Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snippets of the year



The boy and I decided we'd rather spend New Year's together so we finagled me onto a plane New Year's Eve./I got an e-mail from the Army./it was REALLY REALLY GOOD/So my roommate is officially gone./There is a banana on my desk that I would really like to eat, but it's for later, so I'm gonna try to hold out for another couple hours till dinner where it looked like there was gonna be some meaty pizza./Off to WI for a Midwestern weekend./Hmm, it was so big and long I'm not even sure what to say./This morning was wasted here./Two more classes and then it's off to a San Franciscan weekend of boy and happy love with PARENTS!/That's what Jackie said when I told her that I had just watched Scott's cab drive away in the rain./Well, I guess it's fine that we didn't go to the Castro last night, what with 7 (err make that 9, now) people getting shot and all./I REALLY don't want to go to class.

Also, none of those kids looked like seventh graders.../And...I'm gonna be late...not really.../I'm going to hold off on the Education project until after the midterm./Just gotta figure out what I'd like to get done then...and make sure I do it :D/Personally, I prefer the Cocoro/Java Aroma direction of this street./Speaking of which...maybe I should study a bit :D/Yep./Except I still sucked./Need to recuperate a bit before launching into the homework.../UPDATE: *trying to think happy thoughts*/Never will I enjoy doing laundry and stuff so much as today :D/yay

You can tell that the two main themes are school and the boy. The big and long line, just for clarification, follows a title "The Big Long Weekend" or something like that ;p Taken out of context it's a little jarring, though, ne? ;p

Anyways, terrific. That killed a lot of time XD

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