Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oops I slacked

Well, today in addition to being in a rather awful mood, I finally went out and had some fun. Since I bought Indian food last time, Koji bought Indonesian tonight. It was a nice little cafe somewhere sort of Tenderloiny. I don't even know what he ordered, but it seemed like maybe the special since I saw others eating it as well. Rice, veggies, chicken, egg, and curry sauce. Very tasty, but not fancy. I liked it a lot. We stayed there for quite a while just talking and nibbling. He is a very thorough eater, always cleans his plate, picking the bones completely clean. I guess I have to admire that.

He was wearing this bizarre white hip-hop style hoodie with skeleton bones (the hood even zips up completely to make your head look like a skull o_O) only done up with some sort of braces at parts to make it look like maybe it used to be broken? Something? It looked good on him, but he told me he ended up having to buy it here because a friend told him it was always hot here. Poor guy. He got pressured by some shop keeper on market into buying this expensive hoodies that he doesn't even really like.

After dinner we bought some cookies at Walgreens on the way to his place and then sat up in the kitchen of his res hall. Then a party started in there, so we checked out his room. I guess he will only be there for tonight, since he is moving to a hotel tomorrow. He wants a new apt. If I knew for sure about my job I would be apt hunting with him, since we get along well and have the same situation of wanting to live somewhere else. As it stands, I will have to be content here for a little while longer.

Actually, I had this crazy insane idea to run off to Japan until precisely the leap year day. But that seems a little far-fetched after a day... I will probably just have to keep trucking here and do my best. Three in Hokkaido is so nice, though. He would totally help me out completely. I'd still really like to visit him at some point.

Oh, and then the point of this was to berate myself for not finishing my review this afternoon. I could've done it, but instead I played Rock Band drums to try to focus on something else. I even almost took a nap for a while, but then Esteban, one of my soon-to-be-no-longer roommates (he's moving out) showed up and asked if he could check his e-mail. And then I lent him some movies. And by that time I had to get going.


So I'm supposed to be writing! I'm gonna do that. About videogames, I mean. Since that's what I do!

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Oleya Pearsall said...

i'm glad you're not running off to japan just yet. even though i know you would have a good time. : /