Sunday, April 27, 2008

Breakfast and other news

Koji's dad arrived today. We ended up putting off breakfast until he got here because Koji was having a spat with a wasp in his bedroom. Like really freaking out about it, so it took extra time to get out the door.

We ate at possibly one of the slowest diners in the world. I guess because it's really the only one out here, but holy cow. So busy and I swear there must've been like one guy in the back making all the food. I had buckwheat pancakes with an egg and bacon. At least the food was delicious when it finally showed up.

The "other news" is that I just submitted my application to teach for Amity...again. This is the same place I applied last year, but if I get an interview this time I will really do it and hopefully be accepted. I guess the part of the first part is right, as usual, and I'm starting to feel better about the idea. And, you know, all that have adventures while you're young bs. I guess there's no better time for it.

No better time than right now! In the meantime, I'm havnig adventures in the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game...for work ;D Luckily I'm in a streak of good games, so despite all the crazy stress that looking for a house caused, I'm doing ok. What's nice is that I don't have to worry about anything, jobs or whatever, until I find out about Japan. Of course, now that I've commited myself to the idea of going to Japan, watch as someone finally offers me a job or I just don't get accepted or something stupid like that, heh. YOU KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN.

Another day

So, Koji's dad is coming over today. Koji told me yes when I asked "Monday" (I had the day wrong--today is the 27th) I am a little less than prepared. I'm glad I cleaned my room yesterday! Right now we are supposed to go out for breakfast, but if he is not here in like five minutes I'm going to just eat pb and j or something. I'm too hungry in the morning to screw around waiting (and he already flaked on me for dinner two nights in a row.)

Ah, here he is. FOOD.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Too emo to blog

Yeah, nothing I write today is going to be anything besides utter bullshit. You'll all just have to wait till my life gets sorted out.

My door broke

So much for The Great Hinge. Now it's more like dangingly by a pube.

Was that vulgar? I dunno, string seems too substantial to describe my situation.

The party of the first part thinks I should go to Japan, which is really a fine idea, I suppose. It's a little awkward reapplying after turning down an interview last year, but maybe it'll work out.

I keep on writing a thousand emolicious things and then deleting them! Awesome! This blog entry is like waves on a beach. It flows down the page and then retreats.

I went out to a rough 'n tumble neighborhood today to see an apt. It was a brand new studio. Very small, but just perfect for my purposes. I need a stronghold and it seems to be that. One room with kitcheny equipment in a corner, a tiny bathroom off one side. It's like a mini-fortress of work efficiency just waiting for me to stack papers and videogame disks all over it. Probably can't afford it, though.

It's probably true that Japan holds more opportunity than even trying to live in that studio would, though.


Oh, am I still writing this blog? I should be working or doing something constructive. Or at least posting this. Instead I seem to be...updating my bookshelf on facebook...

*face plant*

I'm sensing a little bit of burnout, but it's OKAY. Do not be alarmed. Just go to bed.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Launch of the study blog

OH LOOK, my old template.

I missed it. That, and I wanted to use the other one for my new study blog that I am in fact, going to start...

How not to suck at Japanese

I considered very seriously trying to find the site I once started (for like two posts) a blog in Japanese that had cute pancake eating mascots on it, but decided to keep things accessible, which means piling at least most of my blogs in one place, i.e. here at Blogger.

If this turns out to be a bad idea I will just scrap it.

Hopefully it won't be. I still haven't decided where I will post Japan-related things that are not necessarily about studying. I may just throw all Japan related goodness over there and leave this for my other pursuits, but it's getting a little silly.

Why split at all? Ostensibly, it will organize content for my imagined readers. Maybe it will organize it for myself. Hopefully it will also motivate me to study more. If I blog here everyday it doens't have to have anything to do with Japanese and I can just ramble about how I had bacon, cheddar, green onion pancakes for breakfast with Oleya and her boyfriend Glen, BUT if I blog there it has to be J-something at least, so to be a GOOD BLOGGER I would need to be REGULARLY J-somethinging.

Errrr and now it's time to go watch Ghostbuster movies with Andrew and Heather! Although I will probably pop into my other blog first to make sure there is at least one

Friday, April 18, 2008

How inapplicable my title is

I know, I know, I should just start a new study blog.

I've been toying with the idea.

God knows I need another blog to not update. Except I would update! I really would. In fact I'd update everyday after studying. It's probably a terrific way to cap the experience...

the experience of studying.

To further enhance my study experience I have made two purchases, which I fully expect to be far more successful than past similar purchases.

1. The uber version of Kakitori-kun.

2. Japanese Graded Readers Level 1 - Volume 1 (w/CD), which, admit it, you totally knew I would buy.

This comes as a direct result of receiving recently in the mail $270 dollars I had not counted on seeing ever again. Obviously these things did not cost me $270 dollars, so I still make money on the deal.

Thankfully, I also make Japanese study materials that I feel will benefit me GREATLY, in fact, to a ridiculous degree.

Expect full impressions soon after they arrive, which won't be for at least a couple weeks.

Next time I get money I wasn't expecting, I'm buying this.

Until then, someone please invite me to live in an empty room in their San Francisco flat? I'm such a good roomie.

Also, now all we need is one of these:

only with American lit, British lit, Russian lit, translated Japanese lit, many lits as we can fit. Someone get on that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ready, Set, Tax Day

I think this is the worst day of my life that didn't have to do with love and boys. That's still probably not true, but GOOD GOD tax day is hellish. I suppose it's my own fault for not being quite as prepared as I could've been, but can you ever be truly prepared for your very fist tax day?

Yes, I know you can. Leave me alone.

I was going to try to start the defrazzlement by getting a much needed haircut, but the neighborhood place wanted to charge me 45 dollars. That is ricockulous, and thus, I stay shaggy. I looked at the internet for a little while, but something tells me I will end up back with my newly borrowed copy of Cat's Cradle on the couch in the other room for a bit before I start working again. Or rather, start working at all, for today.

Not to say that I haven't accomplished smallish sporadic necessities, but the big job of the day has been deferred due to, yes, unmitigated tax hell. Actually, it appears I like to lie today, because it was mitigated greatly. My dad did most of my taxes. All I had to do was get the pre-pay for the first quarter of this year in and speed off my W-2 from the one employment I had this year. Those two tasks, however, managed to take up the majority of my day, requiring TWO trips downtown instead of one, but again that is my fault.

I think rather than blaming tax day, we had rather blame my ineptitude in dealing with it. And with that, I hope the rest of the week proves far more successful than the past two days. Good evening!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chet Baker (and the shit)

He's dreamy. If there were an old Looney Toon with him as the crooning rooster, all the hens would be on the floor so fast. For some reason I knew before I even read about him that his life would be a mess with drugs etc. Wikipedia does have some very nice things to say, though, description wise. I think they hit the nail on the head with words like, "melancholy" and "intimiate." Whether he's singing, or playing, he's one of my favorites.

Annnnd in other news, the week was very busy and workful, which only means the weekend will be moreso. Embargo'd events are great, but then you realize you haven't REALLY even done the work yet, even though you'd been busy. The work is only just stating.

I'm going to see Thao with The Get Down Stay Down tonight, as planned. It'll be my last hurrah. Funny, I feel as though I've said this before. But this time I mean it because there is literally no other way. I have to move out of this apt asap and to do that I will have to actually pay rent. Which means...I have to just work my ass off and see if it's possible. If it's not, then I guess I might have to take a huge step back and get a job. How stupidly depressing. I don't need my career to crumble and fall to its knees. That's one thing that I felt was going well, but I guess it's not REALLY going well unless you can afford what you need, and a few things you want. I'm not really affording anything right now. I was asked the other day how I can have so many people wanting me to write for them and still be so incredibly broke. The answer to that is probably student loans, but I dunno anymore. Hopefully adding all this new work will make things better, but I still have to physically have time to do enough work.

Also, this is secretly depressing because I know if I were amazing at features I could be getting paid more. If I were selling witty orginal articles instead of reviews...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Is it really that much windier here or is it just all the trees that make so much noise? And the chimney? I think this is shaping up to be a long week. Let's investigate:

Yesterday, a decent day. I actually was even sort of productive. I also ate take-out Chinese food from that stupidly convenient place across from the BART station. In fact, I had the leftovers for lunch today and it's still tasty. Cheesy crab puffs stood in for rangoons, and even though they are so horrible (and these in particular were nothing special at all--like everything that seems to be served at this place) they are sort of nostalgic. They remind me of eating at that buffet in O-town... Plus, cream cheese and crab just tastes good. Stayed up too late punking online after I got home from being out and about, then Koji woke me up with all his bumping around this morning, but whatever.

Today started out slow and has kept on being slow. I'm working on my next review, which I really should just keep doing, as opposed to blogging...

Tomorrow I have some work in the afternoon that will get me out of the house. I'll also have dinner with Andrew, which will be nice since I haven't seen him in a while. I like working with people sometimes, and it'll be fun to tag-team with him.

Thursday will be...a big long day of...something. Work, I imagine. Bunches. Yeah, this whole week will be work. I think that's ok. Maybe something fun'll happen. If I get paid I still want to go see Thao with The Get Down Stay Down on Saturday.

Annnnnd I have to share the computer now. This was terribly unenlightening. To make up for it, a vocabulary word:

ほぼ (hobo) almost, roughly, approximately

Monday, April 07, 2008

More on the rickroll

Ahh, you know the cure for ANY song that is stuck in your head? A good rickroll or two! It's great to know that I will never be upset when this happens to me. I'm sure there are other 'rolls that would annoy my socks into outer space, but this one I can handle (as long as there is still relevant information SOMEWHERE...could you imagine if all actual topical content was replaced with rickroll links?) Anyways, after hanging out with Louis this weekend and singing the song every five minutes, I remembered he had quoted an interview with Rick Astley. I had been meaning to look for one, but it had totally slipped my mind.

Too cool! The only thing better than his comments about the meme and everything are the comments on the article, some of which suggest he perform a live rickroll at one of the Scientology protests. HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE?????? Could you imagine? Honestly, I sort of hope that happens. I don't expect it to, but holy cow XD

Secondly, read this article. I laughed my brains out at the end. Like really. It was almost hard to decide which one I liked better, but the LA Times blog wins out...obviously. Still!!! HURR!!! ZOMG!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wherein I steal a widget

There is no news!

I am reviewing some stupidly easy kanji and and gonna play some more crummy game, maybe, at some point. Later on I will hang out with the Smash Bro (whose name is Louis, but is in my phone as Smash Bro since there is already a Louis in my phone and we play the game.)

I steal widgets from people.

You'll notice I also added some links, though not half as many as I had before. That was sort of the plan, to slim it down. I'm having trouble deciding what I should have, how to organize it, etc. I'm going to add one right after this post, actually, but it won't make the list make any more sense. That's ok.

*EDIT* I added two. Also, Blogger should steal Netflix's way of queuing. It's really a pain in the neck to change the order of the list in here once you start amassing some links.