Sunday, March 24, 2013

I wrote a different post earlier

but then didn't post it. We'll see. Here is something:

Today was Sunday. I recall sneezing at around 3:29 AM. It was upsetting at the time, but then I fell back asleep and dreamed about wearing my ski cap cuz I hadn't taken a shower. I woke up to my alarm at six and, without showering, proceeded to McDonald's where I occasionally scarf Egg McMuffin's somewhat guiltily. I know I could just make my own better ones, I know.

It was still entirely too early, really. I was on my way to tai chi entirely too early. This trend continued even in the train as I read further than today's Required Reading. And when we reached Takao station, it was still, in fact, too early, so I drank too much coffee while reading more. After that I stood near a driveway waiting for my friend to pick me up. I know her car is blue but today she had to honk at me. I forget what I was doing that I wasn't looking. Maybe reading my phone.

We talked about cherry blossoms, but I found it difficult to keep the conversation moving.

(I just paused to eat a handful of tiny dried fish.)

Tai chi was good today. I missed last week due being depressed and fiddling with my iPhone and missing my train stop. We practiced standing still. Our teacher says 力を抜いて and we're supposed to imagine our posture as following from the way we are hung by an invisible string connected to the top of our heads leading to somewhere probably way higher than the ceiling. He said if we can do this for 20 minutes at a time without feeling sore somewhere or like we are falling over or any other abnormalities then...I dunno, I guess we are in good shape. He said really you should aim for 30 minutes. Maybe I'll practice... That is easy enough to do in my room. I will say that doing tai chi after you have practiced standing still is an entirely different experience—actually kind of thrilling, if you can imagine that.

I introduced my friend/English student to the textbook I chose for her. She thinks it is too hard. Textbooks are meant to be studied so it's better if you don't actually know the stuff that is in it beforehand. We're going to have a chat about the weather, but unfortunately it's going to be in three weeks because next week there is no tai chi and the next week I will be in Shikoku for the first time ever.

I walked home from a station farther from where I live than it is necessary for me to stop, admiring the cherry blossoms. At one point three ladies were gesticulating energetically in my direction, but beyond me. It felt weird all the same, so I moved over on the sidewalk.

I continued planning the project that is occupying most of my attention. I'm glad it's there to occupy it cuz it makes all my boyfriend haps, mishaps, and (mostly) lacking easier to relegate to some quieter mental realm where they can graze freely on less shepherded pastures.

Originally I had planned to go to Yurakucho to eat kaitenzushi but then I was worried the place I had in mind might not be open and was too lazy to check, so I just walked down the street and entered the first restaurant serving raw fish. It was pretty good. I'll go back. Apparently they make their own sesame tofu.

I consulted the Facebook of a bar I sometimes go to. I want to say "attend." I feel like you "attend" a bar. If there were roll call, I would learn people's names faster. It's so late for that now. I decided that although they were not open, I would play a game where I would walk over there and see if there were open by the time I arrived. They were not. I refreshed FB furiously all the way home to no avail.

Of course they opened like 6.5 paragraphs ago. I will go because I need to recover something of sentimental value. And because I feel like the reason I skipped the sesame tofu was to drink a glass of water with bourbon in it.