had wasn't bad, but I cooked the egg and toast a little too hot. Out of practice : /

So then of course, what I do next is watch some Sunday morning cartoons. I have to fill you in on episode 26 of Kimagure Orange Road. It's just too goofy at the end. The basic plot is that Kasuga and Ayukawa are fighting over something stupid (as they sometimes do). For background all you really need to know is that Kasuga likes Ayukawa but Hikaru likes him, and Kasuga's family has psychic powers.

Anyways, Kazuya, Kasuga's telepathic cousin, has lately moved in next door so he's been featuring a lot recently. This time Kazuya tells Kasuga that if they switch places he'll be able to read Madoka's mind. Since Kasuga is a total loser, he thinks this sounds great, so he lets the kid bonk him in the head:

Of course, Kasuga gets screwed because Kazuya takes his mind and his telepathic powers with it into his body and goes off to have fun with his self-proclaimed girlfriend, Hikaru. They see a movie that clips in and out throughout the episode paralleling the plot, but it's hilarius since it's supposed to be an American movie. A super cheesy romance with fast cars XD In this shot he's feeding her some bullshit line about how the movie (in the drive-in within a drive-in) is turning into a comedy due to the ketchup on her nose, awww:

Is that supposed to be cute? He kisses her, anyways, which is something you'll need to remember for later.

So while Kazuya-Kasuga is off with Hikaru falling asleep at the lame movie, Kasuga-Kazuya, while not achieving telepathy, does achieve this:

which, I mean, they're in middle school, so that's about all he can really hope for despite all the references to "adult" relationships.

Kasuga has had enough now, so he goes back to meet Kazuya at the park where they exchnaged minds, but Kazuya still wants his shot at Ayukawa. He nearly gets it by using that cheesy movie scene! Ayukawa wasn't quite falling for it, but...

in any case,Kasuga races over to the AbCb (Abakabu--I wish this place were in my neighborhood) and teleports through the window to smash heads again just in time.

During his frantic race down the hill, Ushiko and Umao make their expected appearance, pulling their typical Romeo and Juliet nonsense--they always have a non sequitur cameo. This time they're on a bike, and Umao is looking particularly cute in his suit:

Anyways, so things go back to normal at the end after the two guys bash heads and change minds again. Kasuga in his regular body accidentally walks in on Ayukawa changing, and since he isn't a cute little preschooler this time, he gets a slap in the face. The whole point of this whole summary is so you have the context of this one great shot--the movie parallel to Kasuga's real life metaphorical crash 'n burn. The voice over really makes it, because the delivery is fakey sing-song and apathetic, but you can also read the text:

I laughed and laughed and laughed. "Carol's youthful days came to an end." I can't tell if they spelled "Carol" right or not, but it doesn't matter because I've never heard of a boy named Carol (although apparently there was at least one?)

So yeah, I always appreciate context, before stripping it for a meme. I would love if this were a meme. Yahahahaha.


I think that's all I got. I didn't mean to make such a production number out of it XD but that last screen is just too much.

Happy Easter!! Or something!

Thing and Events and Such and Such

Looking back through your Wii calendar is pretty much exactly like looking through old blog posts. All sorts of old memories, parades of new Miis smacking their first Wii Sports tennis ball, etc. For some reason mine has blanked out on the entire month of November and most of October. There's this gaping stretch of blank space which I know isn't supposed to be there becase I was too playing Wii games during that time. I reviewed some, even, so I know I was using my Wii. I wonder what made it forget.

Today I did go to J-town to play Go. We sat at a big table and I drank a can of Orangina. For some reason it seemed like the right thing to order, althogh I bet his iced tea was also tasty. The session was pretty much like a private lesson. I'm psyched! Gary has been playing for a lonnnnnnng time, around 20 years, I think (since he was a kid, basically) so he gave me lots of handicap stones. Anyways, he is really cool and explains all sorts of things. It was my first time playing on a board in real life, especially a full-sized board. I've dabbled before, but never actually sat down to play play. He said I made some really good moves, although he also pointed out some totally useless ones (lack of focus, already dead, etc). We're going to play again in a couple weeks, so I'm going to try to play at least a few times between now and then.

Marc came over and we were going to watch a movie, but instead we grocery shopped and played NES games. Good news is that bread, peanut butter, juice, milk, veggies, and bananas are all re-stocked. Bad news is that for some reason I can't afford even such basic items as these without a helping hand. All my money seems to be amassing behind a curtain somewhere. At the appointed time a white-gloved hand will whip it aside to reveal a pile of mad cash, which will, of course, have to go to loans, "rent", and buying dinner for all my friends who have been spotting me.

Last night I watched the first Naruto movie. Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow! I remember reading an article about this in Otaku USA, but I had long forgotten anything it said. Basically, it's a character drama about this cowardly/bitter actress/princess who, of course, gets an attitude adjustment after meeting the powerhouse of can-doism who is Naruto. I'm not terribly interested in pile-driving through all the Naruto anime, but checking out the OVAs and movies seemed like fun.

The first movie was much better than the OVAs, especially that Konoha sports festival thing. The plot is as follows: Naruto needs to poop, but obstacles keep him from doing so in a socially acceptable manner. The resolution? We are left with the impression that in an extreme emergency, heroes are allowed to make a mess of themselves. Errrrm, right! Is that even funny for the target audience? Is this when I should start shouting, "What is it with guys and poop?" again? Or what?

You know, anime actually sounds really good right now. I think I'll have some and go to bed super late. The thing is, I should be working on this game I'm reviewing, but I'm uber stuck. There is a puzzle and it's one of those that either the answer is what I'm doing, but I'm not doing it perfectly enough for the game to register, thus making me doubtful of the solutoin, orrrrr what I'm doing isn't the answer and it's something even more ridiculous than what I've been trying to do. Either way, at this point (I've been trying to beat this level on-and-off for two days) I feel like it's the game's fault, which is a bummer because up until now I was kinda having an ok time *sigh*

I guess we should call it Cerberus syndrome.

But yeah, anime time. Tomorrow, well, I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. I had wanted to make chili. If any meat eaters I know are reading this and want to front me money for ingredients, come on over and let's do it. If not, well, more work, and OH YEAH, don't let me forget to go visit Oleya's rats ;D

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The number of the post immediately prior to this. I noticed, that's all! I'm not saying anything!

I meant to say the other day, though, that the bucket drummer shouter/singer fellow who plays around town somehow got a set! He was jamming away on this shiny drum set while I was waiting for the bus. Interesting! He seemed equally adept at actual drums as at buckets.

Today was relatively drama free, which was nice. Worked, had dinner with Oleya, went to live action club, saw Scotty, and now, relaxing with Oleya's iBook, as I often do while she putters around with chores or showers or something. She's going on vacation! But it'll be ok.

Incidentally, I'm very VERY excited because I have made arrangements to play Go this Saturday. How excited am I? VERY VERY EXCITED. I've been wanting to play this game for so long, so it'll be nice. I will probably enjoy it with no small swirl of sad nostalgia, but, you know. So it goes.

Oleya and I will bake more cookies tonight. The rest of the pb ones. I'll wander home again eventually. Etc, etc. Koji is getting much better at playing Fly Me to the Moon. Time marches on!

This just in...

White Rabbit Press to recieve fully all of my disposable (ha!) income from now until the forseeable future. They have FREAKING GRADED READERS!!!! They have FREAKING AUDIO OF JAPANESE FOLKTALES!!!! Maybe I can find a way to survive in San Francisco after all. I'm also looking into lessons. I'd love to trade lessons for babysitting. This would be ideal. I'm crossing my fingers.


Looking up that despair pic made me wonder if season 2 had started yet.



Ok, I've been despairing about Japanese (again).

And look at this, Amity is recruiting soon again. Yes, that Amity. I'm tempted to see if they still have my info. Maybe I should fuck off to Japan before it's too late.

But I still want a career. I don't want to leave for a 2 or 3 years, come back, and find that I really have thrown it all away. That would be tragic. I dunno what to do.

How can one goal be better than the other? Why can't you have two lifetime goals? It's not like I want to be a god-- I just want to be a "games journalist" fluent in Japanese. Is that REALLY too much to hope for?

It's been almost a year since I called off my interview. It feels like ten. But no it doesn't. I was thinking that I am almost 23. Even after I have my birthday it will be seven years until I am 30. SEVEN YEARS! And even that isn't old. I wonder how long I will live.

Maybe I really do need to go to Japan. What I said to Oleya is that I would apply if I didn't hear back from the hinge by mid-April (the application date is the 28th), but maybe that is wrong. Maybe I should e-mail them now and ask if I could have an interview this year. And then go to the interview, kick ass, get a job, and go away.

But how am I supposed to walk away from what I have?

What do I have?

Not an apt.
Not a boyfriend.
Not a steady income.

I'd have two of three if I went to Japan. Plus, you know, I'd be in Japan. I could get them here, too, though, and have videogame writing. I could report while in Japan, too, though, maybe. I could take personal days during TGS and write pro-bono stories while in exile.

But I wouldn't be in exile, I'd be helping kids learn English. That is a fun thing to do. I've done it before.


I know this is just caffeine fueled stupidity, but...I just want to learn Japanese. I want to be fluent, so I can be awesome at my game journalist job. That much is constant. How do I do it? How? How? How?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Rough and Tumble Fantasy Jamboree

Whoo, you crazy life, you! Always with the crazy!

The weekend featured some games, some hill climbing, some diner food, and Stephen Chow's new movie, CJ7.

Other thing as well. Some laughs, plenty of sighs, some cries.

All these things and more! What a weekend.

And that's just the weekend! Wait till you hear what happened on MONday and TUESday! Zomg is it Wednesday in a HALF hour?

Next time I go up Bernal Hill I'm bringing a camera. What a great place! You can see everything in these nearly panoramic view (there is a building and some trees on top that sort of block part of it, but you can walk around...)

Next time I have a malt, I'm splitting it with someone!

Next time I want to buy a Naruto game I will KILL THE IMPULSE. Luckily, EB has the most convenient trade in system ever and I'm now the proud of owner of Crackdown and nine dollars! The English dub of Naruto is...HORRIBLE! So horrible it actually hurts the quality of the video game as well! More on this elsewhere.

CJ7 comes to your attn as HIGHLY RECOMMEND (from me). I know it has a limited release, but if it's anywhere near it's probably worth going to. I may actually go again when Oleya gets back from her super love holiday in Seattle, if I'm not still dirt poor. It still has plenty of over-the-top action, but in the context of a touching family drama!! How? And it's funny. Annnnnd, it's everything! We literally laughed AND cried. You can't tell me there was a person in the theater whose eyes weren't welling up when...



Go see it! The girl who plays Dicky is amazing. I actually had no idea she was a she (not knowing a terrible lot about Chinese names) until I searched for an interview.

Tomorrow I'm gonna finally have a (small) grocery shopping trip. Money has been a constant source of trouble lately. Between having to send back some checks for reissue and extra problems because one of my checks was stolen! So awesome. You can't imagine how cool it is to have my bank account right now hahaha

I did finally get some more work to do, though. It is always strange to have a vacuum of free time. I don't tend to use it very wisely because it's so strange. Anyways, I think I've been enjoying things as much as I can. That should continue throughout the week! Especially now that I have work to do--it lends me a purpose so I think I'll be happier. Previews for GamePro! I'm so excited. And a Wii review. Good stuff.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Disjointedly speaking

I know the blog has been very lacking in any sort of narrative lately. At least when I updated an emotastic five times a day during school there was some sort of cohesiveness. Things hung together at least. Now I update so randomly that trying to tell what is ACTUALLY going on in my life is pretty much impossible, at least if you're just reading the blog.

Mostly I am winding my way through the perils of stress and cold apartments, more perilous still when combined. I'm also very frustrated by the prospect of remaining freelance, only because it means I will have to find a new sharable living situation instead of finally becoming master of my own domain. Either that or just start writing a hell of a lot more within the next couple months, somehow rocketing my income into the multiple thousands (by which I mean two or three) per month.

Uhhhh *ramble* Let's see. Still trying to come up with a way to become more commited, in a super strict not-fucking-around sense, to Japanese. I have passion, but it's sort of moping in a corner. How pathetic! Reading scanlated Naruto (as I have happily resumed doing) is not an effective strategy and in fact I feel like a total loser for even making that joke. Current serious endeavor possibilities include: transltaing YMCK lyrics, playing Earthbound in Japanese, reading more Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, textbook things...writing Kanji over and over and over till my hands cramp, and finally, the one true winner, talking to my roommate in his fucking native language. You'd think that would be the easy one, but it's intimidating and also not entirely fair.

I think the fairness thing is just a cop out though. If I'm so intimidated it will be impossible for me to take up ALL his English studying time with my Japanese. Plus he'll go to San Diego next year and speak so much English his tongue will fall off. I need to be a little more selfish sometimes.

So today I vow I will do at least one of those things. If not more. I will also continue to read Naruto and probably watch some Kimagure Orange Road, if the computer will handle it. I also have some puzzle games to review, but progress on those is good. I guess there is also a social plan, although the ball hasn't really started rolling on that yet. Maybe I should have a shower. Maybe I should buy more bananas since Koji ate the last one! Maybe I should...check my e-mail.


Well, romanizations of song lyrics are no good for translating. You really need the kanji. That said, the lyrics to Magical 8 Bit tour are proving to be so fanciful that I'm not sure the Japanese ones I found (also done by ear) are right either. Do the cds come with lyrics in the liner notes? Hopefully one day we'll find out!