Sunday, March 23, 2008

My dream from 2 nights ago!

I forgot to post about this.

Incidentally, I just checked out my blog entry from FOUR years ago, today. FOUR YEARS! I was a freshman in college and now I've been out for a year. Wowowowowow. It's in a secret blog. My early blogging days were wayyyyyyyy emo. Way. It's BAD. I think I may even have poetry on there. Ugh!

Anyways, I saw a dream I had 4 years ago and it made me remember to post this one.


I got shot! Twice! In the leg. I was in this sketchy (generic) neighborhood, entering a house, when suddenly someone threw firebombs through the window. It was some sort of gang war starting, so people were shooting and I managed to get caught twice in the leg. Then suddenly I was with some police and one of them was this exceedingly good-looking fellow--no one I know, just dreamscape-- with the most awesome soft-yet-styled-in-a-messy-way, short cropped black hair, turning silver gray. He wasn't really old enough for that, like maybe 30. So top that off with a uniform and then top me off with him because when I was injured on the floor, and for some reason freezing my brains out (shock, maybe? Although it was very coherent of me in the dream to think that maybe I was going into shock) he hugged me and kept me toasty till the medics arrived. Definitely one of the best dream "physical" contact moments I've ever had, despite, you know, being shot up in the leg.

Later there was still a war going, and I was screaming at everyone to, "Get down!" Like my mom, and some other people, some cops. Too much shooting. Anyways, then someone throw grenades at me anyhow, so being on the ground was no good either. I think that's when I woke up.

It's too bad, because there was a lot more to this dream, but I guess it's better to have a brilliant recollection of the best part than a vague idea of what happened overall. At least in this case!

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