Saturday, December 22, 2007

O: Return of the 'taku

I couldn't really think of a cornier title than that.

Anyways, net friend Louis, Oleya, and I HIT UP J-town today in a big way. First we stopped off for Okonomiyaki, which I haven't had since Tokyo. It was...amazingly delicious. Beefy, shrimpy, saucy, hot hot hot. I didn't burn my tongue though, surprisingly. We proceeded directly to the green tea ice cream cone for dessert, which was the exact brand of tastiness I had been pining away for.

After that it was time to see how much money we could save while ideally spending our entire bank accounts on manga, anime, snack food, etc. Personally, I picked up the first two Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei manga (in Japanese) as well as the first 20th Century Boys (also in Japanese.) I figure it's studying if I study them, right? You can make anything in a foreign language into studying! Just learn the words ;p I mean, that show is why I know what zetsubou means after all...

Speaking of shows, we ended up in the video store where for some reason they had more anime than I ever remember being aware they had. Pretty much anything I wanted was there, but we found the sale rack where Yami no Matsuei was only 28 dollars plus tax...the whole series. This was a nostalgia wave meant especially for me. Pre-viewed, but do I care? Do I really care? The answer is no. Oleya grabbed an identically pre-viewed and taped all together in a "box set" version of Love Hina and then we pranced away.

Nijiya was BONKERZ on a Saturday of course, and a near holiday Saturday you can expect even more. We grabbed some Gokuri Grapefruit (which they didn't have last time I was there!) and I picked up curry roux and SECRET INGREDIENT NUMBER 2 so I can make kickass X-mas Eve dinner for my family in WI.

Today is...awesome! I need to take a shower and eat some food before heading out to a concert. I don't even know who's playing, but Oleya does so it's cool :D

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