Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jars are open

Jelly was good.

Sauce was BAAAAD.

Worst pasta sauce I've ever had in my life. At least Chef Boyardee tastes ok, even though you can't even really call it...anything approaching...even really food. This tomato garlic stuff actually left a bad taste in my mouth HOURS LATER. Total garbage.

I really don't like Trader Joes.

That said, the ravioli isn't horrible. I guess I'll just continue to eat it without the sauce. It's almost gone anyways.

And in the neverending fountain of uninteresting news...

the weekend is nearly over. I finished last weeks' New Yorker. I played some Culdcept Saga. There is still more Culdcept Saga to come. I watched The Fountain with Hugh Jackman, which wasn't as bad as I expected from what I had heard (which was basically just that it was bad) but I'm not sure I really liked it all that much either. A little too trip'd in the face zen.


I dunno. I'm in sort of an off mood. I couldn't sleep last night. Or rather, I probably could've, but I didn't much want to. I did fall asleep once I tried.

This week will be of a similar business to last week.

And then comes GDC week.

And then comes a week in NY with Dad.

My friend is playing Lumines and we listened to Shinin':

It always makes me sad. Sounds like everything is ending, possibly forever, and you can't do anything, so you might as well try to enjoy it? I dunno. I guess that does sound sort of emo but it's honestly how that song has always made me feel.

And it's that nostalgic sadness, which is always worse.

Plays straight into this weekends brand of melancholy!! Ha! Well!

I'm not so bad off, though. Randy and I had fun last night playing games and eating Mexican food. Maybe that's why I came down today. I was pretty up last night. Including awake! Yeah, maybe that's it. Just a mood thing.

No big deal.

Thus, we forge on in our quest for ever more astute analysis of VIDEOGAMES and whether they are worth our hard-earned pennies.

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