Friday, June 08, 2007


This morning I got up and made the cake I didn't have time to make yesterday. German Chocolate for the boy's birthday. Pretty no sweat. I used semi-sweet chocolate instead of sweet, just because we had more than two bags of chips in the cupboard. Also ran out of regular white sugar and had to switch to brown for the last half a cup, which was also required for the frosting, although we had dark rather than light. Despite these couple of compromises, it turned out deliciously. And huge. Anyone in the neighborhood can maybe stop by for some cake if you let me know first.

Work was pretty standard today, although I did start talking with a fellow I've seen around a couple times before, but never chatted with before. Apparently he's been cashiering for a couple different Nijiya branches on and off for four years. Recently joined up at the J-town spot. Seems nice. Also, one of the managers is quitting to move to LA. Sort of a bummer, because he was always very glad when the store closed up for the night. Obviously not so keen on the job, kind of like me. Oh well.

Oh! I have this thing I keep thinking about blogging and never do. I think I will now:

Sometimes there are barcodes that can't be immediately read by the scanner because they lie under a fold in the packaging. Like the tabby overlapping part of a plastic wrapper that you pull while holding the other side to open it. Anyways, rather than punch in the number, which you may or may not be able to read anyways, it's faster to bend the flap back so the full code is exposed. Except it feels sort of...dirty. I mean, you do it, but it feels wrong to be taking action with a package that isn't your own and making motions that would normally lead to it opening and the food coming out, going into your mouth etc. Every time I spread that plastic I feel a little twinge of guilt...

Anyhow, after work came back and had some cereal with banana in it. We've been watching Monty Python stuff and tried some of that awesome cake. I even put candles in! 11, for 2 and 9. Made a smiley face.

Boy, though, it's been a long week. So bushed!

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