Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well fuck

Belgium has somehow managed to not make it to the finals. I sorta want to cry about that. If anyone's computer will, you know, play videos or something, then by all means please go check and see if they somehow botched their performance.

Of the ten I originally said we should look at, seven made it:

Serbia (pretty ballad)
Latvia (pirates)
Spain (creepy dancer)
UK (funky soul)
France (Jesus)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (creepy lovey zombies)
Finland (metal)

Note that of those, four (Serbia--being last year's winner, France, the UK, and Spain) are automatically finalists.

So anyhow, I guess I need to try to figure out what the hell is wrong with my computer. But, I'm still looking forward to Saturday even though Belgium is gone.

The potluck is well underway although I still don't know what to bring. Maybe drinks or fruit or something. Oleya is making lasagna and she has baklava. I mean, that is already a ton of food. So yeah, probably grapes and tea or something. How should I know? I'm bad at potluck.


What is wrong with this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Europe fails.

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Anonymous said...

ouch smuckering finalz.

you don't speak snoop doggy dog?