Sunday, April 20, 2008

Launch of the study blog

OH LOOK, my old template.

I missed it. That, and I wanted to use the other one for my new study blog that I am in fact, going to start...

How not to suck at Japanese

I considered very seriously trying to find the site I once started (for like two posts) a blog in Japanese that had cute pancake eating mascots on it, but decided to keep things accessible, which means piling at least most of my blogs in one place, i.e. here at Blogger.

If this turns out to be a bad idea I will just scrap it.

Hopefully it won't be. I still haven't decided where I will post Japan-related things that are not necessarily about studying. I may just throw all Japan related goodness over there and leave this for my other pursuits, but it's getting a little silly.

Why split at all? Ostensibly, it will organize content for my imagined readers. Maybe it will organize it for myself. Hopefully it will also motivate me to study more. If I blog here everyday it doens't have to have anything to do with Japanese and I can just ramble about how I had bacon, cheddar, green onion pancakes for breakfast with Oleya and her boyfriend Glen, BUT if I blog there it has to be J-something at least, so to be a GOOD BLOGGER I would need to be REGULARLY J-somethinging.

Errrr and now it's time to go watch Ghostbuster movies with Andrew and Heather! Although I will probably pop into my other blog first to make sure there is at least one

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