Sunday, October 01, 2006

It reminds me of New York

That's what Jackie said when I told her that I had just watched Scott's cab drive away in the rain. I replied, "Yeah, and the 20s." Maybe not the 20s. Maybe the 30s or 40s. She was the only person I know that we ran into these weekend. Didn't see the roomies or even Nila, who we were supposed to meet for coffee. Sort of bizarre. Felt really empty. Maybe it ususally is. I'm not around here too often anymore on the weekends...

Yeah. It is really sad and dramalicious to watch a cab drive away in the rain. Even MORE sad and dramalicious is that after I walked a certain way I figured I would be able to see the intersection (or driveway...whatever) where they would turn to go down Pacific. And I could. And there they were still driving away in the rain.

This reminds of me of that one horrible time last year when we got soaked on the way to the Greyhound station. Totally soaked. Lots worse than this time. Just buckets. Sopping. Anyhow, we said a painful good-bye (when is it not?) and I slouched in there with my backpack and stuff, put on some drier pants in the bathroom, and got sad. The bus got there and it was dark and raining and I was miserable. I think I cried a lot. Partly cuz I was sad, partly the drama of it all, and partly cuz I was on a Greyhound., Stupid bus. The trains are a lot more conducive to non-misery. Much easier to endure in a misty-eyed mood.

Anyways, I think we had a pretty good weekend. Played lots of games, wandered around campus a bit, had some food... Sounds enthralling, doesn't it? It was, though. It was like the weekend was enchanted somehow. I was on campus, but I barely noticed. I didn't have roommates, and instead I had my favorite favorite boy. We got to cuddle on a real couch, and we even watched some late night television. When do EITHER of us do that?? Then this afternoon and linner (at like 3:30) it started to sprinkle and then to rain and then we were waiting huddled under Burns Tower for that inevitable cab to arrive. Train should leave in about seven minutes *sigh*

I'm gonna drink some more orange juice and play Cave Story...

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