Saturday, March 08, 2008

Disjointedly speaking

I know the blog has been very lacking in any sort of narrative lately. At least when I updated an emotastic five times a day during school there was some sort of cohesiveness. Things hung together at least. Now I update so randomly that trying to tell what is ACTUALLY going on in my life is pretty much impossible, at least if you're just reading the blog.

Mostly I am winding my way through the perils of stress and cold apartments, more perilous still when combined. I'm also very frustrated by the prospect of remaining freelance, only because it means I will have to find a new sharable living situation instead of finally becoming master of my own domain. Either that or just start writing a hell of a lot more within the next couple months, somehow rocketing my income into the multiple thousands (by which I mean two or three) per month.

Uhhhh *ramble* Let's see. Still trying to come up with a way to become more commited, in a super strict not-fucking-around sense, to Japanese. I have passion, but it's sort of moping in a corner. How pathetic! Reading scanlated Naruto (as I have happily resumed doing) is not an effective strategy and in fact I feel like a total loser for even making that joke. Current serious endeavor possibilities include: transltaing YMCK lyrics, playing Earthbound in Japanese, reading more Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, textbook things...writing Kanji over and over and over till my hands cramp, and finally, the one true winner, talking to my roommate in his fucking native language. You'd think that would be the easy one, but it's intimidating and also not entirely fair.

I think the fairness thing is just a cop out though. If I'm so intimidated it will be impossible for me to take up ALL his English studying time with my Japanese. Plus he'll go to San Diego next year and speak so much English his tongue will fall off. I need to be a little more selfish sometimes.

So today I vow I will do at least one of those things. If not more. I will also continue to read Naruto and probably watch some Kimagure Orange Road, if the computer will handle it. I also have some puzzle games to review, but progress on those is good. I guess there is also a social plan, although the ball hasn't really started rolling on that yet. Maybe I should have a shower. Maybe I should buy more bananas since Koji ate the last one! Maybe I should...check my e-mail.


Well, romanizations of song lyrics are no good for translating. You really need the kanji. That said, the lyrics to Magical 8 Bit tour are proving to be so fanciful that I'm not sure the Japanese ones I found (also done by ear) are right either. Do the cds come with lyrics in the liner notes? Hopefully one day we'll find out!

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