Saturday, October 29, 2005

halloween weekend

so last night i joined anime club and i'm so glad i did...

i wanted to cry it was so wonderful.

for real.

just because i really miss that, watching awesome new anime with cool people.

the club watches all stuff that you can't get in the states. they have tons and tons of series.

we watched...Eyeshield 21, Black Cat, many things...I really can't remember lol Eyeshield 21 is funny. I'm kinda sad I came in in the middle, but I'm sure they will catch me up if I ask them. It's about an American football team and this little shrimpy kid who is fast and talented but doesn't really want to play. So the team disguises him with an eyeshield lol There's one guy who for some reason is able to run around with a big gun and shoot down doors and things lol

Anyhow, beautiful anime and I'm really glad I went...I just feel so good in the anime element again. I can't buy anything else this semester cuz I got Home Movies, but I think next semester I will save a little bit of my check each time for some anime or manga after I take inventory over the winter. (Exchange the books I don't use for my DVDs heh)

Anyhow what else...also last night I had dinner (pizza-pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms --they didn't have sausage!! ;_;, salad, cookie) at the summit with Flipper and that was really fun. She's really cool! I'm so glad I met her. I might work this summer at a boyscout camp with her. I really hope I can! That would be a really sweet gig.

Today I work out for the first time (finally) with my personal trainer. So hopefully that will go well and I'm not too much of a weakling. I've met him and he seems really cool.

Dude I've been listening to keiichi extreme anime radio and I heard Joousama's Queen cover. It appears to be a popular song so I'm sure they play it pretty often. Try to check it out cuz it's pretty nuts ;D and check it out anyhow cuz it's all great music :D they play some slayers stuff and it always makes me think of back in high school.

Freshman year really was the best ne? And that summer? Getting into anime was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It's how I decided what I want to be when I grow up lol It's how I meet a lot of my friends.

Anyhow later tonite I'm going to see Assassins with my friend Kevin at the school theater. I've heard great things about it and love musicals, so it should be kickin'.

OH and on Wednesday i went to a counsellor at the school health center. She seems really cool and I'm going again in a couple weeks. I like the way she actually takes into account what I think about things.


*ramble ramble*

I guess that was a straight up update for everybody.

I gotta get some homeworks done ;D


Monday, October 24, 2005

now i'll last until dinner :D

i just ate a ridiculously wonderful yogurt...blueberry...yum yum yum fruit on the bottom so it looks all nasty till you mix it up. i've been craving one ever since i got here and today i had one for 85 cents and a free spoon to boot. that was wonderful. i should do that more often.

for sure

anyhow what else...

oh i'm near declaring my french major finally

and the paperwork for L2 Net is underway




i met my personal trainer today...he's uber cute but don't tell anyone lol

somehow i knew he would be

not in a stereotypical way

just i knew he would


oh well

uhmmmmm i guess that's it i gotsa jam out to work now ;D

Sunday, October 23, 2005

infrequent updates

workshop was sorta disappointing.

as were many things...

but not grades.

i've been getting As all over the place.

new worries are the next ac paper and the rough draft of the eac research paper which i haven't started yet and frightens me.


i quit the dojo..did i mention that i started? probably not...

but i quit

i'm getting a personal trainer tho

and also

joining anime club

the linguistics club is being converted to L2 Net...a group for language learners to complain about their textbooks or find study buddies etc

still with a linguistic slant tho


this weekend is going to suck but friday is anime club and rocky horror

so that will be my brief respite

and then into the hell that is constituted by mixing two papers and random homework together

i should be working

Monday, October 10, 2005

velcro-covered facts would be helpful

notice i haven't been around much.

so right now i'm listening to Mates of State wishing i wasn't so stupid

i have a test tomorrow and i've been trying to learn all weekend and it's not working

reviewing is so pointless. if you don't know it you're not going to figure it out in three or four days.

anyhow i've been working on the textbook stuff which means i haven't even started the philosophy. well that's not really true...cuz i kinda ran through my analects notes last night which are all the book. so i kinda glanced everything over.

confucius should be easy tho.

i can't remember if we have to know xunzi and mozi and that...

but i do know we have to know laozi and zhuangzi

those i have to look over

as well as the legalist and militarist stuff

so that is what i'm doing today...

after i waste a couple more minutes

you can only look at this stuff so much...

and i still don't know the textbook stuff anyhow

even tho i spent all freakin' weekend typing notes and looking them over and readin them in my head and aloud and everything

how dumb

maybe i really hate school and just think i like it cuz i want to be something when i grow up


this week is far too busy

pride week

which...i will have to miss most of it cuz i have class

but oh well

and then...

two group projects (MGM and Seven Samurai) which i will probably have to present on the same day next great...

and then...

this midterm tomorrow that i will fail

i guess i have like a B+ or A- in this class right now...if i fail my midterm it will get worse...hopefully i can at least get a C...a B would be nice...even a low B would be acceptable i suppose...i dunno

i think if it's not grammar or vocab it just doesn't find a home in my head...

it's like if king wu was a knife, and my head was a would be the case that the knife would just glance off of rubber or penetration of all just slides offfff

i hate feeling stupid

so ok and the gender bender is friday and i can't just wear my normal clothes even tho they are guy clothes...i have to actually dress up and i can't find anyone to lend me clothes and i honestly just don't want to waste money on thrift store clothes i will wear once. i have enough stuff to spend money on and find more all the time. i'm supposed to be SAVING. but then if i don't dress up it will be lame and pointless to go and you know i don't even WANT to go. maybe i can just set up and go home to sleep. i like my job and stuff but i have things to do on saturday and i don't really see myself having that much fun staying out friday night anyhow.

saturday is my t&i workshop. probably i should wear nice clothes but since i don't have any here i will end up wearing...flares and a shirt probably. a shirt or two or three. i dunno. bleck. and then i will have to go by myself to sf...what is the point really? hopefully the workshop will be worth it.

blah i have to go...if not to study east asian civ then to do some japanese at least...