Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An exercise in indulgence


No, but really. I got home from my job interview this morning (went ok...blah, mlah) and was ready for an early lunch since I had been up since like six. Had leftover turkey club sandwich from last night. Was going to go healthy for dessert, but the peaches had gone nasty. White ones tend to really quick for some reason. Anyhow, that just meant some of that groovy awesome cake. Layers upon layers, was my lunch.

Then I've been cruising the Otaku USA forums, and people keep mentioning deepdiscount.com. I now know why. WITNESS, as I lose all semblance of frugality (but when am I frugal?) to shell out (shell out...come now it's a mere) 30 dollars and change for the ENTIRE SECOND HALF of Gundam Wing. When I STARTED collecting this show (the first disc was the first anime DVD I ever bought...in fact it may have been the first DVD I ever bought, period) each single volume was that much!! Now I'm getting five for that price. It's ridiculous. I'm so excited :D

In addition to spending minor amounts of money on major amounts of anime, I've also been considering just up and buying a Wii if I can find one. This is a basic business expense, the way I see it. I mean, I should quit relying on my friends to lend me their next-gen toys so I can get my job done. Technically, I probably shouldn't have taken this particular job in the first place, but where there's a will, there's a way? I dunno. I just got my first check from IDG (huzzah!), so I feel like that's a reason to celebrate.



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