Friday, December 29, 2006

All your cookie are belong to us!

I just packed up a TON of X-mas cookies to take home for me and the boy. Happy!!! :D That's all I really wanted to say...make a silly joke and then bask in the cookieness...


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snippets of the year



The boy and I decided we'd rather spend New Year's together so we finagled me onto a plane New Year's Eve./I got an e-mail from the Army./it was REALLY REALLY GOOD/So my roommate is officially gone./There is a banana on my desk that I would really like to eat, but it's for later, so I'm gonna try to hold out for another couple hours till dinner where it looked like there was gonna be some meaty pizza./Off to WI for a Midwestern weekend./Hmm, it was so big and long I'm not even sure what to say./This morning was wasted here./Two more classes and then it's off to a San Franciscan weekend of boy and happy love with PARENTS!/That's what Jackie said when I told her that I had just watched Scott's cab drive away in the rain./Well, I guess it's fine that we didn't go to the Castro last night, what with 7 (err make that 9, now) people getting shot and all./I REALLY don't want to go to class.

Also, none of those kids looked like seventh graders.../And...I'm gonna be late...not really.../I'm going to hold off on the Education project until after the midterm./Just gotta figure out what I'd like to get done then...and make sure I do it :D/Personally, I prefer the Cocoro/Java Aroma direction of this street./Speaking of which...maybe I should study a bit :D/Yep./Except I still sucked./Need to recuperate a bit before launching into the homework.../UPDATE: *trying to think happy thoughts*/Never will I enjoy doing laundry and stuff so much as today :D/yay

You can tell that the two main themes are school and the boy. The big and long line, just for clarification, follows a title "The Big Long Weekend" or something like that ;p Taken out of context it's a little jarring, though, ne? ;p

Anyways, terrific. That killed a lot of time XD

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Existing still

Having a good break. Not really in the mood to blog, but...I figured I would make sure people know I'm around...or...something.


Got some cool presents (import gba games, books, clothes, etc) and hung out with cousins, nieces, half siblings, grandparents, yadda.

I'm full of split pea soup right now.

Been mostly just playing games (DDR, Elite Beat Agents, Windwaker, etc) and reading.

Had some appts earlier, one of which failed completely. I guess I have to see my cardiologist before my dentist will let me come back.

I think I like that sentence better unexplained...

Yeah, time to see if I can beat the "Sweatin'" version of Material Girl...


Thursday, December 21, 2006

The X-mas Time

So I spent all day at various airports, in various airplanes. I suppose there are a zillion people doing that, or continously doing that (if they're in Denver.) Made it finally. Weird to be home, as usual. Last time the boy came to visit, too, so that made it better... It's sad to be so far apart for the holiday, but we'll be back together for New Year's.

X-mas will be fun, but I think the majority of the time seems to be taken up by doctor's appts. All those check-ups you're supposed to have...

Well, California time it's only 10:30 but I woke up at 6 after only 5 hours of sleep. Took some uncomfortable naps on the planes, but I'm still kinda tired. More just...sick of airplanes and the air they make you breath.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big shopping day starting 8 am sharp, so I should probably sack out...



Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A- and happy

The A- was on my astro test. It was pretty much no sweat. Sold back all the books except for Japanese, so I have some money to play with (i.e. eat out with) over break.

Now I'm in Frisco and it's not a slip-up anymore if I say "our apt" (although the boy said it didn't matter anyhow.)

Also have an interview with 1Up after X-mas! So much to look forward to!! (Keep crossing your fingers, everybody ;D)

Gonna try to hook up with some people before I fly home on Thursday, and then try to hook up with some more people between Doctor appts and family functions while I'm in Wisconsin. Yay!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Last exam

I'm so sick of studying for astronomy. I'm tempted to just go sell my book right now. I've been through the material three or four times: reading, lecture, review for individual exams, review for final exam. Even if I don't know it, it's really really boring.

Dunno what to do about that...maybe watch cartoons.

In other news I really hope that my friend can take the test fast because she said she would give me a ride to the train station at 5 if she's done.

If she's not, well, then I'm screwed. Not completely, since there is another train at 8, but the boy and I wouldn't get to eat together and we'd only get to hang out for a little while before sleeping so we can get up at the crack of morning to put him on an airplane.

My airplane isn't until Thursday.


Saturday, December 16, 2006


I received what amounts to one yesterday regarding that 1Up intern spot. This obviously created lots of intense fear and excitement :D Stayed up late writing another sample (since that is what they requested) to send today.

The other good news is that I finished my politics paper yesterday. I was a bit worried because when I went to go send it, I found that he had sent out another round of revisions. Luckily he let me just submit what I had. For those of you keeping track, this means I now have but one exam keeping me from X-mas, New Year's, and my precious freedom.

Scotty's train missed him last night, so he should be arriving at some point today. Hopefully around 3, since the next train wouldn't be until 6:10 again...

It's pretty cold in the apt. I will have a shower and play games or read or something. Still so sleepy, but I couldn't lie around anymore @_@

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thursday Night

Had victory sushi etc with 3 and JD. I couldn't pay for the whole thing, but I covered the better part of it. They were happy to pitch in, since it meant more food.

The deadline for those intern apps is the 26th. So no chance of finding out before X-mas. I wonder if there is a chance for before New Year's. They said they would be THROUGH them by the

I should just forget about it. Getting too excited about anything just makes for a tough let down.

Disregarding the last sentence completely...


The Favorite Boy will be arriving tomorrow evening. We'll have dinner with my roommates (to thank them for driving me/us around nearly, if not every week this semester) and then play video games or watch cartoons or something fun like that.

I'm psyched to see what will be on Outer Heaven. The cool thing is that if there's nothing we care about we can go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2, since it's playing right next door.

Wonder if I would fall asleep if I tried. I bet reviewing my computer notes again would do it... Plus there's supposed to be something to studying RIGHT before you go to bed or something, right? Something that isn't nightmares about your laptop biting your hands off or stealing your ramen...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Something Exciting

Ok, maybe this is stupid, but I can't sleep. I just submitted (at least I think I did...hopefully the e-mail went through. If not, I have a copy...) what I think was a pretty sweet application to intern for 1Up and the prospect is sort of dazzling. Third time may very well be the charm and yadda all that.


I need sleep now.

EDIT: Ok, it went through now. Wonder how long it will take to find out? ajfs;lkj;lkajsdfkweijv *_*

Monday, December 11, 2006

One more week

That's really all I have to say. Had a low-lying weekend with the sick boy. We played video games and baked cookies.

Cookies are good.

Just got my check which I was hoping would be a might better. It's actually three dollars short of my conservative estimate, but oh well. Should still cover everything. Mrrf. Sort of. I hate thinking about money so much @_@

A week from today I will be eating lunch with Rachel, studying astro, taking the damnable final, and busting out of this joint forever. Rock.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I don't want to go to class

I REALLY don't want to go to class. Everything is turning into a giant waste of my time. I also have work later that I don't want to do. In fact, there isn't much I want to do except be done with all this junk that will end up not mattering at all.

Everyone says it's great to finish college and have a degree, and maybe someday I will agree and think, "Wow, thank God I wasted four years of my life in more school." If that day comes, well, then so be it. Right now, though, I see a completely pointless Japanese degree with no skills attached and a lot of debt. A lot of hours that could've been spent making money have gone to making...horrible essays and not much else.

I haven't been updating here as much as usual. That's probably a good thing, since it means you don't have to slog through my daily routine (boring as hell), what my homework load looks like (not much), and my many moods (mostly cranky, of late.) I'd sort of like to start a new blog. I'm not sure what that would accomplish, and I really like the title I have, but it feels like I need a new angle.

Not like starting a new blog gives you a new angle.

Or maybe I just need AN angle, any angle.

Not this crappy "going to school" angle.

Until something changes, though, I'm kinda stuck.

2 fucking weeks.

Monday, November 27, 2006


So yeah, three weeks.

This is the first of those. As I've noted on my facebook profile, I plan to take the whole thing in "one giant leap." Got all my reading done, so I feel good about that. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about the Federalism project, as well.

Miss the boy. I was looking back at entries from spring to see how I felt when I got back from that week-long break. Pretty much the same. Colder and sorta lonely. I will see him sooner than it seems, I'm sure.

The plan is for me to trek out there the next two weekends and then he has said it would work out (*crossing fingers*) to come the third and final weekend to help me move Monday after my astro exam. Since I have faith in my ability to produce my politics final paper early and (generally) have permission to take the computer class final ahead of time I can leave the very first day of finals week. My last act as student at Pacific will be to hand in my astro exam. That sounds so great. Only three Mondays away.

Today campus smelled nice. As much as I'd rather be in the city, I do enjoy the smell of autumn leaves...

45 minutes left of work and then I'm off to work on that politics project. I thought I ate a dinner that would last, but I'm already hungry again X_X Must be the cold weather making me use up all my food quick...


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Happy So Happy

Break gets even better.

Been playing lots of video games.

Wednesday night we caught Mates of State with two freakin' hours of openers. That was a bit much lol. Good concert, although by the end both Scott and I were pretty sleepy. Asobi Sekusu played their song that I like. Mates of State played all the songs I most wanted to hear. Good all around. And we got to sit down, too :D

Thanksgiving was probably most fun. I got up early to make pumpkin pie and yams and then we headed off. I FINALLY met Jeremy!!! We had a great time. Awesome food, and lots of video games! Of course we busted out the Wii, made a pile of horrific Miis, Monkey Ball'd around for a bit, and then settled into some Bomberman 3. There was also an episode with flying pie, Spanish Chuck Norris, and the thrilling conclusion of many leftovers. That's always the best way to conclude Thanksgiving. Also, the stuff I cooked actually turned out GOOD.

Yesterday was pretty much entirely an Okami fest. That game is so pretty. Then Scotty cooked Spaghetti from scratch and it was uber delicious. We need to cook more often. It usually turns out well, we are just busy and/or lazy.

Today we're going downtown to work where the boy, and I Maybe watch one of those Japanese movies which should be fun but has been mutated into a chore by the sheer power of earning credit for it at school.

Damn school! I'm not thinking about you! I'm not thinking about you! LA-LA-LAAAAA!!

(Only three more weeks and then I'm through for good.)



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I like being on break.

What more can I say?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Going tough

I don't care that the belt I bought to fix my pants is digging a bruise into my hip!

I don't care that the video didn't work, or that we didn't have enough time!

I also don't care that the dining hall sucked.

I had an ice cream bar and now I'm gonna put together the blog entry for today, remember to meet Youa at 9 to go over politics stuff.

Then I'm gonna have a late late night! Whoo! And an early early morning!

It's so exciting, though, not a minute to spare. The only problem is that when you don't have a minute to spare you can't afford to say, biff the video, or something. Ah well. Wheeeeee! This is what I wanted :D I just wish I could do it all perfectly heh XD

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

PS3 Launchamabob!!! - TRANSCRIPT

EDIT: The actual video is here and the blog to comment on would be this one.

*Phoenix Wright music*

Emily: So JD we're gonna start for real

JD: Ok...

3: Objection!

Emily: like with the camera on and stuff. So you go-

JD: Now?

Emily: Yeah now, so you're gonna have to close it. CLOSE THE NINTENDO PRODUCT!! Well I'm gonna close the door while I'm at it. I'm Emily.

3: And I'm 3.

JD: And I'm JD.

Emily: And we are--

JD: Wait, not WII. No, no not WII. The THREE of us.

Emily: Oh, oh, so...yes...the THREE of us are going to be reporting to you about the PS3 launch here in Stockton, California!

JD: Yay...

Emily: Stockton... STOCKTON...So!

3: We'll be gone [?]No more talk of this vile place.

Emily: Yeah...yeah, ok.

JD: Anyway...

Emily: Anyway...

JD: So where is the PS3 actually coming out? Like...

Emily: Here...

JD: Is it in all the stores or just, like, one of them? Or, I-

Emily: Well,

JD: It seems like there's-

Emily: I think one of our main missions will be to find out if the PLAYSTATION 3 actually exists, because I've seen pictures and I've seen-

3: It's an urban legend.

Emily: and I've seen the commercials with, like, the baby... Have you seen those?

JD: That was creepy.

Emily: I showed him. There's this baby that is like, "whoo"-

JD: And the tears roll back up into its eyes.

Emily: -and it's, like, a toy baby. And it's like, "Wawawa"

JD: And the eyes, and it's like oh my gosh, it's like straight from a horror movie or something.

Emily: And there's the one with the Rubix cube; you liked that one.

JD: The Rubix cube one is where the thing explodes and it goes all over the walls.

3: heyyyy [just a sound...]

Emily: It solves it and it like floats in the air and it's all "fshowoshs - peoukh"

JD: And then there's color all over, like paint.

Emily: Really cool.

3: You know I've always been a big fan of that PLAYSTATION nine commercial.

JD: And there's- the what?

Emily: PLAYSTATION nine, what?

3: Yeah, you remember that, when they did for PLAYSTATION 2, but they didn't do it...I dunno. Those commercials are pretty cool, but I like PLAYSTATION nine...

Emily: They're just really weird. So, I've seen those, but I think we need to get out there and see if anyone is managing to actually get ahold of some, because, I mean, everyone's heard about the shortages and I think especially in Stockton we're definitely feeling that. For instance, no one, I've called a lot of stores, and no one is doing a midnight bash, no one. Like, and if--

3: No reason to line up and get one.

Emily: Exactly! Like, I think if you go look, I mean, some places people are lining up already, but I think if you go look in Stockton you'll find that no one is even opening up early or anything. It's just sort of-

JD: It's just another day.

Emily: Yeah.

3: Yeah, there may be like, a useless line. Maybe we could like go and tell them, like, you know, like, "Hey, you guys are lining up for no...reason," but, yeah, hopefully-

Emily: Like, just so you know there are seriously like three units at this store and if you are not on this list that is like an inch long, then you're outta luck. That's seriously how it's gonna be according to who I called.

3: Hopefully we don't start any riots or anything like that, although that would be pretty good videotape...

Emily: Riots? Yeah, I hope there's some hardcore fistfights or something outside Best Buy in the morning, but I dunno.

3: Nooo!

Emily: But that's on Friday. On Thursday we're gonna try to get ahold of some store employees to see what their expectations are, and they can tell us about those three units.

3: Which they probably played them, yeah. Maybe find like, some used PLAYSTATION 3s,

JD: Already?

3: All right!

Emily: Awww.

3: That'd be cool.

Emily: Now, now.

JD: I doubt it.

Emily: And tomorrow we're gonna be probably without video, just pictures, surveying outside the dining hall. 3 will not be with us, but JD will come for a little while, and I will be there.

Emily: And I'm gonna-

3: I'll be there in spirit!

Emily: see-

JD: see what people think of the PS3?

Emily: Yeah, and see if they even know or care that it exists.

JD: And if they're planning on buying it or excited about the games?

3: When more of them come into existence.

Emily: Yeah, or if it's prohibitively expensive.

JD: I mean it is a university. We have a bunch of poor college students.

Emily: Yeah-

3: Yeah...

Emily: that's kinda how I'm feeling right now. Poor college student.

JD: Me, too.

Emily: And have you looked-

JD: It's too expensive.

Emily: Have you looked at the launch line up?

JD: It's not that great. It just...

Emily: It- I'm just disappointed in the fact that most of the games are on other consoles, too, and, I mean, it's a lot cheaper to get it on Xbox 360-

3: Mm hmm.

Emily: than on PS3.

3: Yeah, so..

Emily: But I do have to say that Resistance looks pretty damn cool.

3: I agree.

Emily: I like shooting-

JD: Can we say "damn" in this?

Emily: Huh?

JD: Can we say "damn" in this?

Emily: Yeah, we can say "damn."

3: DAMN...

Emily: I'll give you permission for that.

JD: Ok.

3: Yes!

Emily: And, what else? I dunno. But yeah, I saw some videos of Resistance and it looks very impressive.

JD: How much is the PS3 launch price?

Emily: If you want the 60 gigabytes, it's 600 bucks.

JD: The 60 GB hard drive, or?

Emily: Hard drive with...wireless...

JD: Oh, so it has a hard drive then.

Emily: Yes.

JD: And it doesn't use memory cards.

Emily: You can use a variety of memory, like if you wanna have like videos and music and stuff, you can hook up your whatever...drives and things and I think that they have adapters for like, PS2 memory cards and stuff like that.

JD: That'd be good.

Emily: Yeah, except the backwards compatability is now supposedly flawed and that makes me kinda sad. And I heard Guitar Hero fans are having trouble with their controllers. I still haven't played that game.

JD: Eh, it's worthwhile.

Emily: That's what I hear. But uh...

JD: GuitarFreaks is better, though.

Emily: Oh.

JD: But-

Emily: Well, ZELDA looks good, but that's a-

JD: Yeah.

Emily: Nintendo game.

3: Hey hey hey, none of that, none of that.

JD: But GuitarFreaks is still a PLAYSTATION game, it's just Japanese. You'd have to import for it.

Emily: Yeah. Well, importing's good. I'll import.

JD: Well, importing is good, it's just not everyone can do it.

3: Yeah.

Emily: And the PS3 already launched in Japan!

JD: Yeah.

Emily And in fact, I blogged about that the other day with my really horrible translation of that article.

3: It's ok, it's ok.

Emily: But there's-

JD: Did it get a lot of good, uhm, releases in Japan?

Emily: Uhm...

JD: I mean, were people happy about it?

Emily: I think they sold what like 84 thousand some units, like all of them that they had pretty much. [I don't remember where I read the original figure, but the 1Up story is more recent.]

3: Of course, since they made so many.

Emily: Yeah, and I guess the first, the first official sale was some Chinese fellow who didn't give his name.

3: [I think he said something in Japanese, but it is quiet, so I dunno.]

JD: Mysetery sales person.

Emily: But they had, so in my translation I was confused because they had the, uh...the verbs they were using when I looked it up it was like "cutting" or something but they had one of those balls that pop open and streamers come out.

JD: Oh, the party balls that are in Super Smash Brothers.

Emily: Yeah! Smash Brothers!

JD: Wait, wait, that's Nintendo. Yes, PLAYSTATION!

3: SHHHHH!!!

Emily: But, but Snake is gonna be Smash Brothers! AND, that is pretty much the one reason I want a PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4.

3: Suneeku! Suneeku! [katakana version]

JD: It's a snaaaake, a snaaaake, badger badger badger

Emily: Not that kind of Snake!

3: Ohhhh, it's a snake!

JD: ...on a plane.

Emily: Wow...

3: It's my bid! [? a reference to something, not sure what...]

Emily: We just reached an all-time low. How did that happen? God, I'm sorry about that. Planes and snakes...

3: It's ok.

Emily: I never thought that would happen HERE.

JD: Planes and snakes and Samuel Jackson, oh my!

Emily: Yeah, well I'm trying to think if there's anything else we should say about the PLAYSTATION 3...right now, while-

3: It's cool, but-

Emily: It's very shiny.

3: it costs money.

JD: Ooh, shiny. Shiny is good.

Emily: Very shiny.

3: Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny.

Emily: And...but not shiny enough to be worth 600 dollars on launch day.

JD: Yeah.

Emily: Sorry, sorry.

JD: Maybe when it comes down a couple hundred dollars in price it would be worth it.

Emily: OH, I was gonna talk about why that I'm, well, the reason that I"m covering the PS3, because my name is EmaWII for a reason, and you told me just a little a while ago that you, yourself, are a Nintendo fanboy.

JD: Yup.

Emily: And-

JD: It's just, I like their stuff much better.

Emily: I know you like PLAYSTATION.

JD: The only-

Emily: And I love PLAYSTATION! I just don't have 600 dollars and the launch line up is not...

3: It's like YAYYY - AWWWW.

Emily: There's just a couple, you know, action games, and sports games aren't my thing. Like, the new Tony Hawk-

JD: Puzzle games are fun.

Emily: the animations look great, but-

3: Kick flip! Twist it!

Emily: you can play the same game on the 360 and have online stuff, too,'s just like...

JD: Yup.

Emily: Why? Why, Sony, why?

3: Xbox 360, it sounds like it's named after a trick on Tony Hawk, I dunno.

JD: I don't think you'd want to be doing a 360 on your Xbox, though, that might not be such a good idea.

3: But hey, that's what it's made for, doin' 360s on!

JD: Yeah, but maybe, I dunno if that's covered in the warranty.

Emily: Hmm.

3: Mm, yeah, it's probably like a super move or something. Like, you get the voltage JUST right, or yeah, it'll just explode, yeah. If you don't get that Tony Hawk face plate.

Emily: Oops, oops. So, anyhow, the reason that I'm er we're and my compatriots are doing the PS3 launch is simply there's one thing: to be ironic and contrary and because I'm out of town on Sunday. [Yeah, I know that's two or three things.]

3: Yaaaaay!

Emily: Did I tell you guys that? That's the only reason, otherwise I'd be covering the Wii launch, but the Wii launch is on a Sunday!!

JD: Who does that?

Emily: Seriously. That's-

3: Wow.

Emily: I think that about wraps it up, I think, unless anyone has anything else they'd like to say about the PS3...

3: It's cool, but it's expensive. I'm an impoverished college student!

JD: Join the club.

Emily: Club, the club is joined. So, the three of us will see you soon.

JD: Wait, three.

Emily: I said "the three!"

3: Yeah.

Emily: God! And-

JD: Three.

Emily: his name really is 3. That's what I...yeah.

3: Pokeball, go!

Emily: ...on your PLAYSTATION 3?

3: Yeah, yeah, that's how I'm gonna get one.

JD: [couldn't hear]

3: I'm poor, so I'll just capture the wild.

Emily: In the wild?

3: Yeah.

Emily: "The elusive PLAYSTATION 3?"

3: Yeah!

JD: I don't know that there are any in the wild. I think the, they all are owned by trainers.

3: Dude, everybody knows there's like one mythical PLAYSTATION 3 hiding in the deep cave.

Emily: Like MewTwo?

3: Yeah, yeah.

JD: Maybe.

Emily: Only with a-

3: I'll just have to-


3: Yeah!

JD: But I think it's more likely that you'll only come out and encounter the trainer ones and you can't use pokeballs on other trainers, so...

3: If I use a MewTwo ball I can, yeah!


Yikes, that was time consuming. I added in links to some stuff. Yay.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hey, whaddaya know?

Monday's over :D

The days DO end, and the weeks DO go by. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself.

All I have left to do today is play video games, read/watch stuff on the PS3, and unwind. So far I've done class, some work, some PS3 stuff, some homework...yadda. Not too exciting.

Had a group meeting for politics. That class really stresses me out. I just don't feel like I have much to offer. I signed up for the subject precisely beCAUSE I don't know much about it, not because I feel like a genius who knows exactly what is wrong with the constitution and how to fix it...

Luckily everything else feels pretty under control. Oh wait, I take that back...I'm not done tonight. I have to do the math problems for astro and review some stuff for the test on Friday. Little chunks, but I just didn't do it earlier today...or yesterday. Damn. Anyways, at least that crappy computer class paper is out of the way. I don't feel like I did a very good job, but we'll see.

Unfortunately it's Margarita Monday (like most Mondays,) which means it's my roommate's excuse to invite a bunch of people over and make noise while drinking mostly sugar, watch movies so I can hear them even with my doors closed. I'm just complaining. I still just miss the pace of the boy and I, never having anyone over if I didn't want, etc.

Hmm, I was really looking forward to just relaxing. I can't put this stuff off anymore. Also, oatmeal, no matter how good it is with peanut butter, is not the same as a bowl of COLD cereal, which is what I really wanted. I'm out, though. Graaah.

I guess I'm just...sitting here, making myself feel worse. That's no good! I started out feeling like Monday was over!!! That's good! I guess it's just disheartening to remember all that astro I have to do. Also, the astro that I did do this afternoon kinda kicked my ass. I thought I really got it, but the questions really through me off, so now I feel crummy about it, but I don't feel like putting in any effort...

If I just remember that, then maybe it will be ok.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

As groovin' as I can

Ah, I had a great weekend. Despite some rough spots due to stress and insecurity, I had a lot of fun and I love love love the boy. I was so sad to leave ;_; Actually, I was REALLY sad. Not sure why so sad this time. Maybe since I had such a hell of a time getting there. My ride didn't show so I had to call a cab and wait for the 8:05 which didn't put me in until 10:30 *shrug* It's always so sad to go. I can't wait till I can just stay. Of course, there won't be that weekly elation upon seeing each other again, but we're always really happy to be near each other, so I think the contentment of not having to run off every Sunday will be worth it.

Wow, I just made a Japanese inspired grammar error! ROCK! I was typing that last sentence and said, "...near each other so, I think..." since that is the way the comma would be placed Nihongo-style. Ah, that's so nice.

Anyhow Friday night when I got there Scott was at work but not at his desk. I found him out on the sidewalk with Jenn and her friend Nick. We all went to a diner nearby for tasty late night fare. Spent a lot of time at the office this weekend, which is really fun for me. I think Scott might feel kinda bad about having to play games at work, but I think it's really fun. I wish I wouldn't have been in such a weird mood. I came off as really quiet and nervous, I think : / I was supposed to show everyone I could be social today at dim sum, but they never called us to say when to show up.

Other than that I am proud to say I got past the first disc of FFVII. THAT TOOK LONG ENOUGH lol

This week should go pretty quick between tests and the Launchamabob. I hope so, anyhow. And then only two days, and pretty pointless days at that. I wish I could just stay on Friday and save 5 or 6 hours of travel time, have two extra days with Scotty, etc, but it sounds like politics (on Tuesday) will be the one important thing to do academics-wise next week. Ah well. If I just focus on getting this one done, then the weekend will roll around again and those two nubby days will be like nothing compared to the sweet sweet Thanksgiving break :D

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Morning

Today I am eating a big, rest-of-the-stale-Cheerios bowl of cereal for breakfast. With grapefruit juice. Still trying to buck the last vestiges of my cold.

I woke up out of a very strange depressing dream. Lots of screaming and crying. I don't really remember what about. I think there may have been something to do with some sort of club, and video games, and cigarettes, but it was much more surreal than that. At the end I was yelling at people from the upstairs bathroom in Wisconsin to say that, no, I wasn't going to do what they wanted me to do, no matter what.

In a little over a half hour we're having take-two of Wednesday's computer class. Most teachers just barrel right through stuff, regardless of whether you've read it or not. He could've just given us the information anyways. It is sort of stupid that no one participates, but to give up and say, "Read it for Friday!" sort of shows a little bit of inexperience, if you ask me. I mean, maybe for an English class or something, where there is a narrative and you're REALLY discussing the text there's not much else you can do, but for a class where it's just information in the book. He was presenting that anyways. I was listening! I read it! Why are you quitting teaching because the slackers of the class can't get it together! You don't cater to the lowest denomenator...

Anyhow! *complain complain ramble*

Last night I figured out how to edit video for the Launchamabob. That's going to be a bit more time consuming than I had had in mind. I'm just going to use the Windows thing, which isn't ideal, but I'm no pro XD I'm hoping my partners are prepared to put as much effort into this thing as I am, because I able to have huge chunks of free time with normal effort. (I just spread out my effort, rather than condense it into one night like most college students.) I suppose most of the editing and stuff I can just do, even if it takes until 2 am :D It's not like having three people will help clicking the mouse go any faster.

Astro this afternoon should be a breeze. I am really enjoying learning about star lifetimes and stuff, so the time should fly by. Luckily, even though both my roommates are leaving this weekend, I managed to secure a ride to the train station. I am SO excited to see the boy, and Frisco, and get out of here!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Next week *jumps up and down*

I think the most impressive thing about this project will be the fact that it takes place during a week where I have 2 tests and a paper due. Somehow, I think this will just increase the quality.

I have a very good feeling about everything right now. Tomorrow we're doing a camera test in the engineering lab, to see if we can figure out a way to edit video footage. I need to find out if anyone around here is having a midnight bash, but so far it looks like not. That just implies more much needed sleep.

This is really great. I am so motivated. The sooner I get my homework done everyday the sooner I can work on PS3 stuff. I really want to do a kickass job. I always tell the boy how jealous I am of his crazy job and now I can have crazy fun pretending to do his crazy job! Word!

(Republished from my 1Up blog, where the action will take place:)

IT'S TRUE! Next week a couple sidekicks and I will be reporting on...



Why the PS3 launch? Oh, pure logistics. Never you mind! We're gonna do a bang-up job, I guarantee.

The tentative plan is as follows:

Wed 11/15 - UOP Dining Hall Stake-out (Who is psyched? Who isn't? Who doesn't know what we're talking about?)

Thurs 11/16 - Pre-launchamabob Employee Chat (We'll talk expectations and fears with the orchestrators of the event!)

Fri 11/17 - PS3 LAUNCHAMABOB! (At least a morning opening and if possible a midnight bash...details pending...)

That is assuming all goes as planned (i.e. intense, witty, with video coverage and pix), but I think we're up for it. STAY TUNED!!

Blog Battle? I am so worth a contender!

Apparently, 1Up is having a blog battle on the launch days. I think it would be super fun to cover the Wii launch. I could take a friend and my digicam and GET THE SCOOP. I need a friend, though, for backup, and to handle the camera for interviews or something. Unfortunately, I don't think Stockton will be very eventful. This just means we'll have to be that much more creative!!!

Ooh, you know what? Scratch that. I'll be in San Francisco, and there's NO way the boy would want to cover the Wii launch with me. Plus I'm sure that would illegitimate my entry somehow. Nope, I'll just have to cover the PS3 on Friday morning. "But Emawii, how could you?" I have no idea. It's possible that this will be more entertaining since it's so contrary. SO CONTRARY.




That is the same day my paper for computer class is due! I guess we'll only be able to stay for an hour or two and then jam out...or I could...hmm...turn in the paper early...err...I dunno.

Maybe it just won't work. Although, really, I don't have much to do. I should take advantage of this opportunity to SHOW MY STUFF. Just need to find someone to assist.


It's official. Three and I will tackle the PS3 launch FROM THE TRENCHES!!! Rock.

I REALLY hope it doesn't rain : /

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rockin' the Swiss herbs 'n Honey

It's Ricola drops for me, today. Just got back from the doctor. I will be cured! They prescribed some stuff, so if nothing else I won't get sicker.

Today is also voting day! Yesterday we were greeted by hangars in the trees urging an empassioned NO to Prop 85. A little horrific, yes, but I suppose that was the point.

In general, my mood is good. And so are these throat drops. In about 20 minutes I will go listen to a presentation I think our prof did that on purpose ;p Hopefully I'll be able to track down the boy today; he's hard to find these days.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Better Mood

Yes, I'm distracted from my boring reading by the fact that I am too complainy and pessimistic! And too obsessed with trying to be perfect according to some unknown scale. And too hating myself! This is no good.

DESPITE the fact that this weekend sucked pretty hardcore for various reasons, it wasn't THAT bad. I got to watch Outer Heaven last night with Scotty and that was fun. I got a crudload of stuff done, too. Even though I don't feel like I've been getting much done, I really have. Whether or not I have less work to do this week, I STILL got a lot done this weekend. All I have to do now is barrel through this week without looking back!!

I think my idea about reading Japanese gaming sites and learning vocab and kanji from them is a good one. Of course, supplemental textbook reading is fine, but I think I will be more upbeat about it if I feel like I'm directing the bulk of my efforts towards a more tangible goal (i.e. reading Japanese press releases and crud like that...then I can be USEFUL :D)

I went out and bought more tissues and soup this morning. This evening I had alphabet, which I've been really keen on trying again, since I haven't had it in years. It's vegetable content was impressive, but ultimately I am more of a chicken noodle fan (the chunky kind with carrots and celery ;p)

Scotty is missed...but if I can just get all the lame crud out of the way this week, I will have a kickass weekend in only five days! In addition to that, it's only 2.3 weeks until Thanksgiving Break! And then AFTER that I have less than three weeks of school left. Even though it feels like eons away, I just have to remember that the semester WILL wind down eventually...

Yay, I'm on a roll. Best go finish that boring reading assignment now...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Canned Soup generally very salty. I've been doing the chicken soup thing the past couple of days to make me feel like I'm taking care of myself. (Nevermind walking around in the rain to get to and from class...) In fact, you almost get to wondering if maybe the SALT is what is good for the sick people and maybe the chicken and noodles have little do with it.

Last night I had Campbell's Chicken Noodle (just the plain condensed version.) Today I found a microwave Progresso Chicken Noodle bowl. It has carrots and celery, plus bigger noodles and chicken. It's "chunky." I like it a whole lot better even though it doesn't escape the canned soup pitfall (SALT.) Another awesome bonus is that I need exactly ONE dish for this soup, and that isn't even a dish, it's a utensil. I need a spoon. For Campbell's you need a pan, a bowl, and a spoon. Laziness! It's great! Of course, laziness will cost you a couple dollars, at least at the campus grocery store : / I really shouldn't shop there, but when I'm sick I don't feel so much like gallavanting around.

Of course, now that I've taken a look at Campbell's website, I see they also offer a "chunky" version with veggies and so on. I'm sure they're comparable. As for what the school grocery store offers, I'll have to stick with Progresso.

Anyhow, soup! Not nasty dining hall food! Rock. It's too wet and chilly to go all the way over there the way I feel. It's very sad to be at school on a Friday night. Even though I know Scott is working late, it would be nice to be there when he got back. Usually I would be arriving downtown in about an hour...

odd dream

I was staying at some sort of hotel with someone as my roommate. I feel like I should've known who that was, but I can't remember. Someone I know. Maybe my first roommate from last year? I don't know. Anyhow we were at this hotel along with half of the cast of Full House, some guy and his wife who had a baby (who were somehow related to half the cast of Full House), and other random people.

This guy and his wife lost their baby in a pond. I wasn't sure what it looked like, but I was going to help them find it. Everyone was paddling around on mattresses in the pond, and some of them were swelling up really huge for some reason. First, I found a worm, but I figured that wouldn't be the baby. I started paddling around some more and then I saw something fall and caught it with my feet. It's almost as if the dad (who was the closest person, paddling with his wife onboard) dropped her. Anyhow I caught her underwater as she fell with my feet and then got her out and she was smiling and giggling and happy.

I was pretty happy, too, cuz I had saved the baby. For some reason I felt like I needed to be "in" this crowd. I was bummed out that it seemed like they didn't want me around, so I figured this was my ticket to being accepted, but all I got was a terse thank you and then everyone went to party.

Back in my room I was IMing zillion of people and then Scott called. For some reason he was mad at me, accusing me of liking it better when he's not around or something horrible like that. Then my alarm went off and I woke up : /

I feel pretty much like yesterday, so that's dandy. Gotta go get breakfast so I can show up for computer lab and try not to sneeze on the keyboard. We're in the lab today, which means I have to go to South campus. There was something else I was going to say, though...what was it. Morning, stuffy, strange dream, I don't remember.

Hmm. Last night I listened to the PS1 podcast before falling asleep. Actually, I only lasted like 3/4 of the way through, which means I probably fell asleep a little before 11, and then slept till 8, well, I may have woken up, but not enough to be awake. I even was sleeping when my alarm went off! You can tell I must be sick. I was hoping the boy would call, because I would fall asleep (as I did) but it looks like I will have to try to catch him today.

This will be only the second Friday night of the semester where I am not with him : / I know I'm lucky I get to see him most weekends, but I'm still pretty bummed out ;_;

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The sad sad face

So, as pretty much expected, the boy is buried up to his neck in pre-launch craziness and I have feel like crap. This does not make for a good weekend. Either I languish here at school, or brave the trains with my Kleenex and water bottles.

Oh, and let's not forget the random life-waster that is my LAST (after attending only 1 of 2 thus far) tutor training session. I'm sorely tempted to say, "I'm quite sick. I'm going home to be taken care of." Also, the fact that most of my tutees seem to not need me anymore MUST surely speak to the superior quality of my sessions. No one seems to doubt my ability to explain grammar and shell out tips, tricks, and the best web links. My politics teacher thought I looked like I was dying today, so maybe if I go in there tomorrow they will say, "Go be taken care of."

Even so, the idea of 3 hours of trains, not to mention lay-overs out of doors, hills to climb, and the rainy weather all combine to make an evil soup that would most likely be a super potion to whatever sort of virus is inhabiting my sinuses.


Of course, being the pessimist and self-hater that I am, I can't help but think that this is my just reward for skipping earlier in the week. Got an extra couple days there, but now my weekend is dead and I'm sick. It's not even like I can't go because I just can't go, and I could do fun stuff around here. I feel HORRIBLE, and I just want to lie around and try to get my homework done.

I wish I didn't even have to go to class tomorrow. In fact, I postponed my indie study meeting till Monday because I am so sniffly and hurty and out of it (and not studying much.) I have that fevery cold feeling (or at times that fevery hot feeling), swollen glands (the left of which is QUITE tender), and all the accompanying gook and throat bothering.

Probably the sacking out will occur early tonight, if possible. We'll see. I'll probably lie down with a podcast eventually and see where that gets me. Awake, no doubt, but, yeah...we'll see.

Native Americans outside

I had a chicken taco and a brownie for lunch. (Yeah, doesn't that sound healthy?) I was supposed to meet Flipper, but she wasn't there (or I didn't see her anywhere) and I called her cell, but she didn't answer. I had just spent an hour waiting around for my politics prof, so I decided to just eat.

Also, I have a cold or something. I feel like hell.

Anyhow, after that I went to buy some water before heading up to my apt to listen to some podcats and not accomplish much. There are some guys outside all dressed up dancing (and chanting.) The tall one was giving a speech when I walked up about how he doesn't...err I don't remember the word he used...but something like respect or commemorate...honor Colombus. "He had his day in the sun" for naming other people...something like that. All how he didn' agree with the term "Indian." Whatever, wasn't that a simple mistake? Didn't they think they WERE in India until they had explored a little bit? I mean, they probably should've revised their labels later, but I guess they didn't...

None of this would really bug me all that much except he was mentioning Menominee for some reason...probably cuz of the Native Americans there which is said, "Is up in Wisconsin, doncha know?"

So really, what the hell? It's bad for people to call him an Indian, but he can make dumb aside jokes to stereotypes for people from Wisconsin? I didn't really feel like listening to whatever else he had to say, since he had undermined whatever the hell he was trying to accomplish. Now, though, I can hear them outside my window...

I think mostly I'm just irritated because I have a cold.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, I guess it's fine that we didn't go to the Castro last night, what with 7 (err make that 9, now) people getting shot and all. We went out for Indian food at our favorite place and watched the original House on Haunted Hill. That was pretty much it, but it was fine. I had a stomach ache, though : /

This morning I had to leave >_< Grabbed some breakfast on the way to the BART. Train and all that was pretty much uneventful. When I got to Stockton, though, the cab was taking forEVER! I waited 40 minutes and then decided to screw it and walk. I'm sure he arrived 5 minutes after I left, but whatever...

It's kind of a hike, someone said two miles, and I had my backpack, so that kind of sucked. It really wasn't that bad. I stopped off downtown for an Alaskan roll (which seems to be different wherever you go, but this one had spicy tuna (or was it salmon...spicy something and avocado with the orange stuff on top.) Very tasty, not too expensive and they gave me free edamame and miso soup o_O Then I walked some more and by the time I hit Baskin Robbins I decided I wanted dessert, so I had a single pumpkin pie ice cream cone. Wasn't really up to my expectations, but meh.

Astro wasn't very exciting. My friend gave me her notes from Monday, though, so I should be set for that. The rest of the afternoon was mostly just relaxing and playing games.

My roommate invited me to her dinner birthday (she's 21, if you recall) and I was really excited. I had even checked out the menu of the place beforehand to pick what I wanted. So I was all excited, and just starving myself until it was time to go, when suddenly I realized I hadn't called about my tutoring appts @_@ So I called and thank God there weren't any...that I missed. I have one in about 15 minutes, so I couldn't go for dinner. Instead I had a couple bites of potato, some so-so chicken, a piece of dry nasty broccoli, and some grape nuts (since the dining hall just didn't cut it.) Booooooo.

Ah well, I have to go. Tomorrow is Thursday and if I cross my fingers hard enough, maybe the boy will be able to come out here this weekend so we get more than just one day :D (I have to show up for tutor training or they'll hate me forever. Maybe I could tell them someone died...)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I love for it to be San Francisco

It's Tuesday and I'm not in Stockton. I miss days like this. Last night I took the train (yes, that's twice in two days) over to SF again because I felt like I deserved it and it's Halloween and I WANTED TO. Was kind of crazy, however, since I couldn't find a ride. I ended up at the station 3 hours ahead of time, finally, though, which was very hectic. I had to run after class and grab some stuff, zoom out to my friend's car (well, really my acquaintances friend's car @_@ although they are both acquaintances...), and then...well, it was a long afternoon. I played a lot of Contact, so it wasn't too bad.

Then when I got to San Francisco I found out that I was suddenly going out to dinner with Scotty and some people from work and some PR people and HOLY COW I was wearing the scrubbiest clothes I own. Instead of going all the way home (apt home, not yucky school home) and being really late, we went to Old Navy and were only SLIGHTLY late. I got a cute outfit and then we had expensive food and Mai Tais at this place around the corner from the office. I had a couple nibbles of appetizer and yellowtail. Scott got some very steaky steak and the most exciting mashed potatoes ever. We split the most ridiculous chocolate dessert ever (MOLTEN HOT CORE!!!) It was fun to be out with him finally. We don't do that so often.

Tonight I'm not sure what we're doing. We had sausage egg cheese muffin's for breakfast and then he had to go to work. Later we will either go out or stay in. Either way is good :D We have goofy movies to watch and many games. Plus, I said I would cook. I think we're going to make Shepherd's pie.

It's soooooooo nice to not be at school right now. Pretty soon I will never have to go back there! Never will I enjoy doing laundry and stuff so much as today :D

Friday, October 27, 2006

I am an uber sucker for breakfast pizza.

I was woken up at 4:26 this morning. It was confusing, but I realized that my roommates were still hanging out with their friends or something. I put on some Latvian a capella and tried to fall back asleep. It took a while.

Then I dragged myself out of bed a little after 8 to have breakfast (see heading,) finish up some Japanese stuff and head to computer class in which we were still trying to learn about databases without actually seeing a real database. He also assigned a paper on this and would have us read it in its entirety. He also mentioned again that we'll be giving 10-15 minute presentations eventually. I think I'm doing mine on net neutrality, which he hasn't heard of. Sources are being accepted on a rolling basis...

Faked through my meeting with my Japanese teacher. She wasn't concerned that I hadn't done much and I still could use the grammar and read, went fine. Actually, most of the time she spent giving me like...motherly advice about my relationship (with the boy) which was weird. Not really weird, but nice. But weird.

You know...


So I went with my roommate to the Summit, but didn't eat anything. I think I still have a meal at the dining hall that I might as well use, especially if all I would have is the soup that both places have anyways. Lum lum lum.

This day needs to be over.

Chronicle of a Thursday Afternoon

Marc accompanied me to the bank. I had to deposit some checks. (Yes, check plural. It was pay-day so I managed to get two in in one go.) Anyhow, we were walking and got about halfway there when this fellow approached us with an Asian guy in tail. He asked if we were going as far as Pershing, which, I don't know the roads, so we just said we were going to the bank. "Can you take him there? He can't speak English and I've been trying to show him the way." How unexpected and awkward! Marc and I had been talking along but with the guy following us we felt that would be sort of rude. Our conversations turned to wondering whether we could possible communicate anything to him. Marc smiled and gave a short-distance wave (more a salute) and the man smiled. Word. Between the both of us we French and my Japanese heh. And I think Marc knew how to say hello in Cantonese. Luckily it was easy enough for him to just follow us, so he made it ok. He didn't seem to have any trouble at the bank, which was surprising, although I guess I wasn't really paying too much attention since I was filling out my deposit slip and talking to Marc about his ex.

We took the long meandering way back to school. Stopped at Goodwill, where they didn't have much. We always walked past this little Christian bookstore. I saw HALLOWEEN candy in the window. We went in to investigate. I knew it wouldn't be REAL Halloween candy, and we were correct. It was Harvest Seeds (you'll have to scroll down a bit there, more "scripture candy" than one quite knows what to do with.)Candy corn on the inside, but the outside is pure Bible school. Yays.

Actually most of the reason we went in the store was because Marc wanted to see how the guy would react to him. I'm not sure what he thought would happen, but the reception wasn't exactly warm. It's not like Marc is a bad guy, or even looks like a bad guy. All he did was smile, but it didn't go over very well. Once we had exited the store we began thinking about this. I suggested that he probably KNEW we were only in there to puzzle over the candy corn and Praise Ponies, which Marc admitted but then he said, "But I look like I could be a Christian, like 'Praise God!'" He said it very convincingly, I thought. So then we were thinking how we could've gone back in there and made a big scene pretending to be uber devote. "You know we actually ARE very serious and devoted Christians following God's word and you just judged us by the way we look!! Now the LORD will judge YOU!!" Blah blah blah. "Man, we are such geeks, thinking about what he would've done..." said Marc, and he was totally right, but it was fun.

On the way back we stopped at the San Felipe Grill for beans and guac, like usual. Something about the guac was sorta off, though. Then we watched music videos on Youtube. Altogether not so bad.

Time for computer class now, though. I'll be back to talk about the wonderful morning in a couple hours...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Half way marker

The week is edging towards the finish line. I can see it out there, only a couple days ahead. Friday will be glorious! Homework? What homework? I'll just be playing video games and having fun with My Favorite Boy.

This morning I woke up, did my throw on clothes, brush teeth, etc routine and walked out the door to find a nice little drift of pollen on the walkway. I wonder if I should invest in a shovel. Good thing it's not a blizzard! Even a flurry, though, is a bit worrisome. Stupid Stockton and its horrible air quality.

Got a nice box in the mail from my mom containing, among other things: candy, cookies, and Halloween socks. The cookies are worth particular mention, since they are of a variety not found in California. Of course, here they have generic holiday cookies, but the ones I have been sent are the favorite uncle of all generic holiday cookies. They come in various shapes throughout the year, but always remain a deliciously thick glazed masterpiece of a sugar cookie. Ate one today, but the other two will be transported carefully to Frisco for weekend consumption with Scotty.

Reigning cheifly among recent activites is Megaman ZX, still, and the Internet. As I may have already stated in earlier posts, this week's workload is VERY MINOR INDEED. That's fine, but I wish I could be making money or something in the meantime. Actually, my friend Ian has commissioned an s.f. short from me with the only stipulations being a length of no less than 10 pages single-spaced and the appearance of my monster. In payment, I will receive a Dreamcast with copies of Rez and Space Channel Five. So far my fiction is...rather as it usually is. This one may have a bit more direction, but it still feels overwhelmingly lame. We'll see how it goes, though, I suppose.

Nearly time for Astro, so I'll be off that. No tutoring tonight. It's a good thing I still work for the PRIDE center, otherwise I would have no money EVER @_@

Monday, October 23, 2006


There was something getting me down that I was going to mention and then I read some crap and forgot what it was. So I find myself listing things that upset me, trying to figure out which it was. How utterly stupid. I still can't remember, though. I thought I had something meaningful to say on the topic.

Really, I shouldn't write about things that get me down. I should write about good things. I don't feel honest that way. That is the reason I talk about this stuff, honesty. It just seems right that I let (certain) people know what's on my mind, good or bad. I would feel like I was withholding things. Then I would still come off as upset, but it would just be a mystery and people would read all sorts of horrible things into about how they annoy me or something, which wouldn't be the case at all.


Seriously, I had something to say and it's gone. I dunno. I'm just really good at making myself news there.

I'm wearing my "superior intellect" shirt.

Only because I took a shower halfway through the day. Played some DDR to pretend to exercise and then descrubbified. I don't feel terribly superior, though.

I don't know. This morning I felt pretty good. I'm very on top of my workload, which, if I wasn't it would be ridiculous. I've got barely anything to do. So all this same junk bounces around in my head. I'm worried that all these insecurities are already becoming habits that will require bullets to put down.

I'm getting off work early tonight and staying late tomorrow. As long as my time sheet adds up to the same number, that's fine. Sounds like I may have a tutoring appt this week, but I feel that way most weeks. They tend not to follow through and actually sign up for a time slot.

Lately, school feels like a real waste of time. I'm desperate for a life. There is nothing happening here.

Actually, there is a presentation this Friday on "the videogame industry," but I can't go since it is precisely during astronomy hours. The only reason I would skip astro is to start the weekend off early, which is always tempting. Ultimately, the wasting of my weekdays will be complete, though, and I stay. Astro isn't so bad. I at least find it interesting.

I don't know. I just don't know at all. I'm very frustrating, mostly with myself.

As usual.

None of this is new or insightful. I felt like maybe I could be insightful about some of these recurring issues, but I guess not...

In other news, that Apple over there keeps making the MOST OBNOXIOUS NOISES.

Only ten more minutes. Then I'll go home. I was thinking about taking a look at the astro assignment, but he hasn't posted it yet. That's how purposeless I am. I guess I'll play more video games. It's getting depressing, though, because video games are starting to become what I do when I don't know what to do with myself, instead of something fun I do because I like to. At least at school. At the boy's I generally stare at the wall if I don't know what to do.

Man, I wasn't supposed to blog myself into a bad mood. This can't even really count as a blog. This thing has always been a repository of random and useless...documentation. Documentation of the uber-mundane. I can look back and see what kind of mood I was in last year on this day.

How much do you want to bet it wasn't very good?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Readers may have noticed...

that I don't have much to say anymore. We'll work on that. In the meantime, we'll play video games and save our astronomy reading for tomorrow. And I guess we'll also freeze to death from the cold evil air conditioning. Can't we just leave it off? Seriously, even if it's a little warm during the day, that is fine with me.

Halloween is coming up, which means we need to think about costume options. I'm not terribly creative in this dept. I feel like pretty much anything I could come up with would be pretty unfinished and amateur. I'm not so adept at gathering materials. Maybe I should just go as a 1Up intern :D That would be easy... XD I remember in 8th grade I went as a starving artist. Just wore regular clothes and carried a paintbrush. Or mabye I couldn't find the paintbrush...I can't recall.

Tomorrow is Monday. This morning when I woke up I felt like maybe the week wouldn't be that long. After all, last week was fairly tolerable, so why should this one be any worse? There's always that touch of sadness knowing that we're coming up on five more days, though. The workload doesn't look to be tremendous, or anything. I should be able to play a lot, read a lot, generally enjoy myself. I think it's the train ride that does it, make things sink in. Another week. They go by, though. Hell, October is over a week from Tuesday. Also, a month from Monday is Thanksgiving (the actual day, meaning the break will be well underway.) Interestingly enough, Thanksgiving is also the 1 year of the day I first chatted with Scotty. Anyhow, the semester will be a piece of cake to finish out. At least at the moment I'm convinced of that. Just have to take it one week at a time. Day by day is too slow. The weekends you take day by day to stretch them, but the weeks you take all at once. Makes the calendars feel more compact, even.

I'm off to listen to podcasts and goof around with Megaman ZX. The boy got a copy for FREE because it was lying around and his co-worker didn't need it. Word to that! Uberword.

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^_^

Thursday, October 19, 2006

More of the daily razzamatazz

Yeah, we'll just bypass all that "I hate food," stuff. It's such a downer.

Today I ran some errands with my roommate in her car. I think cars run on patience. Multiple stop errand trips can really wear a person down.

But that's just more complaining! I'm sure something good happened today!

Oh, yes...I...didn't have so much work that I couldn't manage to get it all done...huzzah...

So thrilling.

Ok this was a dumb idea, but I'll post it as record of the fact that it was had. I don't lie.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today I have good grades

A- on my politics paper (which I was sure would've been like a B-) and A- on my astro exam (whereas the average of the class was a D+.)

Also had a pretty tasty (if not so healthy) casserole with ground beef, cheese, and rice for lunch. Some kid's mom's recipe. They've started taking "taste of home" requests. Anyhow, it was basically a well-seasoned cheeseburger over rice, but still good. I had it with broccoli and cranberry juice, which made it seem healthier :D

All I have to do this afternoon is read a few pages on relativity and go to work. Well, and study Japanese with 3 and 3, but how hard is that? I'm thinking about taking my computer to work so I can play games.

I may or may not have another stab at that old samurai movie. Marc and I tried to watch it last night. Dragged ourselves through about a half hour. Just not my style. I know it's for CLASS, and I should just buck up a bit, but it's MY class that I designed, so maybe I can just cancel that...

I have another one I can watch anyways.

Ozu is good.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Apparently I'm a moderate liberal. I'm also:

You are a

Social Liberal
(66% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(28% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Last time I took that one I came out as a "Strong Democrat" I wonder what has changed. o_O God, I hope I'm not turning Republican.

This place thinks I'm a lefty libertarian, too.

It's all so bogus. I'm sure I contradicted myself a thousand times ;p I like it when people come at me with good arguments and make sense. Then I feel like I'm maybe learning something. I'll accrete a political conciousness, you just watch.

channeling some...something

I watched I Was Born But... last night. My textbook mentioned it as one of the films Yasujirou Ozu did with Kushima Akira and Ikeda Tadao under the single name of James Maki. It's a gendaigeki of the '30s featuring " disunity and emergent contractual social relations" and an "urban wasteland of suburban development sites." Especially mentioned in the book is the scene where the older son confronts his father on why he's not a "somebody." They also take a look at the graphic matches during the drill marching vs. yawning at work.

I thought this movie was great. I love the way the two brothers are always doing everything in sync. I wonder if they had to practice a lot or if it came easily to them. It's cute how the younger one copies the older one, and how he actually listens to what his brother says. For instance, when the father offers (what I assume is) a sweet and the boys are angry at him the younger one moves to grab it but the older one tells him not to. I can't remember them ever fighting amongst themselves, only with the other boys and (strikingly) their dad.

It seemed to me that on the whole the two brothers are good, clever, bright kids. Sure, they get into mischief and skip school and whatnot, but they always seem to be thinking and are very observant of the way things work. This is why the criticism leveled against their father is so severe. They can see what is going on and notice the hypocrisy. This is also why they are able to eventually control the gang of boys. They have a very keen eye for motivation and outcome.

I was also somewhat impressed with the portrayal of the parents as well. Yeah, the dad did end up smacking the older boy, but it's obvious that he's not thrilled about it, just horribly frustrated. I can't imagine what it must be like to be called out on something like that by your, what? ten year old? He knows he's not satisfied with his life, but he's doing the best he can. Then his own son comes along and demands answers for it all. The mom initially just sat there, you know, father knows best and all, but afterwards she confronts him on it too and they discuss their parenting style o_O I wasn't expecting that.

Sometimes silent movies can get bogged down and boring, but this one was fairly painless :D

bad vibes

You know, I think school really has ruined me. It generally ruins anything, as anyone who has been assigned homework knows. It's really amazing how you can take ANY topic and just by virtue of it being forced on you render it painful. In fact, even if you're the one forcing yourself, it still becomes meaningless and horrible.

I'm rather down at the moment if you couldn't tell.

It's just my nature, I guess, to pick everything to bits until it's all guilt and anguish.


Let me just confess right now that I probably won't be reading chapter 13 of my astro book anytime soon. MAYBE I'll skim it later, but you know what I'm lazy and unmotivated. Cuz it's not on the test. Cuz I suck. I dunno. Whatever you want.

THIS is how my brain works! How sad and strange.

I think I need to quit kidding myself that everything is inherently fun and interesting. I'd LIKE to be the kind of person who is fascinated by everything, but I guess I'm just not. God, I'm depressed.

I shouldn't post this but then I shouldn't have written it because it's exactly the kind of shit that I need to not do, but as long as it's here I might as well.

disappointing lunchtime

Bleh bleh bleh. FOOD! I swear! My arch-nemesis. There weren't SWEET POTATOES. They were pureed into this Not Very Good concoction of pork, peas, and...yeah...mash-up nasty. Also featuring: On The Dry Side brown rice and some mediocre broccoli. The best part was, of course, the part now consuming me with guilt: fudgiest brown you'll ever eat in your life.


This blog is not a valuable blog, but at least you'll all (all three of you, and that's probably an exaggeration) know what I had for lunch and whether it is ruining my life or not.

Oh, the monday life...

Here at school we've a nearly 4 hour film to watch and an astronomy test to cram for, also sweet potatoes (if the lunch menu is to be believed.) Lots of reading (recreational and non) to do, and laundry. Yes, clothes are one of those vitals, at least if you want to leave your dorm cave. Oh, excuse me, "residence hall."

I put up some new pix of the paper waste and worn clothes strewn about my floor, also the monster in his domain. He happily guards my bed by day and suffocates under my arm by night.

Probably will have lunch soon, although I meant to get some DDR in before hand. All these things I mean to do. I should go to the store this afternoon for some things, read some textbooks, do some practice quizzes, play some Starcraft...maybe. The beta test is proceeding...still. I don't feel quite as useful as I could be, but I'm not sure what I should do different.

I need to stop looking at craigslist and just go eat lunch and do homework...*sigh*

Saturday, October 14, 2006

lazy day

Ended up getting out of my Saturday class so I could come to Frisco Friday night. Train was a pain. So was BART. There was a cute baby, though. I made her smile.

Got some J-films to watch finally. Other than that all I really have to do this weekend is study for my astro test.

There is laundry being done. Maybe I will play some video games. The boy is sleeping since he is having a relapse of his cold.

Friday, October 13, 2006

"I-I-I like you crazy..."

I'm gonna take a moment and be ridiculous and wonder what I would do if my wonderful boy couldn't handle all my depressive introspection. Supposedly everyone thinks too much, but I'm gonna be a bastard and consider myself the leader in that category. And most of it is so embarrassing, too. I don't even talk about it. I just mope and say I think too much.

This evening I did not, in fact, tutor, but rather recreated an open-faced turkey, gravy on toasted sourdough sandwich that I ate with the boy at a cool little Chinese diner two weekends ago in the dining hall. Yes, damn you dining hall. Not enough turkey OR gravy.

Also: whiskey cake + hot caramel sauce > guilt for having two desserts in one day

(that's greater than i.e. worth it i.e. OMISWEET YUM YUMS Jammin' wow [yeah...if Moss doesn't say it, then I will.])

I feel a bit better now, after talking with the boy for a bit. Although I was being quite the punky mope for a while. Also, about that not guilty thing up there. I actually meant it. It wasn't like I tried to not be guilty and then failed eventually. It really was worth it and not guiltful. Sorta reminded me of x-mas pudding, well, the texture anyways. Tasty cake with rich sauce. Yum yum Yummmmm.


Tomorrow is Friday and then there is some boring interlude things before a SATURDAY when I get a BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Federal Mate State Crowd Beta Plans

So, I guess I've been kinda slackin' on the mundane blogging. Contrary to appearances, there actually HAVE been things going on.

Gave that presentation. I may have mentioned that. Today, however, we got our grade back. Despite the fact that he said I need major voice work, AND I made a factual slip-up, I got the best grade in our group (A-/A). Overall we came out with a B+/A-, so that was good, I guess.

Yesterday I got my Mates of State t-shirt (which I ordered in M which is too big : / maybe it will shrink) and their new(ish) CD, Bring It Back. I listened to it yesterday for the first time. It seems like whenever I listen to something for the first time I am kinda lukewarm. I'm listening again right now, though, and it definitely rocks. Yesterday I felt like it didn't have as much energy as Team Boo, but I'm feeling it now. The sound seems to get more complex with each release, I dunno if anyone else notices that, or if I'm making it up. Just sounds like there's more going on, more sounds, more tweaking. Anyhow, it's really good. Number 6 especially has a crazy good beat... *hum hum hum*

Been playing some good video games, but even more than that I've been watching this AWESOME British TV show called The IT Crowd. Seriously, it's probably one of the best shows I've ever seen. I don't usually go for TV so much, but this is so hilarious. I esp like Moss. Pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth cracks me up. One thing I learned is that the brilliant quote that I took as "Jammin' wow!" was actually (and anti-climactically) "Chairman wow!" *_* I don't understand that at all. My version is better! Wa ha ha!

Last, but not least, I've been accepted to the Enso beta test. It's pretty sweet. I jumped up and down the other night, though, so I've chilled out a bit since then. I like the applications. Can't decide if it's something I would buy or not, although it is really neat. I think if my computer was faster it would be better...


This afternoon I'm apparently tutoring and writing a paper and reading some bullshit about computers.............taking a shower, listening to musics...

Maybe seeing a movie later (or not...) I don't really want to go, but I feel like I should. I mean, it's Coming Out Week yadda yadda...


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In which Emily time-travels

Today I will play old (relatively) video games, and eat chicken tenders, fries, and soda. This is like elementary school :D Sam & Max! Starcraft! Dr. Pepper! Man, all I need now is soccer practice and the feeling that there could never be enough homework...

Those were the days. Actually, it would be more accurate to be playing Day of the Tentacle or Indiana Jones instead of Sam & Max, and I never played Starcraft back then, but still. The time is right. The food is perfectly on cue. I mean, it's not quite McDonald's, but close enough.

Yuck lol

The trick now is to not feel guilty. I think I can do it! I mean, this is a nostalgia trip. I haven't had chicken tenders with fries and soda in... ... I can't even remember how long.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

That was the break

So now it's the hard slog to Thanksgiving. I had a nice weekend. The boy is sick, so it was quiet and at home, but I like the apt and I love the boy, so it was good. We played Magic this afternoon until it was time to go. He bought me a sandwich to eat on the train. It was ok, but unfortunately whoever those guys on at the grocery store were have no idea how to take orders. A little mustard turned into great slathers of mayo; no onions, just lettuce and tomato turned into a pound of onions and pickles to boot. They were also out of sourdough, which was a bummer.

I mad a budget for travel expenses assuming I go to San Francisco every weekend and for Halloween. That already is an over estimate because I'm hoping Scott will make it back here at least once. And then I took the maximum ticket price of 11 dollars, when usually it seems to be nine. That came out to 360. Then if I assume I will have to take cabs to and from the station to school that makes it 700. So somewhere between 360 and 700. That's also the range that my plane ticket home for X-mas will be, but I'm only paying for half. In fact, my dad mentioned he would try to get one with his frequent fliers which means I may not pay anything. That would rock.

I was listening to that Phoenix CD that I had wanted to the other day. I forgot how nostalgic it is. For some reason it makes me sorta sniffly, and then I was on my way back to school, too. Then I listened to Mates of State, which tends to have a similar effect. I'm really tempted to bust out Athlete's Tourist next time I go, but that is just guaranteed to find me sobbing on the train, which is too bad, because it's a great CD. Just, all of the songs are about missing someone or taking advantage of the time you have with someone etc : /

This coming Saturday I have one of those stupid tutor training sessions, so it messes up the weekend slightly. I'm kinda hoping the boy will be able to come out here. We'd have much more time together than we would if I arrived Saturday afternoon. We could hide out in my room and he could write some stuff while I was in that class. Just depends how the week goes, I guess.

As for the rest of the week, I have no idea. I'm a little nervous about my Federalism presentation, but I'll just do my best and try not to think about it. Then, I only did the computer paper over the weekend, so I need to get the GT politics paper out of the way, probably on Thursday, but maybe Wednesday, or even tomorrow.

I've decided to start going to the dining hall for breakfast more often. I think I will get some bread so I can pb (banana or jelly) sandwiches at home for lunch or dinner depending on which other meal sounds good.

Oh, and I'm supposed to see the iatrist on Tuesday, but I think I will call and tell them that I cancel and am not taking my pills anymore. No more pills!

I dunno why I'm so anxious lately. There's always this little background current of mild agitation about something or other.

Anyways, I'ma go do other stuff besides mope on here. I need to mope less.

Friday, October 06, 2006

ho hum di dum dum dummmmmm

Randy and I had not sushi for lunch instead of sushi. In fact, I had oyakodon. It was pretty good, but I ate too much.

Then we bummed around at his house for a while before I came home to do laundry and finish watching Fallen Angels.

The movie was better than I was expecting. I mean, I knew it would be good, but for some reason I was putting it off for so long. Lately I don't have the patience to sit and watch a DVD by myself. I think maybe I like better flomping on a couch than sitting at a computer. At least, it's a possibility.

I had more grapenuts. Today I had grapenuts, an apple turnover, coffee, oyakodon, and grapenuts. Maybe I will go out and get a banana for later. The boy said he is not feeling well and wouldn't like anything to eat.

Hopefully he will be home soon. I dunno what we'll do. Maybe he'll feel better in the morning. We could play video games, eat Indian food for dinner, and see that movie. Maybe get cocktails.

Gotta sleep in, though.

Blerf. Maybe I should've eaten something other than more cereal.

So, a list of dvds I'd like to eventually obtain:

Fallen Angels
the rest of Gundam Wing
the last disk of Niea_7
the last disk of Jubei-chan
Barefoot in the Park
the fourth season of Home Movies

Hmm. Well, that's a start anyhow. I could shop, but I need to keep money around for train tickets. More important than dvds.

I was thinking about working some more on FFVII, but it seems like a lot of work to plug in the PS2, find the game, remember what I'm supposed to be doing...

I shot some aliens for a couple minutes. Just now Marc called. He wanted to maybe hang out cuz he's depressed about stupid stupid Stockton. I am, too, but thankfully I'm not there right now.

I need to call Jisuk tomorrow and see if I can meet her to get my movies back...

Today was sort of stressful, but I feel ok now mostly. Just wish the boy didn't feel a yuck. Got my computer paper done, though. The bank and I made a mistake on my deposit this afternoon so they put extra money in my account. I need to call them tomorrow to make sure they catch it. My friend said if they are a good bank they will let me keep the money, but I highly doubt that.

My stomach doesn't feel perfect, but I think I worry about it too much. If I would just let it be maybe it would fix itself.

In order to break my 20 so I could get change for laundry, I bought a newspaper. Unfortunately, I didn't check the date before I purchased it. October 3rd. What good does that do me? @_@ I've been reading the NY Times all week...

gamez and donuts

The weekend life is a good one.

Of course, I am not mad at the world anymore, because it is the weekend. And, while there are any number of things the weekend could mean, for me, it generally means boy and gamez and probably a donut. Pancakes tomorrow. Something like that.

We have good habits.

I think we're going to go see The Science of Sleep, too. At least, I really want to.

We should.

Right now it's Friday. I'm having sushi with Randy and then writing a paper and screwing around until Scotty gets home from work.

Yadda yadda. *drinks coffee*

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm in an uber foul mood right now. Just mad at the universe. I'ma go try to take it out on that Cave Story boss I've been working on in a second, but I thought I would make a short post detailing my computer exam experience.

Took about ten or fifteen minutes. Was lame. Easy. I didn't look at my notes. There were a couple questions that were either vague or we didn't cover. Whatever.

God, I'm mad. This is stupid.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Studying (ha)

So, ok, I know I said I wasn't going to ever need six pages of notes tomorrow on that test, and I don't, but I also said I could probably condense my notes into six pages if I WANTED to, right? WRONG. In fact, they already ARE six pages. Yes, my notes for the entire semester so far are on six pages. Why rewrite anything when it's all right there? SHEESH. This test is going to be so easy either way. I'm excited. I'll let you know if I totally underestimated it, but I'm feeling very confident (read: cocky bastard.)

I'm at work and totally bored. I'm gonna do some Japanese in a minute here, but I just felt like I needed a bit of break. Actually, what a riot. I don't need a break. All I've been doing all afternoon after lab is screwing around, reading comics, watching anime, pretending to study Japanese with Three.

I just felt the need to relay that startling discovery. Stupid six pages of notes. IT MAKES ME LAUGH.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Overly prolific

I know I am today, but it's not because I'm depressed! It's because I have time and I have things to relate.

Cheerios seriously save my life, I think. For some reason dinner did not have as great an effect as I would've hoped. For some reason my stomach seems very easy to disgruntle of late. I wanted to have ice cream when I got home, but I was too hungry to even think about ice cream. I kinda still want some, though. I think I will anyways.

Nerrrrg. I hope our Federalism project is coming together as well as we pretend it is. I always feel like we're being optimistic to each other, but are all secretly scared to death that we'll fail. I think that's just part of being the first group to present. I'm sure we'll do fine. I just need to find some notecards...

Yeah, definitely having some ice cream and playing Cave Story...

I just set up a fake PC

What is this thing? "Winterm V class Thin Clients, Model VX0"


All it can do right now pretty much is Internet. I guess that's ok with me. Of course it's Internet Explorer Internet... Tried to get Firefox, but it ran to nowhere, apparently. I dunno why it didn't work.

This monitor is ginormous. The iMac monitor is bigger, though. I have NO idea why we need two computers at work. Absolutely none. I guess because we're so overstaffed that they don't want us to get bored? LOL

Anyways, I feel sort of useful, or something. Guess it's time now to do some more homework. I'm only half-done with work! O_o

I don't live here

Promise. I just have some time. No sweat.

I have this sinking feeling that my roommates think Scott and I didn't do our dishes this past weekend. I found them all in the sink. It may just be that they...used them all, but somehow I doubt it. I'm not really sure what to say. Yeah, they were clean. They had some nasty looking water spots (I'm talking scrape-offable white nasty), but that's because this apt's water is disgusting, not because we didn't wash the dishes. I really don't want them to think we just left the dishes, but on the other hand I don't want to make them feel stupid for making more work for themselves (because I certainly won't be washing them... They're in there with all the dirty stuff now...)

I'm eating leftovers for dinner. I WILL wash these dishes...


They're ok leftovers, I guess. No better than I expected, but ok. Food in general just seems to not be my friend lately. Except ice cream. That I enjoy.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we've been assigned another computer paper. I think that is really low considering he hasn't managed to give us back our first ones yet V_V I wonder if mine sucked as much as I think it did.

I need to 1up tonight after work. Got some gamez to discuss.

Another thing

I've decided to go off my meds (again) because I'm...stupid? I just started UP again. Why quit? I dunno. I'm just sick of the whole thing. I think that's why I quit last time. I'm kinda worried that this will just turn into a vicious cycle of me getting off them and becoming miserable and feeling like I need it but not wanting to need it so getting off of them. Hopefully not. It's pretty obvious that my latest spontaneous recovery from the depths of hellish evil mood plague had absolutely nothing to do with the Wellbutrin, sooooo screw it, I say. I was fine for the rest of the summer when I wasn't on my stuff. Of course, when I said that my iatrist said, "but yeah then you got miserable, what, about a month later? That's when it tends to hit..." which made me feel sorta...stupid. I dunno. I'm not going to buy any of it anymore. I'll just be fine or not fine on my own terms. I don't need stupid side-effects. If I have side-effects I just get upset about THEM and then I'm not happy anyways! Pointless! Not sure how I'll ramp down. I probably SHOULD, though. Today I took my last half-dose pill, so I guess maybe from now on I'll do a pill every other day for a week or something...blah.

Oh, and some (other?) good news: all my credits have come through; my overload, and my retros. So all is well. I will graduate early as long as I pass all these classes, which looks to be not so hard.

I even did my outline.

Ah, yeah.

Hmm. My computer is acting funny. Maybe it's because I downloaded the Japanese version of Cave Story and actually got it to show up in Japanese instead of squiggles. Ever since I reset the computer my clock and uh...whatever all those bars and things on the bottom right were are gone...

Also even though I closed the game the window is still there...

And this window...isn't.

It's sorta silly because I want to finish it in English first, anyways.

Oh yeah, and instead of doing my homework I've been putzing with that, reading the Internet, and commenting on LJs.


There was fish and things for lunch. I ate some but did not enjoy it much. For dinner I will have the leftovers Saturday's breakfast. They should still be good, right? It's only Monday...I will nuke them. And put an egg on top. Damn, I should've stolen a piece of bread to toast with it... Nerg.

Computer test on Wed. Should be easy as hell.

Of course, now that I said that I'll probably fail. Yet I have this feeling that that's impossible because our prof is giving us SIX PAGES of notes. What the hell? What happened to the good ol' three by five? Six 8x11 PAGES. That's 3 on both sides. You know why it's six? He had envisioned three and someone ASKED if he meant both sides of the page... What are you going to PUT on six pages of notes? I could probably fit my entire collection of notes on six pages if I wrote small enough. How does this show we know ANYTHING?

I'm sorta happy because I actually DO (know something.) Not a lot, mind you, but I can answer his questions if everyone else is sitting there doing nothing.

I had breakfast in the dining hall today. The standard one. Filled me up quite a bit. I think my stomach got used to having cereal for breakfast again. Which is fine. The only thing is that I like the grapefruit and they only have that at ACTUALLY breakfast time. Anyhow, the only reason I brought that up was because I got to read The New York Times again. That's been my dining hall visiting perk lately.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Two Unrelated Music Memes

The Second:

Our story begins with (insert appropriate pronoun later): Full Forever (Goo Goo Dolls) living in: Rapture rapes the Muses (Of Montreal) who spends time: Take Time (Books) and longs for: Coisa Mais Linda (Joao Gilberto)In his troubled past, he: Blue Side (Rooney) and since then he has: La Goulante de Pauvre Jean (Edith Piaf)leaving him conflicted over: A PunchUp at a Wedding (Radiohead)On this fateful day, our hero: Hymne L'Amour (Edith Piaf)which causes this conflict or risks this loss: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Jack Johnson)He resolves to: O Barquinho (Joao Gilberto) and fail to: The Will Well II - From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness (Coheed & Cambria)intensifying their conflict by: Full Stop (Massey)Pressures build until: La Vie, L'Amour (Edith Piaf)At this crucial point, he chooses: Tear Drop City (The Monkees) And the story resolves.

Didn't turn out very well... The funny part is how many of these songs I've never listened to. Or maybe that's sad... "leaving him conflicted over" was actually good haha

The First:

Part A (She said the end of a song, so I put the END of the SONG...)

1. "oh-oh ah in your pants" I'm not joking either. How could I make that up? (Kanojo no Mono...the artist's name doesn't come up cuz it must be in kana/kanji...)
2. "Bravo in your pants" Errr...I think that's what he said. Either that or maybe pravda? The whole rest of the song was "ooch yeh ooch ach" o_O God I listen to some weird stuff... (Explanation Mark by Books)
3. "tabun sou darou in your pants" - translation: "maybe that's right" or "maybe it's like that" (another kanjified one...)
4. "This is what you are; This is what you get in your pants." (Future Dreams - off of Best of Techno v2)
5. "Johnny, get outta your pants." (Bubble Pop Electric - Gwen Stefani) I guess maybe you could take that as he wasn't wearing them at the time...or...*shrug*

Part B (The right way)

1. Broadcast - Pendulum in your pants
2. Alexander Paley - Klaviersonate b-moll (1905) - I. Andantino in your pants. [That sounds complicated.]
3. Coheed and Cambria - Crossing the frame in your pants
4. Carlos - Silmarilla in your pants [I hope that's not catching...]
5. Air - Sexy Boy in your pants [Thank you, thank you.]


See, I think when I did it wrong it turned out pretty well, too. Either way has got its gems.

Whoa, kids.

Pee Wee's Playhouse on Adult Swim!

Yeah, it started in July...but when do I watch tv? ;p I think Scott may have mentioned it...earlier. Or someone did. I didn't really put two and two together that it would be online. SOOOOOOO great that I can watch Adult Swim without leaving the Internet hahaha :D

It reminds me of New York

That's what Jackie said when I told her that I had just watched Scott's cab drive away in the rain. I replied, "Yeah, and the 20s." Maybe not the 20s. Maybe the 30s or 40s. She was the only person I know that we ran into these weekend. Didn't see the roomies or even Nila, who we were supposed to meet for coffee. Sort of bizarre. Felt really empty. Maybe it ususally is. I'm not around here too often anymore on the weekends...

Yeah. It is really sad and dramalicious to watch a cab drive away in the rain. Even MORE sad and dramalicious is that after I walked a certain way I figured I would be able to see the intersection (or driveway...whatever) where they would turn to go down Pacific. And I could. And there they were still driving away in the rain.

This reminds of me of that one horrible time last year when we got soaked on the way to the Greyhound station. Totally soaked. Lots worse than this time. Just buckets. Sopping. Anyhow, we said a painful good-bye (when is it not?) and I slouched in there with my backpack and stuff, put on some drier pants in the bathroom, and got sad. The bus got there and it was dark and raining and I was miserable. I think I cried a lot. Partly cuz I was sad, partly the drama of it all, and partly cuz I was on a Greyhound., Stupid bus. The trains are a lot more conducive to non-misery. Much easier to endure in a misty-eyed mood.

Anyways, I think we had a pretty good weekend. Played lots of games, wandered around campus a bit, had some food... Sounds enthralling, doesn't it? It was, though. It was like the weekend was enchanted somehow. I was on campus, but I barely noticed. I didn't have roommates, and instead I had my favorite favorite boy. We got to cuddle on a real couch, and we even watched some late night television. When do EITHER of us do that?? Then this afternoon and linner (at like 3:30) it started to sprinkle and then to rain and then we were waiting huddled under Burns Tower for that inevitable cab to arrive. Train should leave in about seven minutes *sigh*

I'm gonna drink some more orange juice and play Cave Story...