Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I don't want to go to class

I REALLY don't want to go to class. Everything is turning into a giant waste of my time. I also have work later that I don't want to do. In fact, there isn't much I want to do except be done with all this junk that will end up not mattering at all.

Everyone says it's great to finish college and have a degree, and maybe someday I will agree and think, "Wow, thank God I wasted four years of my life in more school." If that day comes, well, then so be it. Right now, though, I see a completely pointless Japanese degree with no skills attached and a lot of debt. A lot of hours that could've been spent making money have gone to making...horrible essays and not much else.

I haven't been updating here as much as usual. That's probably a good thing, since it means you don't have to slog through my daily routine (boring as hell), what my homework load looks like (not much), and my many moods (mostly cranky, of late.) I'd sort of like to start a new blog. I'm not sure what that would accomplish, and I really like the title I have, but it feels like I need a new angle.

Not like starting a new blog gives you a new angle.

Or maybe I just need AN angle, any angle.

Not this crappy "going to school" angle.

Until something changes, though, I'm kinda stuck.

2 fucking weeks.

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spades said...

In my Japanese class, they have completely ostracized me. I had difficulty last year in class due to a death in my family. So, I retook the course. Over summer I max studied almost everyday, but it hasn't paid off in the classroom.

Well, this year there is a student named Cunningham. He got into arguments with me right away; from the start of class. Now, he became
the popular person in the class. He has power to tell the teacher what to do even. If I open my mouth to answer a question, he laughs at me. It's so terrible. I borrowed one of my art Dvd's to a different student, but he won't return it. Later I find out, from face book, he is good friends with Cunningham.

Cunningham said to me he once put a student into coma in high school, and he isn't afraid to do this to me. I am not afraid of that, but I don't want to risk my education over this. I don't like fighting.

The thought; performance and moral go hand in hand rings completely true. I can't even make it class right now. They all hate me. This dumb kid said not directly to me but sort of at me that he did my mom. This has been completely immature. I can't take it. The girls in class think I am creepy, Cunningham said. I am giving up.
I get cut off every time, and the mob in my class is so clicked that
I can not say anything. I do not enjoy threats from people. He wrote die in Japanese on the board before class two weeks ago.

He has such poor manner, I do not know how he will fare in Japan. Disrespectful to everyone. If he has a bad day he tears everyone up. If he has a good day you better agree with him, and always hate me.

It is like he stole my voice, or takes the answers by vocal force.

you think this is bad enough?
different boat same water, probably not.

You are so great at Japanese. Don't let Academia drain the life out of your gift. It seems to take the life out of gifts at times. Just get through it like a bad news bear game, or find a totally better
analogy. You are the best, and everyone back here knows that.

If you feel something else is better then move on. Moving on isn't so bad ne. However, you might just be a lil low on moral.
A lil low, don't talk yourself out of what you do well, please?