Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waiting at home

Earlier I was waiting for a package and then it arrived. Now I'm waiting for an email, but it has not. I snuck out briefly to acquire pie. Usually if you


I found this saved draft. Vaguely amusing. Must have meant to continue it later that day.

I think it's starting to rain

Someone I know posted a video of their infant child having a dream about breast-feeding, air-suckling so cutely. I think everyone can relate to that.

Today I cooked a version of breakfast scramble using a type of tofu that is way softer than even soft tofu. I don't think it's really mean to be scrambled at all, but I was unconcerned by the wateriness. Later I had a 'roll' (I guess? You don't really say "a bread" in English...) with figs and nuts and cream cheese in it. Sort of wish I could have one of those every morning. Felt healthy, somehow, even tho the cheese was rich and there some of those big show-off crystals of sugar on top. Uhhh.

Watched the first five minutes of a movie I watched basically "on repeat" when I was a kid, except that terminology did not exist yet that I know of. Didn't feel particularly inspired to watch the rest. Alone. On YouTube.

Lately I feel like giving up love and children and having a real household (or whatever) in the name (Actually it's a more specific name than that.) I feel like I might be able to do it. Maybe there really is no deeper passion than what I feel right now.

Earlier I ate some extremely salty rice crackers. This was 2 hours ago actually, but my body is still reacting to the salt. It would be ideal to eat a dinner with a miniscule amount of salt, but that seems unlikely given I'm not going to cook one.

Pretty sure I decided I was going to try to finish the novel I'm reading tonight, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing typing mundane things into Blogger. I just wanted to see if I could manage to line up words on a page, I guess.

I thought about an idea for a short story, but I'm not sure what the point of writing it would be. That must mean it's not a great story idea? Haha, if it were better, I'm sure I would feel compelled. Surely. Then again I felt strangely compelled to write all this nonsense and it amounts to nothing more than...

May 16th, 2013.