Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Monday

Last night my pal Koji was homeless, since he didn't forsee the bank closure for the holiday. He spent the night on my couch and we watched Singin' in the Rain, played some games, read some Naruto manga. That was a nice distraction from my sick-feelingness. It's good to have company.

This morning I didn't feel so bad, so we had Lucky Penny breakfast and then went off to begin our respective days. For my part, I took a shower and headed downtown to 1Up for some demos. Dropped by EB but of course, as I should really know by now, the ship date is never the date you can actually BUY *insert anticipated videogame* so it's always pointless to go out until the day after. Really, I should just order things on amazon and not jump around like a squirrelly second grader when something I want comes out. Pre-order and be surprised when it shows up!

Annnnnnd I can see now that I am just wasting time. I thought for a moment I had something to say for some reason. I can see now that I did not!!


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