Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yep, a bunch of things came today. Got to hear all of the new Thao with The Get Down Stay Down CD and that was good. The Cat and Girl book came along with my new t-shirt.

Tonight I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm thinking...manga or maybe a game, but definitely some manga at some point.

I had a fish sandwich at the fake drive-in by my place. The sandwich came in one of those little paper sacks. Nostalgic. It wasn't very good, though, so not quite as nostalgic. I would've made one at home except the oven still doesn't turn on, as far as I know. It actually tasted fine, but was just kind of soggy. I like American cheese and tomato on my fish sandwiches.

But someone conquered the garbage.

This weekend I'm off to Santa Cruz for Driving Lesson #1. I will maybe write a couple previews in the off hours, and probably play some games. I sort of wish I could bring my netflix and we could watch those, but I won't have them in time. They will probably be waiting on the floor outside my room when I get back.

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