Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What is up

Up is up! And so we continue on this rather sloooooow week. Yesterday I accomplished some things, which was nice. Invoices, assignments, post office trip. Today I have nothing to do, which is nice. I've just been assigned a preview I can go pick up tomorrow, allowing myself the freedom this afternoon to do whatever until meeting Oleya after work for Mexican food, anime, and videogames.

My Roger Cicero CD arrived today. I ordered Männersachen. I...don't even know what that word means--I didn't take much German. Not that it would be hard to find out or anything, I just haven't yet. Ok, now I got it ;p Just so you wont' all think I'm lazy. In ENGLISH: Men's Affairs. I think I like that. Anyways, his voice is just as amazing and classic as it was on Frauen Regier'n Die Welt (Women Rule The World) which is INDEED a bonus track on the disk, hence the order of it. I'll be tempted to pick up others now, though, despite the fact that the case got crunched a bit in shipping. I love his voice, I love the big band, and it's a much needed return to swing. Been a while.

Let's see. Other than that I watched Seven Up over lunch, the first in a 7 year-spaced episodic documentary series about...people! British people, in this one, kids of seven years old. They were, in a word, adorable. They talk about money, skin color, kissing, school... The wikipedia page lists copycat works for a variety of other nationalities including American, but also...


What I wouldn't give to see that.

Ok, a lot of things, but really--where can I find a copy of that?

Apparently they've also started a new batch fresh for the new millennium, but the originals are still going, too.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd it's almost three o'clock...got some time yet to frolick about it. I took a shower already, so that's taken care of. I guess it's J-time.


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I need like a band aide.

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