Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My door broke

So much for The Great Hinge. Now it's more like dangingly by a pube.

Was that vulgar? I dunno, string seems too substantial to describe my situation.

The party of the first part thinks I should go to Japan, which is really a fine idea, I suppose. It's a little awkward reapplying after turning down an interview last year, but maybe it'll work out.

I keep on writing a thousand emolicious things and then deleting them! Awesome! This blog entry is like waves on a beach. It flows down the page and then retreats.

I went out to a rough 'n tumble neighborhood today to see an apt. It was a brand new studio. Very small, but just perfect for my purposes. I need a stronghold and it seems to be that. One room with kitcheny equipment in a corner, a tiny bathroom off one side. It's like a mini-fortress of work efficiency just waiting for me to stack papers and videogame disks all over it. Probably can't afford it, though.

It's probably true that Japan holds more opportunity than even trying to live in that studio would, though.


Oh, am I still writing this blog? I should be working or doing something constructive. Or at least posting this. Instead I seem to be...updating my bookshelf on facebook...

*face plant*

I'm sensing a little bit of burnout, but it's OKAY. Do not be alarmed. Just go to bed.

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