Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I love for it to be San Francisco

It's Tuesday and I'm not in Stockton. I miss days like this. Last night I took the train (yes, that's twice in two days) over to SF again because I felt like I deserved it and it's Halloween and I WANTED TO. Was kind of crazy, however, since I couldn't find a ride. I ended up at the station 3 hours ahead of time, finally, though, which was very hectic. I had to run after class and grab some stuff, zoom out to my friend's car (well, really my acquaintances friend's car @_@ although they are both acquaintances...), and then...well, it was a long afternoon. I played a lot of Contact, so it wasn't too bad.

Then when I got to San Francisco I found out that I was suddenly going out to dinner with Scotty and some people from work and some PR people and HOLY COW I was wearing the scrubbiest clothes I own. Instead of going all the way home (apt home, not yucky school home) and being really late, we went to Old Navy and were only SLIGHTLY late. I got a cute outfit and then we had expensive food and Mai Tais at this place around the corner from the office. I had a couple nibbles of appetizer and yellowtail. Scott got some very steaky steak and the most exciting mashed potatoes ever. We split the most ridiculous chocolate dessert ever (MOLTEN HOT CORE!!!) It was fun to be out with him finally. We don't do that so often.

Tonight I'm not sure what we're doing. We had sausage egg cheese muffin's for breakfast and then he had to go to work. Later we will either go out or stay in. Either way is good :D We have goofy movies to watch and many games. Plus, I said I would cook. I think we're going to make Shepherd's pie.

It's soooooooo nice to not be at school right now. Pretty soon I will never have to go back there! Never will I enjoy doing laundry and stuff so much as today :D

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