Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 #1

Well, last night went off without a hitch as far as I can tell, which is about as far as my bedroom stretches. I was watching anime by that time, about a third of the way through Gurren Lagann ep 2 when the west coast switch happened. Scotty was still punking around online, too, so I said Happy New Year, finished my show, and sacked out.

Today and tomorrow present a wealth of opportunities to get right down to business on the biggest resolution, which happens to be:


Actually, it's more like one extended opportunity, as I have absolutely NO PLANS until I find out (tomorrow) about what we shall here call "The Great Hinge." The Great Hinge will have quite a LARGE CHUNK of bearing on at least the immediate future, possibly extending into less foreseeable regions. It may not even do its hingy thing tomorrow, but the sub-hinge is that I will find out what I'm doing with the rest of my week or so.

My point is that at least for today and tomorrow, I am going to simply get over my cold and geek it up. That means more BioShock, more anime, Japanese, finishing up my latest Tom Robbins outing, etc. Sounds pretty lovely, I think.

Incidentally, let's talk for a minute about Gurren Lagann, which is being aired for free on the Anime Network's website, but seems to crash browsers or just plain not work more often than not. I did get it to work finally for the first episode, but for the second I just switched to fansubs on youtube. Annnnyways, I'm very interested to see what happens next. There's an awful lot of boobs and flaming gay, but the robots are really goofy and neat. They remind me of little cartoon characters I used to draw in fourth grade called "Headies." They were basically an egg-shaped head with little stubby arms and legs attached--a mom, a dad, a little sister, an annoying brother, a policeman, etc. The robots in this one have more useful appendages, but still retain the head as the entire core body. Bizarre! I love that Lagann's brain case acts as a shield for the pilot. Basically, I really hope they start talking about why there are giant robots fighting on the surface of the planet? Maybe that's too much to hope for? Maybe we should just be happy there are giant robots fighting at all? Could be, but I'm still interested in seeing what happens next :D

Ah, I'm so excited I'm not even sure what I should do first. I'm feeling mentally genki even if my physical self is a little phlegm-wracked.


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