Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuxedo Garden Get-Away

So I'm at my dad's place on Turtle Point in Tuxedo Park. Gonna head into NYC tomorrow and probably on Friday to get up to who know's what. It'll be nice to see Jon again, and meeting up with Joseph for the first time is going to rock. Tonight we're going to an awesome little Italian place for dinner with my dad's gf annnnd I guess until then I'm just gonna play games for work and maybe read some stuff. I dunno. I guess I should surf the internet on this GINORMOUS mac.Catch up on the forums...

Well, yesterday I caught up in QC and other comics I still like. Sad to see Animals Have Problems Too go, but I guess if it's not updating anymore there is no use pretending.

Hopefully by the time I get back I'll have three prong adapters for all my two prong outlets at Koji's place. The move went well, but the guys with the van were complete idiots/jerks/the kind of people I never ever want to hang out with...ever. Quite frankly I'm sad I had to give them money. Buuuut you know, better luck next time. I was drawn by their one hour (instead of two hour) minimum and low low price of 55 dollars per hour. Mike also helped and then he, Koji, and I had dinner in J-town. Good foods! Leftover oyakodon makes a delicious breakfast, especially when you wake up in someone else's house and have to rummage in someone else's fridge to find it and use someone else's microwave to heat it up so you can munch it while sitting at someone else's pc


to check what time your flight leaves.

It was an odd morning, Monday.

But hey, it's only temporary and at least I'm not homeless! Score for not homeless!

Maybe Oleya and I will hang out this weekend and cook up some tasty food in the kitchen that is not mine.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

profile pic

Not happy about it, but it probably needed to be changed. I'll get used to it, eventually...

: /

Friday, February 15, 2008

the no-house blues

Well, not quite yet.

We're all to be out by the 15th of March. So that's in a month, which is really only half a month, because who moves in the middle of the month? I for one, hope to be out asap.

I have one appt tomorrow so far, with a fellow who recognized the Wisconsin area code of my phone. So that's promising maybe.

In other news, well, I've fallen a bit behind on work. Need to review both Zoo Tycoon 2 and The Experiment this weekend, in order to be all set for GDC, which...oddly enough, I still don't know my schedule for. If it's not too hectic I'll be able to start on Patapon, which will be XD

Might meet up with Marc after that appt for some movie/food action, if he has time. Other than that...well, the Ripten cohorts will be showing up on Sunday, so I think we're all having sushi or something in the evening.

Today my schedule was all bizarre. The vibe around the house has been breezy and strange since all of the cleaning and packing happening with my roomie who is leaving. His parents have been buzzing around with mops and rags and boxes and piles of things they want to give to us to save them from the dump. We have nowhere to put things! Anyways, they seem nice. I had to get away for a while cuz it was just too cold. Starbucks, and then the library. <3 the library.

Ate a late late lunch at this little cafe. Buffet style, but not self-serve. I had basil chicken and rice which would've been fine but for the excess of oil. Very cheap though. After three the prices drop by 30% so I only paid $3.60 for a big plate of food.

No plans tonight. Probably will end up reading or working more or something. Or I guess I have a movie I could watch.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me today

Got my camera cords.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dr. Goldfoot and His Bikini Machine *spoilers?* or ENTICEMENT

Have you seen this movie? I picked it nearly at random this evening to stream off of Netflix's website. I say nearly because the idea was something old and funny. Then I saw Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon's names next to each other. Done deal.

As if that isn't great enough, it takes place in San Franciso. And not just like, "Oh we're in San Francisco, here are some establishing shots" although there are plenty of those. We're talking high speed chase down Lombard Street, down the wharf, in the marina, over the bridge, through China Town, even West Portal for a second. Yeah, they warp all over hell in their effort to cram in as many landmarks as possible.

Plus, and this was the most surprising of all surprises, a cameo by The Pit and the Pendulum itself. Obviously a bit of a parody, but from the moment they walked down that staircase into the dank dark basement I said, "Hey, that looks like--" when all of the sudden Goldfoot has got one of the young lads strapped in and ready to have his shirt slit. AMAZING. I couldn't believe it.

Unfortunately it looks like you can't actually find this on DVD yet? Otherwise I assume Netflix would rent it out as well, but at the moment all you can do is stream it. If goofy fun is what you're looking for, then stream it if you can :D

EDIT: Apparently it can be found on DVD, but not at Netflix.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Library Books

I never did elaborate on what I ended up getting from the library, not that it needs a terrible amount of elaboration. Here's what I'm reading:

Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life (This explains itself.)

Modern Japanese Stories (shorts, I will enjoy this a lot)

A Short History of Philosophy (finally finally...I'm really reading about philosophy)

The Star Machine (about the Hollywood studio system back in the day)

And like I said, I did manage to actually read The New Yorker last week. We'll see how long I can keep it up. There's so much stuff to read! But I feel like I have a pretty good idea what I want to accomplish (with reading, with movie watching, with gaming) so I think if I make free-time goals it'll help me spend my time better.

Then again, we've been here before and it's ended in tears ;D I'm gonna go read some more, for the time being. It's getting later and later...

Jars are open

Jelly was good.

Sauce was BAAAAD.

Worst pasta sauce I've ever had in my life. At least Chef Boyardee tastes ok, even though you can't even really call it...anything approaching...even really food. This tomato garlic stuff actually left a bad taste in my mouth HOURS LATER. Total garbage.

I really don't like Trader Joes.

That said, the ravioli isn't horrible. I guess I'll just continue to eat it without the sauce. It's almost gone anyways.

And in the neverending fountain of uninteresting news...

the weekend is nearly over. I finished last weeks' New Yorker. I played some Culdcept Saga. There is still more Culdcept Saga to come. I watched The Fountain with Hugh Jackman, which wasn't as bad as I expected from what I had heard (which was basically just that it was bad) but I'm not sure I really liked it all that much either. A little too trip'd in the face zen.


I dunno. I'm in sort of an off mood. I couldn't sleep last night. Or rather, I probably could've, but I didn't much want to. I did fall asleep once I tried.

This week will be of a similar business to last week.

And then comes GDC week.

And then comes a week in NY with Dad.

My friend is playing Lumines and we listened to Shinin':

It always makes me sad. Sounds like everything is ending, possibly forever, and you can't do anything, so you might as well try to enjoy it? I dunno. I guess that does sound sort of emo but it's honestly how that song has always made me feel.

And it's that nostalgic sadness, which is always worse.

Plays straight into this weekends brand of melancholy!! Ha! Well!

I'm not so bad off, though. Randy and I had fun last night playing games and eating Mexican food. Maybe that's why I came down today. I was pretty up last night. Including awake! Yeah, maybe that's it. Just a mood thing.

No big deal.

Thus, we forge on in our quest for ever more astute analysis of VIDEOGAMES and whether they are worth our hard-earned pennies.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

EmaWii Vs. Jar - Round 2 -- YOU LOSE


Why does Trader Joe seal their jars to the point where it is impossible to retrieve the contents? I would very much like some SAUCE on these DELICIOUS ravioli, but it doesn't seem likely to happen anytime soon. I'm not a wimp, I swear. I can open other jars. I noticed the pattern after recalling that my jar of raspberry jelly is STILL unopened in the fridge, because even after running it under hot water (drying it) and trying, the lid wouldn't budge.

Prying failed this evening as well. I felt like the butterknife would snap. There really wasn't much leverage there anyways.

I give up. I will probably go to a normal store tomorrow and buy some sauce. Either that or just eat more plain ravioli, but that is getting a little depressing.

I finished the train sim review today, THANK GOD, and frolicked on down to that glorious library to read The New Yorker. Got through the article about stalled justice in Atlanta. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow for a break in the afternoon.

Other than that...I should really work on some Japanese at some point. Sommmmme poinnnnnt...soon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Quick summary of current events

1) Driving school has been suspended until further notice. If anyone wants to help me out with that, or has a good suggestion on affordable road lessons in San Francisco, please comment!

2) Voted at City Hall since I couldn't find my local spot. Gah, what a line. And then at the end of the line there was...another line! I couldn't believe it >_< Anyways, GObama!

3) Crab and Grits ftw. Oleya and I ate at The Front Porch last night because I had to try the Best New Dish of 2007 (according to SF Weekly). It was suuuuper rich. Came in a big shallow ceramic dish, grits first. Then crab, chickerling peas, green onion, spicy oil, and lemon, probably some other stuff on top. I could've done with less of the oil. It was delicious, but I really enjoyed the flavor of the grits themselves, too, and it was too much. What I tended to do was take crab and other ingredients out of the middle, scooped off the top, and then grab some of the virgin grits from the edge of the bowl...until they ran out, heh. Really tasty. I would order it again except if I go back there I will maybe have to try the fish or pork chop or something.

We also had the fried plantains as an appetizer, which they arranged for special for us. Usually it comes with a specific meal, but I had to see if they would give us some...and they did! These two, were sort of spicy, but the sweetness still came through very well.

4) Train sim of doom. I'm reviewing a game right now, you might be able to guess which one. You might also be able to guess that I'm not a rail buff. I'm trying very hard. Tomorrow I will recommence the process. I think I made some headway poking around in the forums for a while today, so I might be able to achieve a bit more success.

5)I want to go back to the new library asap. It's brilliant. The space is really nice, smells all new, Japanese collection, magazines to read... Probably will go next Monday again. See what the news mags have to say about the primaries so far.

6) Oh, I'm just rambling now, probably. Tonight I'm gonna switch gears to Culdcept Saga, so my brain doesn't melt.

7) Why are Trader Joe's jars so hard to open? I had ravioli with no sauce tonight because (just like the jelly that is still sealed in my fridge) I couldn't pop the lid. I have been told to use a screwdriver (or a butter knife would probably work...)

8). . .

Yeah, I guess that's it. Today was not too exciting. Just food and work and putzing on the net.

Monday, February 04, 2008

refresh rate ++ golden

I love coming back to San Francisco. I've probably said this before, but riding across the Bay Bridge is one of the best feelings. I love going places, but San Francisco is a place for sticking with. I get a little sad because it's tied to so many bittersweet things, but ultimately, I feel super energized when I come back here.

WHICH IS GOOD! Cuz I have a hell of a lot of work to do this week. Not to mention a hell of a lot of fun to have! Things are looking up and up and up, at least in my mind.

First of all, though, I had a good weekend in Santa Cruz. Not only was it good, it was productive! We had four driving sessions and I didn't ever do anything too horrible. I didn't hurt any one or hit anything. I may have forgotten to signal once, or swung a few turns a bit wide, but fuck I haven't done this in six years, so I'm trying my hardest. I wish driving were more like playing a shooter, where you can look at nothing and see the whole picture. So far I feel very nervous when I check my mirrors or speed or even the side of the road. I know you have to do it all the time, but it's hard to keep my eyes moving and focus at the same time. I'd rather just unfocus and see it all like that time I zen'd Geometry Wars.

(Do you think in the future we'll spell all those words with "'d?" I probably wouldn't mind. It keeps the made up silly ones from looking ridiculous--I originally had "zenned")

Might go back next weekend, since Ian isn't visiting his gf until the weekend after that. I should get in as much time as I can!

Moving on (2), the local library is re-open finally! I can quit being a lazy bum and take this book back. I finished it a month ago. About time! Looking to pick up something interesting and non-fictiony. On the bus ride home this morning (after konking out for a morning nap) I read the last couple chapters of The Book Thief, which were very sad @_@

3) I have a lot of work coming in this week! I'm going to be super busy! I'd also like to clean my room! Whoo!

4) Dinner with Marc and Oleya tonight! Can't wait! And then tomorrow Oleya and I will watch some Love Hina after a hopefully terrific dining experience.

5) Prospect of visiting my dad in NY before the great hinge finally swings. This also increases the chance that I meet my editor at Otaku USA. Rockin'!

February COULD be an ok month. Further proof of this, at least I take it as further proof, is the bus pass color scheme. These passes are bi...hued. Dual-toned. Something. They have a silver strip of reflective doo-hickey down the middle, but then there are two colors. I was living in fear that they might do something awful, like make the colors for this month red and pink, but instead, they have created this excellent piƱa colada flavor with creamsicle orange and pistachio ice cream green. Tropical! Pineapple! Coconut! Sunshine! Sunscreen! Ozone layers! It's great!