Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-day portrait as usual

This is what I look like single on Valentine's Day in 2010.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Too early

I took on more work than I could feasibly complete, especially since I have been trying to cut OUT time so I can actually do my Japanese homework in a timely manner and study in addition so everything actually sticks. This resulted in me having to wake up very very early (about quarter to four) and work like a maniac before actually going into work. I think things turned out ok, but I was just very tired all day, drinking coffee, etc. etc. It's not a good situation.

That said, what else happened today? Had some meetings at work, helped some people out, good news, bad news, trying to refind my niche a bit.

Incidentally, I have a new emo blog (which you will not read), so this one should remain refreshingly free of bs regarding, oh, insecurities about work, insecurities about food, insecurities about my social life, insecurities and insecurities ;)

After the teleconference with Japan I went to dinner at probably now my second-favorite restaurant, Gracias Madre. OD'd on spinach a bit, but it was tasty.

Came home, practiced guitar for a bit (sore fingers), and have been meaning to get down to business with Japanese, but I may just sack out early and see if I can't wake up a bit before normal to do some then. I would do a bunch during lunch tomorrow except that I have lunch with a co-worker tomorrow...

Maybe this is me overcomplicating things, but I'm thinking that To Do lists should maybe include how. Or maybe you just need a separate How To list. You could do one of them on paper that is a little see through and then line up the To part in the middle for dramatic effect.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Nicole is the one helping to perpetuate this voice in my head (re: title of this post).

Anyhow, guitar is going well. I need to find more time to practice, but that is the general state of all things I do.

I think I might turn this into a real journal again instead of just an emo "I need to exercise" blog.

Today I:

- woke up and had an Americano at Borderlands
- had a great guitar lesson. My teacher is really great, has lots of good advice, ultra patient.
- missed my favorite restaurant because they were closed for brunch due to Super Bowl holidayness.
- worked on a freelance project.
- didn't have enough time to study kanji : /
- went to the name of that store we can never remember.
- learned some things about Japanese cuisine that I had never heard.
- treated myself to a fantastic Sardinian Italian dinner.
- got sort of lost in the wide world of Internet, which was pretty relaxing.

Hopefully in the future this will be less of a list and more of a paragraph. I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I sort of miss being able to look back at a day 2 years ago and see what I was doing. Or rather, I know I will miss it in a couple years when I can't look back.