Friday, June 08, 2007


Went out to the Asian Art Museum last night to catch the first of the year's MATCHA! parties. Was hoping I could drag the entire live-action club with me, but instead most of them stuck to the regular schedule and watched Game Center CX and Kurosagi. Actually, I've been meaning to blog about that for quite a while, and just haven't yet. This week was our...fourth week? Third? Something like that, and I still haven't mentioned it. Shame!

Thankfully, our organizer burned me a copy of the night's episodes, so I won't fall behind. Hopefully bringing my promised snack foods next week will make everyone feel better.

Anyhow, the museum! I bummed around by myself for a while, listening to DJ Tonk, which was good stuff. Poked my head into the Manga lounge they have set up. Lots of, well, manga, but also toys and other books in there. Fun place. Also caught bits of the how-to manga workshops while wandering in between the halls.

The Tezuka exhibit itself I saved until Jenn showed up and we meandered through enjoying the prints and pre-printing sheets. Since were a bit late for the tour by Fred Schodt, author of a new book on Astro Boy, we ended up sort of following in the wake of that huge group, occasionally eaves-dropping on whatever he was saying. It was probably more relaxing to go at our own pace, anyhow.

Until we rushed at the end so we could make it to the "100 manga magazines in 20 Minutes" presentation by Jason Thompson (manga editor of Otaku USA). From what I could hear of it, he did a decent job, but unfortunately the mic and acoustics were pretty fuzzy. Lots of cool covers on PowerPoint display, though, and he brought a big stack of crazy thick volumes for the audiences perusal post-talk.

After the festivities, Jenn and I got lost on our way to Ryoko's, despite it being in our neighborhood (I don't walk down Taylor so often.) Great sushi. I ordered a roll of hamachi and Jenn decided I had to experience the Volcano, tempura jalapeño and shrimp, cucumber (if I remember correctly)...uhm...were there tobiko? But MOST IMPORTANTLY peanut butter. It's a crazy crazy roll, but one that is delicious as long as you don't get a bite with tooooo much spice. We also got a tiger roll with tempura shrimp, cucumber, and mayo, which yeah, was a lot of tempura shrimp, but it was ok because I had sorta been jonesin' for some anyhow. Topped everything off with a spot of Nigori and a cup of the best green tea I've ever had.

All in all a rockin' evening. Would've been better with the boy, but we will have plenty of opportunity to do birthday celebrating and other fun things this glorious weekend, at least before Sunday when Ian comes. Although maybe I can get him to hang with me and Ian for dinner or something *shrug shrug*

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