Wednesday, December 28, 2005

*attempts to swallow*

Yeah, my throat is kinda sore. I'm in sort of a general physical funk. I need to get out more, I think. O-town isn't terribly condusive to that end, but I could put in more effort. Unfortunately, if I'm really coming down with something, no one is really going to want to hang out anyway : /

This morning (in Mke at G-ma's house) I finally checked out Battle Royale. I guess that's something you'd categorize as a guilty pleasure. Somehow, even though it's gorier than I generally accept, I really enjoyed it. I can't help feeling bad being thrilled at the fact that these kids are killing each other off on a deserted island, but there's a certain excitement in watching society and order disintegrate. Lord of the Flies on purpose! Man, wouldn't just bite though? *thinks how little she would relish the experience of being kidnapped and told to murder her friends* Also, none of those kids looked like 7th graders...


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Kansha vs. Gansha

Dear tireless students tethered to the face of that sheer mountain cliff that is Japanese,

Let's not confuse kansha suru and gansha suru, for while the former means "to thank/appreciate," the latter is, "to cum on someone's face." Luckily this was discovered without alarming some poor unsuspecting Japanese ears. I'm telling the world now! One always hears of mishaps of this ilk, but rarely do they happen to oneself... Bwah!

Song I Wrote

(Almost) Anything for You

this is an audio post - click to play

So I wrote this, back in the day, during my first year of college. The melody came to me in a dream actually (not kidding). I woke up and started scribbling furiously and a half hour later I had this. Maybe the verses could use some fleshing out. At the time, I didn't know what emo was, but (sadly?), I guess that's probably what most people would categorize it as. I don't know! Anyhow, I envision it with drums and guitar. Sorry about the recording, you now all know I don't have mad singing skills. ;D My voice cracks really nicely the beginning of the second verse or somewhere, but I figure if I tried to record the whole thing over again something ELSE would go wrong and I'd just spend all day recording. I guess I just wanted to get it down before my brother and sister wakes up, which is probably why my voice sounds so wimpy...trying to be somewhat quiet. Nah, I dunno. What I will say that is nice about my singing is that it's good enough for Karaoke Revolution ^_~

Maybe that's more of an insult haha It sure doesn't say much XD

Anyhow, please comment! NOT on my singing, I didn't write it to be sung by me lol Comment on the SONG!! ;p Also no stealing, please (although if you're that crazy about it I'd be flattered to work something out ;p)

Happy listening XD

Monday, December 26, 2005


this is an audio post - click to play

I promise to try not to ever sign off with "Byyyye" ever again haha. Despite talking on the phone, I have to remember that it's not ACTUALLY a phone call.

I wonder how many tests there are like this. It's not that I didn't think it would work, I just wanted to get something up. HASTE (makes waste...yeah I suppose that was a waste.) This'll be great. Maybe I'll enlist my friends in a radio drama. ;D


post new words from Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell!!

HE IS AMAZING! *watches as her vocabulary expands infinitely* It's really exciting to read with m-w, wikipedia, and google up all at once. You can find ALMOST anything (except "sheog," what's that?) These are the notes I've taken so far.

strand - beach, shore

Arcadian - idyllically pastoral (innocent, simple, untroubled)

Marchioness - like Marquess

harridan - gaunt woman

peregrination - travel, esp on foot

Bedlamite - lunatic

jibboom - extension of bowsprit [the bowsprit extends off the bow...I'm not very well-versed in nautical jargon or really...anything nautical XD]

Antipodese - I think he means Australian and New Zealand...ian. (antipode - opposite/contrary) Antipodes - islands opposite Britain

Bristol fashion - in good order (high tidal fall at Bristol made a mess unless everything was "shipshape")

Diogenes - of Sinope, Greek, stoic, no physical pleasure, hunger good, also: first "citizen of the world"

pisco - grape liquor esp in Peru and Chile [Portuguese?]

emollient - softener, making soft, less intense

polymath - a person of encyclopedic knowledge

scrimshandered - made by a scrimshander, i.e. scrimshaw

careen - to put a boat on a beach esp to clean/repair the hull

blithely - happily/lighthearted or lacking due thought/consideration [which I think is the more common meaning]

circumvallate - to surround by or as if by a rampart

ingress - (also ingression) act of entering, power/liberty of entrance/access

lee - protecting shelter (SIDE PROTECTED FROM WIND)

torpor - torpidity (dull, inactive, numb - ness)

haki-haki - [any ideas?]

hoarfrosted - it's spikey frost (white ice crystals)

excoriating - wearing the skin off (also: censuring scathingly)

vellum - skin for binding books/writing on [used to describe a man's back...he's being whipped...ack]

nephrite - commoner, less valuable jade

cabal - the artifices and intrigues of a group of persons secretly united to bring about an overturn or usurpation esp in public affairs (also: the group itself)

Tar - tarpaulin = sailor

consternation - amazement or dismay that hinders or throws into confusion @_@

artfully - [such a good word]

ursine - like a bear o_o (think bovine only for a bear)

in flagrante delicto - adverb - in the act (sex/misdeed/both)

remonstrate - to present and urge reasons in opposition / say or plead in protest/reproof/opposition

sheog - [here it is...i have no idea...some sort of drink]

obdurate - stubbornly persistent in wrong doing, hardened in feeling, resistant to persuasion

rota - roll/rotation (by rota)

demotic - popular/ simplified hieretic? (don't think so ;p)

Magnificat - canticle for V Mary (liturgical song from the Bible)

Nunc Dimittis - prayer of Simeon (both from Luke)

arcana - only really used in plural arcanum apparently... - mysterious knowledge, language, info acccessible only by initiate

promontory - high point of land/rock overlooking water/lowland ALSO a bodily prominance (what does that even mean? o_O)

tatterdemalion [a personal favorite of mine]- a person in ragged clothes

renegado - obviously renegade but I'm not sure if there is a specific context here or not...

quadroon - 1/4 black (octaroon is an eighth, it's sort of scary the things you learn when your uncles are drunk)

fleetest - [AWESOME WORD] swiftest, fastest

woolly - tough without restraint [I guess I knew that, among other things.]

by dint of - by force of, because of [hell yes]

illustrious - notably outstanding cuz of dignity, achievements, actions

benefact - what a benefactor does XD

Pakeha - New Zealanders of euro/British decent (did it evolve from a local epithet?)

Moriori - indigenous of the Chatham Islands

dykey - [besides the obvious modern word, I have no idea: "...ere nightfall obscured the dykey way."]

Morpheus - Greek God of Dreams - human elements - take anyone's form in them, responsible for dreams of kings and heroes (aka The Sandman, morphine derived from the name)

So this is the same drill as before only I'm taking notes in the book since it's mine. Hopefully this will help me remember better. I'm planning on reading the chapter first, then going back and reading for funky words and taking notes, then coming here to bring my notes too you. Slow going, but it's a fun project. I like learning stuff. Some of it, obviously, is more clarification than LEARNING, but I think that's just as important. I mean, most of the time I would glance over "consternation" but it's nice to know that it results in hindrance or confusion.



Keep looking out for the voice post. It will follow today sometime.


Oh yez...

So I'm back at blogger. It's too great. I got a digicam for x-mas, so I'll be starting to upload pics sometime soon. ALSO I signed up for audioblogger, so look forward to some awesome voiceblogging. (OK maybe it will just be goofy, but that is fine too ne?)


I'll post some audio later. Right now I'm going to...

Xanga Digest - The Switchback

Dec 2

More Tech

I would like that. I need to learn more about computers and things.

Other than that though I've been spending too much time sitting here. I actually ache. It's just that I've found so many interesting websites.

I'm worried about my history paper. I think I may have inadvertantly plagiarized. I really tried not to, but I was reading and became worried. Some of the examples there are clearly stripped right out but other bits, seem...different. I mean I suppose one still has to cite. Perhaps that is the distinction. Of course I CITED, it just may still be too close for comfort. I'm not very good at this.

If I want to be a translator I need to improve my writing skills. I wonder if I should sign up for a writing class instead of Physical Geology. I wanted to take Physics later anyways right? I should investigate my options.

I also need to study Japanese. Tomorrow is Friday. We've been working on the current chapter for a week already, plus it would've been smart to look over the material during break. I haven't even started. How ridiculous. Sometimes I really wonder what I think I'm doing. It's not that I'm not motivated. I'm just exploring other things, like video games.

Speaking of which:

So you see I was serious and not just implying the amount of time being sunk into Mariokart DS (which is pretty fun, and I haven't even tried out the wifi yet XD)

That's the news right now. I like this location well enough I think. I think I'll adopt my blogger title though, because "Duck's Escape" just sounds lame.

Falling out of my chair


the other day in film history we were discussing Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the 50s version) and my teacher referred to "i-pod people" WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT. We all laughed until we hurt and she was just like "What? *blink blink*"


OH WAIT I also had a strange dream last night that involved subways that were more like horizontal suicidally fast ski-lifts (very unsafe) and the word "repartee" which was there because my HISTORY teacher mentioned it in class. How bizarre.

Dec 3

the gender bender

Welllll we were trying to raise money for the AIDS foundation and we raised a little, but it was mostly because some of the PRIDE alliance members donated parts of their paychecks. No one really came. It's kind of sad.

I didn't have very good clothes but it worked well enough.

Dinner was lousy. I ate sort of the in the middle of my dance experience which wasn't the greatest idea but I was getting hungry. Had a wrap with lettuce tomato chicken and some cheese that was definitely NOT parmesan...probably mozzerella which really makes me mad. I dunno. It wasn't very good, but nothing else looked any better.

Today food-wise once again sucked. I mean I had good pizza for lunch (pepperoni, mushroom, bell peppers) but I never feel very good about eating pizza...

Oh well.

We had rented out this huge room in the dining hall, so an hour beforehand we were all there clearing away tables and chairs and spillage (eww >_<). That took a while because they had just put all the chairs up on the tables so we had to take them down, stack them, and shove them into a corner.

What's frustrating about gender benders is that some of the guys look better in those tiny skirts than many girls do. There is one in particular (whose name I never learned) who really knew how to make his skirt bounce. One guy naired his legs (and in fact pretty much all the hair on his body except a couple spots) but it turned out sort of bad because his skin reacted to the chemicals. : / The vice pres. and pres. were dressed really well in pinstripes. Flipper started out as a boyscout and gradually lost layers throughout the evening to reveal that she had once again knee-bandaged her nipples in order to be acceptable shirtless XD

Tomorrow the plan is sleep in until brunch, go eat, relax for a couple hours, head to the bank, maybe stop at McDonald's to try out my Mariokart DS with the free wifi, and thennnn there's anime at 4, an international dinner at 7 followed by (hopefully if it's not sold out) a play at 8...the name of which I can't spell...

So hopefully that will be cool.

I dunno. I'm thinking a fairly chill weekend, with some note preparing and studying. I have one more reading assignment and I might screen a movie early so I don't have to miss work hours on Monday to see it (something Korean for EAC).

Blah blah blah.

Dec 9

Animal Crossing News

Why are all the animals in my town obsessed with pink? Pink shirts, pink furniture, they all want pink things, and I just have no more to give!! Pierce traded me my number 1 shirt for a sky wall tho...

Also I have to admit to being a total geek and having Katrina test my compatibility with this certain...guy...

and the prognosis was actually...really good. I think it was "good luck, change, and optimism" among some other things about a hedgehog whipping cream or something...


Classes are over so all I have now is tests...studying is good but I'm doing that at four so I feel inclined to shake pear trees...


Dec 11

dakku no nihongo de kaita burogu

with pancakes!

Everyone go look, even if you can't read Japanese. A picture is worth a thousand words ;p

Dec 14


yay for being done with exams!

I'm pretty sure everything went decently. Best of all, I got an A on the research paper I thought was going to ruin my EAC grade.

All I have to do now is clean and pack so I can jam out to San Francisco tomorrow!! :D


I need to do laundry...

I know this blog isn't very exciting, and I apologize. I guess I just need to find a way to spice things up.


Test is coming soon.

Must study like a banchee.

O hellish terror!

I wrote that the other day before the EAC test.

Dec 17

Worth the greyhound trip.

Yeah, I can't seem to get the Greyhound system to go for me without a hitch. They're 2 for 2 now.

It's ok though ^_^

Scott and I had so much fun it was cosmic.

And then came the snow...

oh wait.

Yeah I'm back in O-town now, you see, so it's damned cold (19F last time I checked...and the sun was only just going down then...) My brother's X-box 360 is sitting (on a towel? Yes, the X-box apparently deserves a towel throne...) over there making puppy eyes at me. Or maybe it's more of an evil eyebrow, "Oh yes, you DO want to play me...GET OVER HERE!!" *devour*


There is a wireless modem here, but I'm not sure if it's working. At least my DS won't pick it up...which is sad. There are a few green blinky lights; usually that means it's working right? *shrug* All I know is...well I guess I don't know much. I should be in mke soon. I mean I could be tomorrow if I wanted. PERHAPS I SHALL. I'll give concerned parties a call if it goes.


Dec 19


Yes, we're "official" now. We decided that since blowing off dates and not pursuing other potential suitors effectively made us exclusive, we might as well go for it. ^_^

Other than that, a long month coming up. Unfortunately, my laptop is fried somehow. I watched an episode of Beck, paused it for a while, and when I came back it had crashed and now refuses to load windows. : / Hopefully someone can help me figure it out...(yes this is a call for help heh)

I tried PDZ (which I suck at...maybe I should try to improve...) and Kameo (which I wasn't terribly thrilled with...). It was fun, but I decided to work on FF1 instead for the time being. I'd sort of like to play Windwaker again. I mean, I never finished it, but I'd like to start a game and see how far I can get. I also realized I missed the fishing tournament start yesterday in AC, but I'm not overly concerned. I haven't talked to any of my animals in a while. Last time I played I just sold a lot of pears...

I need a

I guess maybe that means I'll shower twice today, since Eric said we would probably go to the Y later. That's ok. I need to get into a better groove on that stuff.

Happiness abounds ^_^ One thing though, is that I realized unless I can get my laptop to work (and then bother about switching the net connection to it) I won't be able to update my Japanese blog. It's sort of fun to write it longhand though. Maybe I will just do that and then just transfer it later. In fact, that's almost a better idea PERMANENTLY because that way I have to actually WRITE the kanji and come up with them myself as opposed to just letting the computer find them for me (however sexy that might be.)

Yeah, I should study, and read. Maybe I'll go over to the library. I wonder if I would just totally freeze my brains out if I walked...


But yeah I've been reading The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, which I highly recommend. I wish I would've read it before I was tutoring those Hmong refugees. It's a story about a little girl with epilepsy and the cultural clash between her American doctors and traditional Hmong ideas, but the author provides a lot of background about their situation and what happened in Asia to the Hmong people as a whole.

Also still catching up on The Escapist. Good stuff!

Yay ^_^

Dec 20


Not very eventful. Oh! I want to get pics of my haircut!! @_@

Yes, that's what I did today, haircut. Last night I ended up going with Ryan shopping and then to his class and then out for dinner and THEN to his friend's house where we were GOING to watch The 40 Year Old Virgin, but he forgot it in his PS2 case, so we saw The Family Guy Movie instead...*pant*

Not really my kind of thing, but some of it was pretty funny/horrible.

I've been perfectly my Sharkey-style eggs technique lately. Should I give you the recipe?

1 slice of bread
1 egg
a couple shavings of cheddar cheese
a bit of butter or oil


So you heat up the pan and make sure it doesn't stick (with the oil/butter)

For people without toasters, this is how to make toast ne. The thrilling thing here, is that you cut a hole in your bread and crack the egg into it. (Toast the circle of bread alongside your Sharkey-style egg!) Anyhow you wait till it's set well enough and cooked on the bottom and simply flip it! (Also flip your circle ;D) After you flip it, put the cheese on top of the egg side (that is already cooked). Wait a minute till it's done and then chow down! Beautiful!

So yes, I'm a geek for eating association-ridden eggs for breakfast, but it's really tasty. I have cereal as my late night snack, so it would be boring to have the same in the morning ;p That's my defense! No matter how weak! ;p *sigh*

I decided that since my brother is playing my DS all the time, I'm going to play the hell out of Windwaker. Did I say that already? Well I am! I never beat it! (Rarely do I beat anything, but still... ... ...shut up ;p)

It would be nice to hit the Y, but it seems as though my brother is taking a shower. Maybe I will just do some exercises here. Hup...sounds like I have a babysitting job...XD yay! That kinda rocks hehe

Ciao :D

Dec 23

*sings* What dayyyy is it - could you please tell me?

Friday! Yes! lol


Last night Luke bought Ryan and I dinner at this super groovy Mexican restaurant and we watched The Boondock Saints. It was pretty good. ^_^ I wasn't really sure what it was about. I guess I didn't ever ask any of the fans ;p But luckily I'm used to gangster violence from all the yakuza movies I watch so it's cool ;D

Today I'm going shopping with my dad for X-mas stuff...blah blah.

My peach tree died in Animal Crossing. I guess that's to be expected when you don't play for almost a week, but I was sad...


Of course, it's Dawn of Souls, so it's easier than the original : / but I still feel happy! My characters were so leveled up that it was ridiculously simple. Don't diminish my sense of accomplishment please ;p

I also finished the book I was reading, which is happy, except I dont' have something to start now. Really I'm halfway through I am a Cat, so I should find a copy of that and keep going. The trick is FINDING it though, when you can't go to a library or anywhere >_< Maybe Dad and I will go to Half-Price books or something...

Ack I have to go...