Monday, June 18, 2007

Flickr exhausted

Well terrific. I've just been informed that I'm not allowed to have over 200 viewable pictures in my flickr account. The old ones will scroll under the rug until I start paying them. DANDY.

I guess I'll have to start stashing them at facebook or something. Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps...a *second* Flickr account?

Or Photobucket?

...or something?

Facebook works too, but I'm pretty sure they scale your images down.


Sharkey said...

There's always 1up's gallery, though that tends to get really assy jpg artifacting all over everything you stick in there.

Alternately, I have, you know, That's plenty big enough for your pictures if you don't mind learning how to ftp them.

Emily said...

Hmm, these are all good ideas. Now that I think of it, I actually HAVE a second flickr account because I made one earlier and then forgot about it after starting my most recent one... Might use that one up and THEN go to pyokoland :D

Thank youuuuuu.