Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve '07

Yesterday I got back from Wisconsin, packing a bunch of rad X-mas presents (minus the HD TV, which wouldn't fit--hopefully the post office can handle it, and by handle it, I mean actually deliver it to ME), some tasty X-mas cookies, and a cold, which has only gotten nastier. As a result of that last, I'm not really doing anything for New Year's Eve.

The plan was to go to Oleya's house and drink homemade eggnog, meet her bf, play videogames, probably watch cartoons or something, I dunno. Instead I'm having some soup and cookies, playing BioShock, probably gonna watch some anime...

Which sounded good, but I'm kinda bummed out now. I should just play more BioShock 'n stuff and not think about things but then I got all sappy and was reading back entries of my blog : /


I'm psyched to see the New Doctor Who ep. Scotty saw it already and he was happy about it, so it must be good.

Yesterday at the grocery store I bought some "Puffins" cereal's so delicious. If anyone who reads my blog is the reason I am addicted to these, please let me know. I had always meant to try them, but it was someone elses addiction that finally pushed me over the edge and I can't remember whose... All I know is that the original flavor is delicious. I bet the other kinds are good, too. Anyways, it's a good way to avoid eating whole wheat all. day. long. They are made out of corn.

Well, probably gonna do the dishes and play more BioShock. It's nice to just do whatever. I wish that soup would've been more filling. I feel like I didn't eat anything...except cookies heh. They're so good...

Hum : /

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