Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Punkin' around

Well I did end up picking up some work this week. Turns out there are always more games to play (that aren't BioShock or Super Paper Mario, etc.) While running errands today, though, I picked myself up a year end game trade-in bonus extravaganza present. Took in a bunch of stuff I got for free and wasn't terribly keen on and came out with the Castlevania PSP game (with Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night) Fun stuff.

Recently been addicted to Blokus. It's a fun strategy game for four players...

Uhmmmmm...other than that been hanging out with friends. Oleya and I were burrito buddies and watched Ratatouille. Good movie, as of course, the entire rest of civilization already knew, heh. Dunno why I started blogging when I'm so tirrrrred. Sackin' out now.

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