Friday, October 06, 2006

ho hum di dum dum dummmmmm

Randy and I had not sushi for lunch instead of sushi. In fact, I had oyakodon. It was pretty good, but I ate too much.

Then we bummed around at his house for a while before I came home to do laundry and finish watching Fallen Angels.

The movie was better than I was expecting. I mean, I knew it would be good, but for some reason I was putting it off for so long. Lately I don't have the patience to sit and watch a DVD by myself. I think maybe I like better flomping on a couch than sitting at a computer. At least, it's a possibility.

I had more grapenuts. Today I had grapenuts, an apple turnover, coffee, oyakodon, and grapenuts. Maybe I will go out and get a banana for later. The boy said he is not feeling well and wouldn't like anything to eat.

Hopefully he will be home soon. I dunno what we'll do. Maybe he'll feel better in the morning. We could play video games, eat Indian food for dinner, and see that movie. Maybe get cocktails.

Gotta sleep in, though.

Blerf. Maybe I should've eaten something other than more cereal.

So, a list of dvds I'd like to eventually obtain:

Fallen Angels
the rest of Gundam Wing
the last disk of Niea_7
the last disk of Jubei-chan
Barefoot in the Park
the fourth season of Home Movies

Hmm. Well, that's a start anyhow. I could shop, but I need to keep money around for train tickets. More important than dvds.

I was thinking about working some more on FFVII, but it seems like a lot of work to plug in the PS2, find the game, remember what I'm supposed to be doing...

I shot some aliens for a couple minutes. Just now Marc called. He wanted to maybe hang out cuz he's depressed about stupid stupid Stockton. I am, too, but thankfully I'm not there right now.

I need to call Jisuk tomorrow and see if I can meet her to get my movies back...

Today was sort of stressful, but I feel ok now mostly. Just wish the boy didn't feel a yuck. Got my computer paper done, though. The bank and I made a mistake on my deposit this afternoon so they put extra money in my account. I need to call them tomorrow to make sure they catch it. My friend said if they are a good bank they will let me keep the money, but I highly doubt that.

My stomach doesn't feel perfect, but I think I worry about it too much. If I would just let it be maybe it would fix itself.

In order to break my 20 so I could get change for laundry, I bought a newspaper. Unfortunately, I didn't check the date before I purchased it. October 3rd. What good does that do me? @_@ I've been reading the NY Times all week...

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