Friday, December 29, 2006

All your cookie are belong to us!

I just packed up a TON of X-mas cookies to take home for me and the boy. Happy!!! :D That's all I really wanted to say...make a silly joke and then bask in the cookieness...


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snippets of the year



The boy and I decided we'd rather spend New Year's together so we finagled me onto a plane New Year's Eve./I got an e-mail from the Army./it was REALLY REALLY GOOD/So my roommate is officially gone./There is a banana on my desk that I would really like to eat, but it's for later, so I'm gonna try to hold out for another couple hours till dinner where it looked like there was gonna be some meaty pizza./Off to WI for a Midwestern weekend./Hmm, it was so big and long I'm not even sure what to say./This morning was wasted here./Two more classes and then it's off to a San Franciscan weekend of boy and happy love with PARENTS!/That's what Jackie said when I told her that I had just watched Scott's cab drive away in the rain./Well, I guess it's fine that we didn't go to the Castro last night, what with 7 (err make that 9, now) people getting shot and all./I REALLY don't want to go to class.

Also, none of those kids looked like seventh graders.../And...I'm gonna be late...not really.../I'm going to hold off on the Education project until after the midterm./Just gotta figure out what I'd like to get done then...and make sure I do it :D/Personally, I prefer the Cocoro/Java Aroma direction of this street./Speaking of which...maybe I should study a bit :D/Yep./Except I still sucked./Need to recuperate a bit before launching into the homework.../UPDATE: *trying to think happy thoughts*/Never will I enjoy doing laundry and stuff so much as today :D/yay

You can tell that the two main themes are school and the boy. The big and long line, just for clarification, follows a title "The Big Long Weekend" or something like that ;p Taken out of context it's a little jarring, though, ne? ;p

Anyways, terrific. That killed a lot of time XD

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Existing still

Having a good break. Not really in the mood to blog, but...I figured I would make sure people know I'm around...or...something.


Got some cool presents (import gba games, books, clothes, etc) and hung out with cousins, nieces, half siblings, grandparents, yadda.

I'm full of split pea soup right now.

Been mostly just playing games (DDR, Elite Beat Agents, Windwaker, etc) and reading.

Had some appts earlier, one of which failed completely. I guess I have to see my cardiologist before my dentist will let me come back.

I think I like that sentence better unexplained...

Yeah, time to see if I can beat the "Sweatin'" version of Material Girl...


Thursday, December 21, 2006

The X-mas Time

So I spent all day at various airports, in various airplanes. I suppose there are a zillion people doing that, or continously doing that (if they're in Denver.) Made it finally. Weird to be home, as usual. Last time the boy came to visit, too, so that made it better... It's sad to be so far apart for the holiday, but we'll be back together for New Year's.

X-mas will be fun, but I think the majority of the time seems to be taken up by doctor's appts. All those check-ups you're supposed to have...

Well, California time it's only 10:30 but I woke up at 6 after only 5 hours of sleep. Took some uncomfortable naps on the planes, but I'm still kinda tired. More just...sick of airplanes and the air they make you breath.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big shopping day starting 8 am sharp, so I should probably sack out...



Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A- and happy

The A- was on my astro test. It was pretty much no sweat. Sold back all the books except for Japanese, so I have some money to play with (i.e. eat out with) over break.

Now I'm in Frisco and it's not a slip-up anymore if I say "our apt" (although the boy said it didn't matter anyhow.)

Also have an interview with 1Up after X-mas! So much to look forward to!! (Keep crossing your fingers, everybody ;D)

Gonna try to hook up with some people before I fly home on Thursday, and then try to hook up with some more people between Doctor appts and family functions while I'm in Wisconsin. Yay!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Last exam

I'm so sick of studying for astronomy. I'm tempted to just go sell my book right now. I've been through the material three or four times: reading, lecture, review for individual exams, review for final exam. Even if I don't know it, it's really really boring.

Dunno what to do about that...maybe watch cartoons.

In other news I really hope that my friend can take the test fast because she said she would give me a ride to the train station at 5 if she's done.

If she's not, well, then I'm screwed. Not completely, since there is another train at 8, but the boy and I wouldn't get to eat together and we'd only get to hang out for a little while before sleeping so we can get up at the crack of morning to put him on an airplane.

My airplane isn't until Thursday.


Saturday, December 16, 2006


I received what amounts to one yesterday regarding that 1Up intern spot. This obviously created lots of intense fear and excitement :D Stayed up late writing another sample (since that is what they requested) to send today.

The other good news is that I finished my politics paper yesterday. I was a bit worried because when I went to go send it, I found that he had sent out another round of revisions. Luckily he let me just submit what I had. For those of you keeping track, this means I now have but one exam keeping me from X-mas, New Year's, and my precious freedom.

Scotty's train missed him last night, so he should be arriving at some point today. Hopefully around 3, since the next train wouldn't be until 6:10 again...

It's pretty cold in the apt. I will have a shower and play games or read or something. Still so sleepy, but I couldn't lie around anymore @_@

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thursday Night

Had victory sushi etc with 3 and JD. I couldn't pay for the whole thing, but I covered the better part of it. They were happy to pitch in, since it meant more food.

The deadline for those intern apps is the 26th. So no chance of finding out before X-mas. I wonder if there is a chance for before New Year's. They said they would be THROUGH them by the

I should just forget about it. Getting too excited about anything just makes for a tough let down.

Disregarding the last sentence completely...


The Favorite Boy will be arriving tomorrow evening. We'll have dinner with my roommates (to thank them for driving me/us around nearly, if not every week this semester) and then play video games or watch cartoons or something fun like that.

I'm psyched to see what will be on Outer Heaven. The cool thing is that if there's nothing we care about we can go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2, since it's playing right next door.

Wonder if I would fall asleep if I tried. I bet reviewing my computer notes again would do it... Plus there's supposed to be something to studying RIGHT before you go to bed or something, right? Something that isn't nightmares about your laptop biting your hands off or stealing your ramen...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Something Exciting

Ok, maybe this is stupid, but I can't sleep. I just submitted (at least I think I did...hopefully the e-mail went through. If not, I have a copy...) what I think was a pretty sweet application to intern for 1Up and the prospect is sort of dazzling. Third time may very well be the charm and yadda all that.


I need sleep now.

EDIT: Ok, it went through now. Wonder how long it will take to find out? ajfs;lkj;lkajsdfkweijv *_*

Monday, December 11, 2006

One more week

That's really all I have to say. Had a low-lying weekend with the sick boy. We played video games and baked cookies.

Cookies are good.

Just got my check which I was hoping would be a might better. It's actually three dollars short of my conservative estimate, but oh well. Should still cover everything. Mrrf. Sort of. I hate thinking about money so much @_@

A week from today I will be eating lunch with Rachel, studying astro, taking the damnable final, and busting out of this joint forever. Rock.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I don't want to go to class

I REALLY don't want to go to class. Everything is turning into a giant waste of my time. I also have work later that I don't want to do. In fact, there isn't much I want to do except be done with all this junk that will end up not mattering at all.

Everyone says it's great to finish college and have a degree, and maybe someday I will agree and think, "Wow, thank God I wasted four years of my life in more school." If that day comes, well, then so be it. Right now, though, I see a completely pointless Japanese degree with no skills attached and a lot of debt. A lot of hours that could've been spent making money have gone to making...horrible essays and not much else.

I haven't been updating here as much as usual. That's probably a good thing, since it means you don't have to slog through my daily routine (boring as hell), what my homework load looks like (not much), and my many moods (mostly cranky, of late.) I'd sort of like to start a new blog. I'm not sure what that would accomplish, and I really like the title I have, but it feels like I need a new angle.

Not like starting a new blog gives you a new angle.

Or maybe I just need AN angle, any angle.

Not this crappy "going to school" angle.

Until something changes, though, I'm kinda stuck.

2 fucking weeks.