Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Hello. Going out tonight?"

I couldn't tell if he was actually hitting on me or just making fun of how frumpy I looked. Really though, I had every right to look frumpy. It was Friday night of a rather ass-kicking (meaning it kicked my ass, although there was nothing wrong with it) week. Scary, considering it only really started on Wednesday. Those three days, though, were pretty much full to the brim with work and as much play as I could smash in.

I guess the biggest news item is that I'm going to be at wcities until something better comes along. That could be taken as a given, really, except I was hoping something had perhaps come along already, which it hasn't. Wednesday morning with them was no sweat. A five hour Thursday shift was cake, compared to five hours at Nijiya, which of course, sometimes turns into six because (as the argument recently goes) "It's still light out." Yes, so let's continue to let people in until 8:30 after close because the sun hasn't gone completely below the horizon. Not like anyone notices I'm only scheduled 'till 8. Not like anyone notices how often it is PAINFUL for me to stand there. I was thinking about it. It's not really the cashiering that bothers me. I like that. It's just people and incidents and being kept past my schedule, etc.

For example (and this has already been vented on a billion times irl, but for those who haven't heard it yet...) there was this older lady the other day who came in and I checked her out, packed up her groceries the way I normally would. Well, normally for Nijiya. You may remember that post that I'm not going to bother linking to (sorry) I put up when I first started about all the various wrapping practices that go on there. It's pretty lame. Anyhow, I tried to do an ok job and she bit my head off, "ZEN ZEN DAME No experience! You're so bad!" She then proceeded to unpack all her stuff at the end of my lane for like 20 minutes, wouldn't let me help, kept repeating how bad I was, how I can't wrap anything, and making sure every customer who came through during that time knew it too. "This girl is so bad. She can't wrap anything!" Flaming hell!

At wcities if you make a mistake that gets noticed an editor will come and somewhat sternly request that you change it, but at least there are no crabby old ladies. The job isn't quite as engaging as the fast paced cashiering, but for some reason it also goes by a lot faster. Maybe just cuz I'm used to sitting at a computer? Thursday all I did for five hours was work on a spreadsheet google doc. There was this ginormous list of fnac venues that a bunch of us French speakers were asked to check the database for. If it was there, we listed the entry number and display title. If it wasn't, we put "create" and tried to find a website for it. That's what I did for five hours. Got a couple breaks to hit the bathroom and have lunch. Was pretty ok.

Of course, I can think of things that would be better.

Like writing about video games all day. Speaking of which, I think I'm probably supposed to be doing that now before we launch into the Doctor Who/Cleaning marathon.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lots of cousins and cake

and some other stuff. Barely got to see my Dad at all the whole time I was here, but definitely lots of cousins. Played some cool games that I'll talk about later, I guess...

Mostly I just wanted to worry about my teeth since they are apparently all rotting and breaking. Or something. I had three cavities at the dentist this morning which would seem a little overkill considering I do actually brush AND even floss at times. I don't think most people floss everyday. Do they? I never used to, but now that I do I have cavities. Go figure.

I'm not saying you shouldn't floss. Obviously I just have to floss EVEN MORE.

Anyhow, I was numb and drooly and didn't get to have lunch with my friend. My other friend came over for dinner, which was cool...

This whole weekend has been a bit of a food fest. Lots of grill-outs, cookies, cakes, pies, bagels, chips, zomg. I decided to just take advantage of all the celebratory whatever and eat the food. This strategy always works ok until you're done eating.

Oh well.

To not dwell on that we will continue on with the sad teeth story. So yeah, in addition to the 3 cavities that just got fixed today, I have 4 or 5 other spots that are in danger of becoming cavities unless I stop screwing around with my teeth. I really thought I was doing an ok job, so this is rather disappointing.

I'm hoping the fillings are ok. The one in the back seems fine, but I'm worried one of the ones closer to the front is hitting my bottom teeth weird. But then, my teeth may have always done that. It's hard to tell and I don't want to waste their time looking at it if it's fine. I think maybe I'm just still sore from all the everything. They polished and water-jetted and drilled and I think maybe I need more recovery time.

Of course, I leave tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

Anyways, what else. Well, there's a boat at the lake sometimes now. I didn't ride in it because when I got there they were already out, but when they went out a second time it was right after dinner and I was too full as well as supervising some cousins on the Wii. Ah well.

That was at my graduation party. We had it at my g-ma's house on the lake. Very nice. One of my Aunts made this spectacular strawberry pie which didn't exactly show up my mom's Stoughton Cake-- I mean, it's impossible to do that-- but since it was a new experience I was very excited about it. In fact, we have some leftovers which I will partake of tomorrow morning alongside ham and eggs. It'll be glorious. Can't wait.

Then I'm getting on an airplane, ready to outsmart Kansas City by buying TWO water bottles in mke before I go and not stepping off the plane for one second. Stupid Kansas city. I left the waiting area and saw the guard. Didn't realize the guard wouldn't let me back in! There's nowhere to buy drinks or anything once you're through security, so you have to go outside, but then you can't bring anything back through security!!! It's a nightmare. Luckily I was in the mood for some orange juice or I would've been one thirsty kid. Everyone knows airplane water sucks.

teeth teeth teeth

I had a dream last night that I was at a game press event party thing with some of the guys from 1up. It followed the theme of everyone being horribly ill. In particular, Jeremy was trying to not feel throw-uppy. I don't remember anything else happening except a lot of people dancing while I stood around, which is weird, cuz that never happens. Also a tall guy. Maybe he was a videogame character? There was something surreal going on, that's for sure.

Xav just left a while ago. I guess it was almost an hour ago now...


It was good to see him. We played games and watched youtube. Just as we should, I guess. Also ate steak which my mom grilled expertly, but which sort of hurt my tender teeth.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wherein MTV does something good for the girl here


Robin Thicke, formerly just "Thicke," has released a new CD as of this past February. Of course, I would have no idea. I pay no attention whatsoever to these things. But then there he was on MTV Live and you wouldn't even recognize him with that short hair, yadda. Yikes yikes yikes. Gonna go get that CD like...tomorrow, I hope. Can't wait o_o Guess it's one time that secondhand MTV has done me some good. W00t.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I work there as of yesterday. Yeah, imagine my shock upon receiving a phone call two minutes after sending my resume. They wanted an interview that very afternoon (this was Tuesday) but that was no-go since I had game stuff to do.

Tangent: Actually, soon after that I barely had anything to do because Alice had typo'd my demo time in the e-mail she sent out, so she had to cover it.

Anyways, I went down there Wednesday morning before going to the grocery store. Took the 27, which is really not much more convenient than walking by the time you rack up 20 minutes waiting on the corner and walking a substantial number of big SOMA blocks anyways. Might as well get the exercise and take a more direct route. Unless it's raining, that is, or freezing. I may look into an alternative bus route for foul weather conditions. At the moment, though, I wasn't sure I would even take the job... is a travel guide website. What I do is write (under close and efficient supervision) things such as this. That one actually is mine, not like you can tell. For an hour of said activity I make ten freelancer dollars. Anyhow, I thought at first that churning out these throw away snippets would ruin my writing, that the computer lab-like office environment was a little freaky, that I would perhaps rather continue at Nijiya despite its shortcomings. In the end, though, the tantalizing proximity to both 1Up and GamePro, as well as the fantabulously flexible scheduling won over.

The End...err, beginning

My first day went pretty smoothly. Everyone seemed friendly enough and not too annoyed when I asked questions or requested that something be printed since the computer I was on was oddly not hooked up fto the printer. First order of business was distinguishing me from the other Emily, which we did the old-fashioned childhood soccer team way-- by calling me Mikey instead.

I was pretty nervous and I'm always worried I will make a mistake entering the data. Writing the blurbs take a bit of thought, but the data feels harder because it's so important. If you say they take VISA and they don't, or you typo the phone number, some poor traveler will be out of luck, or rather, they will goto a different website more informed than ours and find what they want. The company would slowly decay in this manner and...well, yeah, the point is I would be doing a bad job and that's bad, but it's also sometimes difficult to nail down the stats.

The editor-in-chief is a pretty kooky fellow. The remembered me as the freelance writer who for some God forsaken reason left Milwaukee for Stockton. Fair enough.

"You speak Japanese, right?"
"Well, not fluently, but I'm still studying."
He flags down the assistant editor and tells him to have some chick come over. "You speak fluent Japanese, right?"
"Noooo," she says, embarrassed, "I only studied..." trails off mumble mumble....
"Well, this girl here speaks perfect fluent Japanese down the letter," he announces, pointing at me, "In fact, she translated the first edition of Hirohito's War Diaries and got lots of great press." I begin my disagreements as the girl reacts,
"Wow, that's amazing! I'm so jealous!"
"No, totally not true."
"Oh, don't be afraid to take a compliment. She really did it."


I think this is his strange way of getting us all acquainted, whether that means spreading crazy rumors or immediately making connections and citing our common interests or both, I'm not exactly sure, but it does seem that way. Later on when I mentioned that my Dad lives in NY he made a phone call to some fellow who wandered in (of course, from NY) and became involved in the search for where exactly the Gardens at Turtle Point are. (You would think "at Turtle Point," but it's a little more complicated than that.)

Seems like the guy thinks I'm ok, though. Seems satisfied with my writing and was also very impressed when I pointed out that "ok" and so-so" are the essentially the same thing. It's good when your boss thinks you're smart.

Only bummer of the day was that I thought I would have time to finish the MCJP and Walt Disney Studios Park (East Paris,) but 5:00 hit faster than was convenient so I had to quit and send it unfinished to someone else for later. The great thing is that I can just do that---there's no take home work whatsoever. That combined with the fact that I can take off to do demos or whatever else I need is pretty awesome.

Next week will be a short one. Don't even get back to town until Tuesday (I'm in WI, ne, in fact I wrote this by hand on the plane out of extreme boredom after my DS died five minutes in.) Won't make it with enough time to make going into the office worth it, but Wednesday morning I'll be in for three hours before doing some residual cashiering (yeah, I gave my two weeks) and then Thursday is my first full seven hour shift. Shouldn't be any problem, though. Lunch at 1:30, break at 4, it's a front-heavy schedule, which is the way to go.

Friday, I actually took off because I get to go to a big cool demo before grocery storing.

Once the grocery store is done with it will be easy to fit in 20-30 hours a week, but I'm worried that I won't have tome to do stuff I need to do otherwise. Hopefully not getting home at 9 pm will balance out with the extra working hours. That and I shouldn't be quite as bushed afterwards since it's a desk job. Then again, commuting on foot for an hour and a half most days may take its own toll. WHO CAN SAY?

I really wish my DS wouldn't have died. Totally meant to find a plug while I waited to board the airport but check-in with Midwest took about three years since they only had two people at the counter. By the time I got through security and grabbed lunch, it was already my turn to board.

Guess I may just have a nap before we get to Kansas City. Wish we didn't have to stop.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Flickr exhausted

Well terrific. I've just been informed that I'm not allowed to have over 200 viewable pictures in my flickr account. The old ones will scroll under the rug until I start paying them. DANDY.

I guess I'll have to start stashing them at facebook or something. Any other ideas?

Not exactly sure what my deal was yesterday

My weekend was pretty rocking, actually. I guess I just let a couple stupid things bug me enough that I got upset for a while. That's lame. Also not sure why I was so down on LOTR yesterday morning. I realize it's not the measure of my entire worth whether I can read these books or not, so I shouldn't have to if I don't want to, but I wasn't having that much trouble before then. I think other things just compounded to give me one of those THE-WORLD-IS-CRAP-tinted glasses.

Gonna blog about double xp in CoH in my other blog, so I'm not sure what else to say here. Oh, the boy cooked a tasty food. We had eggplant parmesan with steamed green beans and crusty bread. Although the bread crumbs in our cupboards boast they are suitable for breading, they are, in fact, totally useless, so we ended up just using flour. Still turned out ok. Very very tasty. And there's enough to do another round!

Did also manage to get every single laundry done. A semi-major accomplishment. We picked up quite a bit.

So yeah, overall, nothing is half as bad as I make it out to be, but please don't not take me to the hospital if I think my arm is broken. That would be lame.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Weekend for Feeling Lousy

Well...I shouldn't really dwell on stuff that makes me feel crummy, but it just seems like the overriding theme of the weekend is feeling bad about something, whether it be having my (apparently awful) Beautiful Katamari preview completely rewritten (ten times better) or giving up again on LOTR.

In the case of the preview, not only do I feel bad for turning in something that wasn't fit to run (evidently), but I feel like what they eventually did some up with was something that I wouldn't have been able to come up with. Plus, just as icing, you'll notice it's top of the site at the moment. Feels really crummy to have everyone reading an article with your name on it that you next to nothing to do with. AND I know that if I would've done a better job (or something) I could've been proud of myself instead, and satisfied with all the hits (even though it's just because it's a highly anticipated game...)

In the case of LOTR I just feel rather stupid and lame. Or lazy. Already know all that if you read the link, but if you didn't catch the vibe, in sum: I just feel inferior.

I'm also stuck again in the latest game I'm reviewing, which is discouraging. All that's really left for me to do at this point is clean more. Got some laundry and dishes done yesterday but meh.

Made some blueberry not-scones this morning and they turned out ok. Or as well as the not-scone recipe ever does.


Yeah, this was a pretty pointless and depressing blog, but that's just sort of the way of things right now. I think the thing bugging me the most aside from the more immediate cleaning is my complete relack of confidence (or "recent even more lessening" might be better, since when did I feel confident?) in my writing. I mean, I'm going to be writing a lot and I'd rather not suck if I can help it....

Anyways, yay, look at me taking everything in my life and finding what's wrong with it. Luckily there have also been some good things, like double xp in CoH + happy task-forcing with Boy and the Jerks. Also putzed a bit with the Wii (that I did get, if I didn't mention that here yet) last night.

I guess maybe I'll go throw in some laundry and do some more of that, even though I should really try to get through the part I'm stuck on in that other game...



before whatever...

: /

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, thank you

But I have a little bit of creeping horror about this weekend. This weekend is what I will get for being so slack not only last weekend, but all week. The place is OVERRUN with just...crap...everywhere. However, it is also double xp in City of Heroes. I can tell this is going to take a delicate balancing act, but I'm willing to try! I'd also like to get outside at least a tad bit, even if it's just walking to...somewhere. The boy seems to have contracted some sort of flu-y thing, though, so it will probably be mostly games and cleaning. Which, you know, is ok. I should really start on some of it this morning before I go to cashier, but how likely is that to happen when I have a ROM of Drawn to Life to review? Ok ok, I'm going! Sheesh!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Results and challenges

I finally got the boy his b-day presents. I also got some other stuff that I needed. No more shopping. No more shopping unless I suddenly land a job with a real salary. I dunno how I'm ever going to have enough money for Japan, or, you know...groceries. I mean, right now I'm fine, but these student loans are going to add up to almost precisely what I make a month. Granted I've added new freelance stuff, but it's not PAY THE BILLS kind of stuff.

That and I'm kind of a workaholic now. I think the boy is upset. If I'm not physically at work at Nijiya, I'm at my computer, chatting with editors, e-mailing contacts, writing, or playing. Playing sometimes gets recreational, but more often than not lately it has something to do with something.

That brings me to that horrible Wii dilemma again. Found some great bundles on craigslist, and it might even get mostly bought as a graduation present. It'll be good to expand my reviewing capabilities, but I doubt I will have it by tomorrow, which is the problem currently at hand. I NEED A WII TO PLAY. I'm never doing this again, that's for sure. I'll have to just stick to the systems I actually have. Yeah, pretty much-- common sense has failed me. Really, my friend would've been able to let me borrow hers if the timing weren't so messed up. The way things are now, I don't even want to bug her anymore. My only choice may be to go back to my editor in ruin...

I should be asleep. Or at least writing up stuff. I think I'll take "asleep," though, at this point. Been a long day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An exercise in indulgence


No, but really. I got home from my job interview this morning (went ok...blah, mlah) and was ready for an early lunch since I had been up since like six. Had leftover turkey club sandwich from last night. Was going to go healthy for dessert, but the peaches had gone nasty. White ones tend to really quick for some reason. Anyhow, that just meant some of that groovy awesome cake. Layers upon layers, was my lunch.

Then I've been cruising the Otaku USA forums, and people keep mentioning I now know why. WITNESS, as I lose all semblance of frugality (but when am I frugal?) to shell out (shell out...come now it's a mere) 30 dollars and change for the ENTIRE SECOND HALF of Gundam Wing. When I STARTED collecting this show (the first disc was the first anime DVD I ever fact it may have been the first DVD I ever bought, period) each single volume was that much!! Now I'm getting five for that price. It's ridiculous. I'm so excited :D

In addition to spending minor amounts of money on major amounts of anime, I've also been considering just up and buying a Wii if I can find one. This is a basic business expense, the way I see it. I mean, I should quit relying on my friends to lend me their next-gen toys so I can get my job done. Technically, I probably shouldn't have taken this particular job in the first place, but where there's a will, there's a way? I dunno. I just got my first check from IDG (huzzah!), so I feel like that's a reason to celebrate.



Monday, June 11, 2007

There was a weekend in there, somewhere, too

Saturday was an indoors game playing, forum refreshing kind of day. The boy got into some old DOS games. I was not so keen on cleaning or anything, but I did do a bunch of dishes, and so did the boy (after we got all the dishes dirty again making gyuudon.)

Sunday, my friend my Santa Cruz drove up for the afternoon. We met at a Thai place on polk for some tasty foods and then had a wander up to North Beach/the wharf. Checked out the Barnes & Noble where they had IN STOCK a bunch of Otaku USA issues. We geeked out about comics and I drank some really good cinniminuminuniuminin tea. Then we huffed it back up the hill (and down) to the apt where we took in some of that cake I made and the pilot episode of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr..

I knew Ian was pretty into this show so it was good to finally get a taste. The feature length pilot is pretty much set-up material, I guess, but of course you still get an excellent feel for the goofy tone they're undertaking. I've never really watched any Westerns before, but this seems totally accessible. I sort of wonder if there are nods I will miss later on, but from what I've seen so far it's completely enjoyable on its own merits. Of course, what I've seen so far is liable to be all I see unless I find someone on hand to borrow the DVDs from.

Speaking of watching DVDs (and reading manga?) I'm feeling sort of driven lately. I want to get into it (again.) There are a lot of things I want to do...

Particularly, I'd like to get this blog over with and play a game or something. I'm more likely to continue my aimless net wandering and finish this tea, though. Time management. Damn.

There is no reason for being away right now...

I got up a little after seven after being up until almost two. What the hell is the point in that? Obviously I enjoy having time to screw around in the morning, but I'm TIRED. The whole reason I got to bed so late was that I was tired, but not tired enough, and now I'm having the same problem. Too awake to lie there, but still sleepy...

Been researching digital voice recorders finally. Ever since my Austin experience I've been wishing I would've had one. Then again, it's probably really rude to have a recorder going during dinner anyhow, and that was where all the good stuff was getting said...

*shops around...*

Yeah, getting a digital recorder would be a whole new can of worms.

*shrug shrug*

Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh yeah-- my new job

I guess this is as good a time as any. Remember how I said it would be really cool to write for Otaku USA? Well, now I do! Funny story!

Actually it's really SHORT. All I did was comment really lamely on the myspace page and, of course, the nature of comments is such that it's still there if anyone is curious exactly what was said. Patrick, the editor-in-chief, mailed me back right away saying that he'd love to have me write for them.

*_* O_O X_X :D ^_^ @_@ !_!

You can imagine how I felt at that moment.

Anyways, I was going to say anything until issue two actually came out, but that's a long ways away and I might as well let everyone know early so they know to camp the bookstores when it hits in August. The submission date is sometime next week and I should have at least a couple things in. I'll be doing primarily game section stuff, (reviews, etc) but most exciting is that I'm in cahoots with the section editor planning cool stuff. We'll see how it goes.


This morning I got up and made the cake I didn't have time to make yesterday. German Chocolate for the boy's birthday. Pretty no sweat. I used semi-sweet chocolate instead of sweet, just because we had more than two bags of chips in the cupboard. Also ran out of regular white sugar and had to switch to brown for the last half a cup, which was also required for the frosting, although we had dark rather than light. Despite these couple of compromises, it turned out deliciously. And huge. Anyone in the neighborhood can maybe stop by for some cake if you let me know first.

Work was pretty standard today, although I did start talking with a fellow I've seen around a couple times before, but never chatted with before. Apparently he's been cashiering for a couple different Nijiya branches on and off for four years. Recently joined up at the J-town spot. Seems nice. Also, one of the managers is quitting to move to LA. Sort of a bummer, because he was always very glad when the store closed up for the night. Obviously not so keen on the job, kind of like me. Oh well.

Oh! I have this thing I keep thinking about blogging and never do. I think I will now:

Sometimes there are barcodes that can't be immediately read by the scanner because they lie under a fold in the packaging. Like the tabby overlapping part of a plastic wrapper that you pull while holding the other side to open it. Anyways, rather than punch in the number, which you may or may not be able to read anyways, it's faster to bend the flap back so the full code is exposed. Except it feels sort of...dirty. I mean, you do it, but it feels wrong to be taking action with a package that isn't your own and making motions that would normally lead to it opening and the food coming out, going into your mouth etc. Every time I spread that plastic I feel a little twinge of guilt...

Anyhow, after work came back and had some cereal with banana in it. We've been watching Monty Python stuff and tried some of that awesome cake. I even put candles in! 11, for 2 and 9. Made a smiley face.

Boy, though, it's been a long week. So bushed!


Went out to the Asian Art Museum last night to catch the first of the year's MATCHA! parties. Was hoping I could drag the entire live-action club with me, but instead most of them stuck to the regular schedule and watched Game Center CX and Kurosagi. Actually, I've been meaning to blog about that for quite a while, and just haven't yet. This week was our...fourth week? Third? Something like that, and I still haven't mentioned it. Shame!

Thankfully, our organizer burned me a copy of the night's episodes, so I won't fall behind. Hopefully bringing my promised snack foods next week will make everyone feel better.

Anyhow, the museum! I bummed around by myself for a while, listening to DJ Tonk, which was good stuff. Poked my head into the Manga lounge they have set up. Lots of, well, manga, but also toys and other books in there. Fun place. Also caught bits of the how-to manga workshops while wandering in between the halls.

The Tezuka exhibit itself I saved until Jenn showed up and we meandered through enjoying the prints and pre-printing sheets. Since were a bit late for the tour by Fred Schodt, author of a new book on Astro Boy, we ended up sort of following in the wake of that huge group, occasionally eaves-dropping on whatever he was saying. It was probably more relaxing to go at our own pace, anyhow.

Until we rushed at the end so we could make it to the "100 manga magazines in 20 Minutes" presentation by Jason Thompson (manga editor of Otaku USA). From what I could hear of it, he did a decent job, but unfortunately the mic and acoustics were pretty fuzzy. Lots of cool covers on PowerPoint display, though, and he brought a big stack of crazy thick volumes for the audiences perusal post-talk.

After the festivities, Jenn and I got lost on our way to Ryoko's, despite it being in our neighborhood (I don't walk down Taylor so often.) Great sushi. I ordered a roll of hamachi and Jenn decided I had to experience the Volcano, tempura jalapeño and shrimp, cucumber (if I remember correctly)...uhm...were there tobiko? But MOST IMPORTANTLY peanut butter. It's a crazy crazy roll, but one that is delicious as long as you don't get a bite with tooooo much spice. We also got a tiger roll with tempura shrimp, cucumber, and mayo, which yeah, was a lot of tempura shrimp, but it was ok because I had sorta been jonesin' for some anyhow. Topped everything off with a spot of Nigori and a cup of the best green tea I've ever had.

All in all a rockin' evening. Would've been better with the boy, but we will have plenty of opportunity to do birthday celebrating and other fun things this glorious weekend, at least before Sunday when Ian comes. Although maybe I can get him to hang with me and Ian for dinner or something *shrug shrug*

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I totally just pulled a muscle in my back carrying groceries back to the apt. Milk is a full run in itself. I should just learn that. Don't try to carry both gallons plus all the other stuff. This is a good tip.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Links update

Yeah, I took out a lot of stuff. I also added some. We'll pretend I actually pay very close attention to all of them.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Coming soon

- my new job
- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- a kanken DS game (via my 1up blog)

Until any of these things actually show up, though, I'm way too busy to actually write them. Lots to do! I kinda wanted to do it tonight, but I'm realizing that even the simplest one I want to do more with, so they will be projects.


What we already knew

Well I just got back from meeting with Shin. So much stress! I feel bad, because he's really cool, but I get so nervous I barely say anything. It's HARD to speak Japanese.

Mostly I have problems with the ends of sentences, which coincidentally, IS THE ENTIRE SENTENCE. If you fade off at the end of a Japanese sentence, you are losing quite a bit of the point. I need to figure out a way to drill the ends of my sentences into familiarity. Whether something is supposed to happen, did happen, will happen, I heard to have happened, I think may have happened, somebody told me happened etc. And then don't even start talking to me about particles. Shin said I should work on that. That "da" on it's own pretty much never sounds natural. I can totally understand that. It's not so much that I think it sounds natural as that I have problems with ending sentences.

Oh well, at least I can admit it. Something to focus on, I guess.

~てき adjectives

I've always been meaning to start a list of these.

効果的 effective, successful
具体的 concrete, tangible, definite
一般的 popular, typical, general
基本的 fundamental, standard, basic

All な, by the way.

These pop up all over. The "teki" is...I guess sort of like "ish" in that it's an ending that makes things an adjective. I guess this is all I can come up with off the top of my head, but maybe we'll make this an ongoing series. They seriously spring up all over.

Monday, June 04, 2007



It means THREE PIECE SUIT. How cool is that? そろい is the general term for "suit" or "uniform." I wonder which wearing verb you use for it.

Anyhow, obviously trying to make this crazy study thing fun. Been reviewing the genki books and working on the intermediate stuff like I planned. Not entirely sure what I'm doing, but hopefully it'll work out ok. Gonna go through the kanji book and go through the vocab and stuff in the textbook and see if keeping it separate like that will work. Although it's always easier to learn kanji for words you actually know rather than try to learn MORE new words with new kanji. It's a problem I've probably mentioned before. I'm not sure how to avoid it because if you tried to learn the kanji for every new word you learned you would be sunk almost instantly. Far too many to move at such a pace, and if you didn't move at such a pace, your vocab would barely grow at all...

Not that we don't forget everything anyways.

And of course just as I really get going it's going to be time to leave. I didn't have time to read. I didn't have time to play Dungeon Runners or anything else or watch a cartoon. I guess I washed the dishes, took out the trash, and did a load of laundry, but that all seems so pointless. It happens ALL THE TIME so it's hardly an accomplishment. I hate hate HATE taking time away from stuff that is either important to me and/or fun to do things I dislike for money. It's also become very frustrating again to apply for jobs I don't want because I feel like maybe soon MAYBE just MAYYYYYYYBE a job will open up that I DO want and then I will be screwed into screwing someone else over. I hate thinking about this stuff and I was trying not to and just have a relaxing morning before wasting my afternoon, but dammit I can't help but be in a crappy mood about SOMEthing, it seems like.


Yay, thanks to the boy suggesting we look in the bag that I had decided was full of wires for the disc, it was found. Now I have Japanese on my new computer. Now I just have to study...

Or screw off and blog more.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Guess what I got?

My copy of the first issue of Otaku USA! It's read and reported on, but if you're too lazy to click through for the full story, it's a good buy.

Funny, I went to Kinokuniya on the way to work the other day to reserve my copy, since it was supposed to be out June 5. When I asked, though, the man at the check-out told me they didn't carry it. Was wandering back towards Nijiya when all of the sudden I hear he's flagging me down with a copy of the magazine, "We do have it!" So I asked if I could have it set aside, which seemed to confuse him. He sold it to me right then and there!!

Anyways, awesome stuff. Looking forward to seeing the cool kaiju movies they mentioned, and DEFINITELY double-psyched for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya at anime club this week, having read their spot and gaining more of an idea of what it's about.

I was even inspired to watch the original Highlander after reading their bit on the new anime version (no shit.) The boy said it's not as good as it was 20 years ago (so I'm a little sad to have tainted his good memories) but it was still pretty good. I can see how any possible sequels would be pretty lame, because I mean..."there can be only one." Seems to apply to the plot as well as the position. Ultimate power, yee-haw.

I like that there's a reason for the sword-fighting in jeans besides just looking cool, but I was pretty mad that that bastard evil guy couldn't wait until "The Gathering" to kill Ramirez. I guess if you think about this movie just enough it makes sense. I liked it. Showing it's age isn't such a bad thing, either.

Anyways, enough disorganized rambling about THAT. The point was the magazine rocks. Read it and tell your friends! Seriously wish I could bust into their games section. I would also be way up for writing up the limited edition of The Taste of Tea when it arrives, but I bet if they were going to cover that they would've done it this issue (August.) Now just gotta wait for the website to launch! If what they say is true it sounds like it will almost be something like a 1Up for J-freaks :D

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Lack of Progress (j/k...but seriously)


12 weeks.


Reading - textbook stuff, webpages, raw and instructional (outloud) videogames
Writing - exercises, get a Japanese penpal, maybe...
Listening - watching anime/live-action stuff, podcasts, instructional CDs
Speaking - with Shin, possibly others

Start every study session with a chapter of genki for review, just perusal

Just need more time management. Not so much aimless wandering. Know what you want to read/study/do and do it.

Textbook for grammar and some vocab.
Online stuff/conversation for ther vocab.
Kanji via vocab/jlpt lists...videogame

order of how you learn kanji does not matter anymore...just use the book you have and go straight through it, 10 a week...




That's about how far I got today in planning. I looked at a chapter of genki and was appalled to realize that I still don't have the most basic counters down solidly. Japanese numbers do suck, but you'd think after all these years...

I am very easily discouraged.

Still very unsure of how to approach everything, but I think I've decided that there is just no way to learn Kanji at the rate of vocabulary so it just doesn't matter how you learn them, just that you do. So I'm going to just use the book. I think I mentioned that above.

And the game that I still haven't learned how to use.

I guess other kanji I will just look up. Or something.

There is no one true method. This saddens me. I am a big fan of true methods. But then there aren't any. Just wishful thinking.


I have to get out of here because if I don't go to the post office today I will seriously hate myself.

EDIT: OH yeah, and I have this huge problem called, "I DON'T HAVE THE FUCKING XP DISCS CUZ IT CAME PRELOADED ON MY MACHINE." Someone PLEASE help me get East Asian Language support. I can't even surf right, much less IME. I don't even have Office, though, so that's probably impossible. I feel absolutely fucked.