Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She stopped walking

and I knew right away that for some reason the little wrinkly old lady was glaring at me, even though she seemed a bit absent. I continued down the sidewalk feigning obliviousness, but not very well. As I passed her she addressed me, "What size shoes are you wearing?"

Not what I was expecting! "Uh, maybe a seven?"

"Well then stay outta mine! They're only a six!" She scowled.


Let's all listen to the soundtrack to Sword of the New World (Granado Espada) while we wait for e-mails to arrive!


I had a dream last night of something sort of like a PvP zone, only the main weapon appeared to be...lassos with tripped-flames so that when you noosed someone and jerked the rope their heads burst into flames. Yeah, I spent most of time running away from some idiot who was in no adept with a lasso. It was vaguely terrifying. There was a good part, but I can't remember it anymore.


As long as we're here, I might as well confess buying the current issue of GQ expressly to oogle Robert Downey Jr. on the cover. I actually really liked the article, though, and will read it again. And probably again. I need to learn to write pieces like that so that when my Japanese is amazing I can spend quality time with Japanese devs and describe their lives so intimately with such seeming effortlessness.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Too much introspection, not enough action

So it's back to work!

Just for the record, though, the Eurovision party was great. There were just enough people that the room was full, but not so many that we had to sit on each other's laps. Unfortunately I forgot about the required plug-in so we didn't watch it streaming on TV via the PS3, but just on Oleya's laptop. It still worked. The stream only cut out once and that was only briefly, so we saw the majority of the show. How Russia won, I will never know. We thought for a minute Turkey might pull through, and I was a little surprised that Finland didn't seem to have a chance. *Shrug shrugh shrug*

Oleya's (cheesy spinachy pine nutty white saucy) lasagna was brilliant and she also had this super classic salad that I ate probably a third of.

Before the Eurovision event there were some work related shenanigans far into the night resulting in not much sleep. Lots of Rock Band, which does, in fact, beat out Boom Blox at a party. I was thinking about blogging about that, but there's not really much else to say about it besides that. Brevity is always so prized, so maybe I'll just leave it at that: when you have Boom Blox and Rock Band at a party, Rock Band wins. There's not much to explain there!

Age of Conan is coming along nicely, I guess. Crowley on Derketo. No more Noob Island. W00t!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well fuck

Belgium has somehow managed to not make it to the finals. I sorta want to cry about that. If anyone's computer will, you know, play videos or something, then by all means please go check and see if they somehow botched their performance.

Of the ten I originally said we should look at, seven made it:

Serbia (pretty ballad)
Latvia (pirates)
Spain (creepy dancer)
UK (funky soul)
France (Jesus)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (creepy lovey zombies)
Finland (metal)

Note that of those, four (Serbia--being last year's winner, France, the UK, and Spain) are automatically finalists.

So anyhow, I guess I need to try to figure out what the hell is wrong with my computer. But, I'm still looking forward to Saturday even though Belgium is gone.

The potluck is well underway although I still don't know what to bring. Maybe drinks or fruit or something. Oleya is making lasagna and she has baklava. I mean, that is already a ton of food. So yeah, probably grapes and tea or something. How should I know? I'm bad at potluck.


What is wrong with this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Europe fails.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ayn Rand on My Life

"It is the subtler manifestations of the anti-conceptual mentality that are more tragic and harder to deal with. ...the products of modern education who do not like the nature of what they feel, but have never learned to think."

-from "The Missing Link" in Philosophy: Who Needs It

Italics mine. Isn't this what I've been saying all along? This book is validating. Maybe some would argue that's a bad thing. So far, though, I'm sort of admiring the way she is ripping everyone else to tiny stringy tatters of bullshit. I know lots of what she says isn't really very well...accepted. Err in any case, I'm going to go on and find out more about that. Point being, all the stuff she has said so far makes an incredible amount of sense, more than I knew she made. I haven't really read her since my freshman year of high school and if I don't know how to think now I certainly hadn't the faintest idea back then. POINT being, I'm curious to see if there gets to be a time when I can feel myself starting to disagree with what she's saying. Certainly she puts things very strongly, but that's one thing I've never been able to do, so maybe it's time to take cues. It's tricky business.

Anyways, let's have some haters. Convince me we're both wrong.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally some tennis

After having my mom lug out my rackets etc from Wisconsin last AUGUST, I finally finally FINALLY played some tennis yesterday. The balls were a little flat, but Koji's friend Martin, Oleya, and I had fun anyhow. I wish I could afford lessons, but hopefully just by playing more I'll improve.

Other than that it's been mostly work and some high anticipation of moving to my new place. I can't wait to live in the Mission, within walking distance of all sorts of awesome places. I liked Glen Park a lot more than I thought I would, but having Dolores Park, a tennis court two blocks away, my favorite taqueria, the pie exciting! Plus I'll be near my friends.........and I won't have to deal with living in someone else's house anymore. Or at least, even though I'm living in someone else's house it'll be more as an equal and less as a mouse in a the back of the apt.

Gearing up for Eurovision on Saturday. Should be tons 'o fun. At least, I'm hoping. We'll have to see who makes it out of the two (!!) semi-finals. I wonder if Ireland will...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ZOMG I have a house!

OFFICIALLY I am moving in with Josh of EA and Cupid fame this June. Also, I should be asleep right now, but...

I AM MOVING!!! W00t.

And not to a place that I can put up with, but a place I will actually like. So excited.

I really gotta sleep, though. I hope everything is really going as my way as I think it is.

ZOMG my computer is online

This feels great!! Brought to you by Louis and Aislinn.

I can't really post now, though. And I know my study blog is all old and sadfaced. It's because work is getting verrrry busy and exciting! So I haven't got the time right now : / Lots of things to do. But uhmmmm I'm really looking forward to spending some more time with my new study aids etc.

And thinking about Japanese things.

Oleya and I have been watching Jubei-chan. I guess I will finally be compelled to buy the last disk (not that it wasn't compelling, I think I was just broke). We'll have to see it! Two weeks!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

I had the saddest excuse for a brat tonight...

Yeah, I'll just wait until I go back home sometime. Pleh! I think maybe following the herd to Burger King would've been BETTER, if you can imagine. We saw Speed Racer! It was me and some IGN catz. A pretty fun time, overall. I guess in the case of a voucher the theater picks up the differece? My coupon was for $7.50, and admission was $10.50, but I didn't pay a dime, even though I offered the girl at the register three dollars. Sweet!

Now I'm freezing my ass off back here at home. Was pretty wired after the movie, so I decided to run with it and have some soda and pb crackers. Gonna watch some anime... Just dabbled in an episode of Lucky Star today and I may have to continue. It's some goooooood shit, and also really good listening practice, if the first episode is any indication. They speak about normal things, so I can understand a lot.

BRRR!!! I'm looking at a studio in the Mission this weekend. I really hope that if it is good I can move in. Available as of the 15th. That is perfect! Other news include some new jobbage writing manuals for EA (*_*) annnnnd applying to the best of my ability to the 1Up previews intern spot (which what I applied for in the first place...)

The first first place.

Been sort of nostalgic lately.

All the more reason to drown myself in anime until I get either too sleepy or too damned cold ;D

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Epic scramble defeated

I had a chill evening with myself. First I watched Adam's Rib--an odd choice, I know, all Battle of the Sexes. I'm going to refrain from thinking about it too much because it was supposed to be me relaxing and not thinking. I just grabbed it since I was in the mood for something old. I have some other movies I got from the library, too. Free = yes.

Then I played some GTAIV.

Finally, I studied some Japanese.

I guess then I got really cold and sleepy, so now I'm on the computer.

I really...REALLY need to move. Sounds like I am totally assigned Age of Conan, which means I NEED Internet--like a banshee. And not just Internet on the landlord's slow and soon to be split THREE ways computer, but on my awesome languishing PC in the other room. Or I just need to leave immediately. I e-mailed some people with an in-law studio in the neighborhood, sounds really great, but I haven't heard back. Crossing my fingers...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh blah

Well, my interview was teh fail.

It took place yesterday and I didn't even get a follow-up interview. WHICH is fine. I just need to make more money doing what I'm doing, I guess.

Visiting with Koji's dad was cool, I guess. Sometimes they got in fights at 6:30 am and woke me up, but sometimes he took us out for food, so I guess the trade off was worth it.

Although, I've been eating out too much lately.

So today is going to be my last hurrah for a while (like two days, probably, hurr) in terms of eating out. Ian and his gf are coming up from Santa Cruz for an afternoon of gaming entertainment. We were going to have tasty pizza for lunch, but I guess it will have to be for dinner..........


I got half of my Japanese study stuff in the mail, which is cool. The books. They will be discussed in the study blog.

Other than that...Speed Racer comes out next weekend, and since I have a voucher for $7.50, I'm totally going. Probably by myself, which sounds nice. I really like going ot movies alone and I haven't done it in... ... ... ...QUITE a while.