Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Epic scramble defeated

I had a chill evening with myself. First I watched Adam's Rib--an odd choice, I know, all Battle of the Sexes. I'm going to refrain from thinking about it too much because it was supposed to be me relaxing and not thinking. I just grabbed it since I was in the mood for something old. I have some other movies I got from the library, too. Free = yes.

Then I played some GTAIV.

Finally, I studied some Japanese.

I guess then I got really cold and sleepy, so now I'm on the computer.

I really...REALLY need to move. Sounds like I am totally assigned Age of Conan, which means I NEED Internet--like a banshee. And not just Internet on the landlord's slow and soon to be split THREE ways computer, but on my awesome languishing PC in the other room. Or I just need to leave immediately. I e-mailed some people with an in-law studio in the neighborhood, sounds really great, but I haven't heard back. Crossing my fingers...

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