Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yeahhhh, I didn't do any of that stuff (but I bought a guitar)

For a brief time I tried wushu, but eventually I decided I needed less obligation and not more. Plus I decided I would rather get serious about guitar (to be able to play はっぴいえんど songs -- yes, the ones I am translating at my Japanese blog) instead of spending money to work out. So I did that.

Had my first lesson today. Think this teacher is going to work out. He's interested in teaching me more than just how to strum, which is cool. We'll be working in plenty of theory and stuff, too. We did six chords today which I can't really remember, and my fingers are sorrrrre, but if I do a little every day hopefully I will have them down by next Sunday.

I say that about kanji, too, and then get busy, so I'm gonna have to implement a little more discipline here! Gotta build up calluses. My fingers are sore...