Monday, February 04, 2008

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I love coming back to San Francisco. I've probably said this before, but riding across the Bay Bridge is one of the best feelings. I love going places, but San Francisco is a place for sticking with. I get a little sad because it's tied to so many bittersweet things, but ultimately, I feel super energized when I come back here.

WHICH IS GOOD! Cuz I have a hell of a lot of work to do this week. Not to mention a hell of a lot of fun to have! Things are looking up and up and up, at least in my mind.

First of all, though, I had a good weekend in Santa Cruz. Not only was it good, it was productive! We had four driving sessions and I didn't ever do anything too horrible. I didn't hurt any one or hit anything. I may have forgotten to signal once, or swung a few turns a bit wide, but fuck I haven't done this in six years, so I'm trying my hardest. I wish driving were more like playing a shooter, where you can look at nothing and see the whole picture. So far I feel very nervous when I check my mirrors or speed or even the side of the road. I know you have to do it all the time, but it's hard to keep my eyes moving and focus at the same time. I'd rather just unfocus and see it all like that time I zen'd Geometry Wars.

(Do you think in the future we'll spell all those words with "'d?" I probably wouldn't mind. It keeps the made up silly ones from looking ridiculous--I originally had "zenned")

Might go back next weekend, since Ian isn't visiting his gf until the weekend after that. I should get in as much time as I can!

Moving on (2), the local library is re-open finally! I can quit being a lazy bum and take this book back. I finished it a month ago. About time! Looking to pick up something interesting and non-fictiony. On the bus ride home this morning (after konking out for a morning nap) I read the last couple chapters of The Book Thief, which were very sad @_@

3) I have a lot of work coming in this week! I'm going to be super busy! I'd also like to clean my room! Whoo!

4) Dinner with Marc and Oleya tonight! Can't wait! And then tomorrow Oleya and I will watch some Love Hina after a hopefully terrific dining experience.

5) Prospect of visiting my dad in NY before the great hinge finally swings. This also increases the chance that I meet my editor at Otaku USA. Rockin'!

February COULD be an ok month. Further proof of this, at least I take it as further proof, is the bus pass color scheme. These passes are bi...hued. Dual-toned. Something. They have a silver strip of reflective doo-hickey down the middle, but then there are two colors. I was living in fear that they might do something awful, like make the colors for this month red and pink, but instead, they have created this excellent piƱa colada flavor with creamsicle orange and pistachio ice cream green. Tropical! Pineapple! Coconut! Sunshine! Sunscreen! Ozone layers! It's great!


Oleya Pearsall said...

the time i went to santa cruz by greyhound, i left at dusk. i looked behind me, and the lights of san francisco were so beautiful. i had never seen them from the bridge before, and i was in awe of how magical it was. i'll remember that feeling for a long time.

it's funny, you comparing driving to video games. i wish i could see everything at the same time. maybe like, have a birds-eye view of the car somehow. i don't know. i haven't been driving since 2004 or 2005.

maybe you should go back next weekend, as i will be away. it's funny that michael wanted to road trip with me. i was like, "who's going to drive?" then i guess i'd be another person who would be learning to drive with a trip as a reward. i don't think we're really going, though. he thinks the racists will run us out of missouri. and also, the vegetarian options would be limited.

yay library! i still don't have one. i bet i'll get one, and then i'll leave. hehe, we should go to the library together sometime. the big one downtown.

dinner tonight will be so good! i'm already thinking about what i want to get. and then the next night's dinner will be good, hopefully. no more sad foods!

new york sounds fun. i'd like to go, hehe.

one last thing- i don't have my bus pass this month. but you made it sound tasty. i'll try not to eat it. noms...

Emily said...

haha I'll show you the bus pass at dinner. You can have it for dessert, just a taste!!!!!!

And yeah, the lights are so pretty from the bridge. I was just saying to Sharkey how dramatic it is to come home over that bridge. Even in the daytime, it's such a sight :D <3

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is an 8 bit gaming mix.