Wednesday, January 02, 2008

# of X-mas Cookies on the Decline

Well, it's the 2nd. The hinge day or so we hope.

I woke up earlier than I have been lately, had some cereal, read some manga, chatted online, took a walk to procure burrito, ate half of said burrito, played some BioShock, lost a Little Sister, decided to restart the zone later. Now it's...2:18.

I've been eating bunches of cookies and I'm sad that they will be gone sometime soon. The same thing has happened the past two years: I eat them away to the bottom of the plastic container and then refrain from washing it for awhile because it smells like X-mas. Not like we're to that point. I don't even think I'm half-way through the pile yet, but I'm already saddish.

I'm gonna hop in the shower and bus downtown to collect some work. Yep, work. I was sort of hoping we could hinge, enjoy BioShock, etc, before that would happen, but I guess I'm just meant to take assignments.

Which is fine. I guess as long as I'm picking up work this afternoon I should come back and clean my room, too. Real life must return at inverse the rate of cookie # decline...

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