Monday, February 08, 2010


Nicole is the one helping to perpetuate this voice in my head (re: title of this post).

Anyhow, guitar is going well. I need to find more time to practice, but that is the general state of all things I do.

I think I might turn this into a real journal again instead of just an emo "I need to exercise" blog.

Today I:

- woke up and had an Americano at Borderlands
- had a great guitar lesson. My teacher is really great, has lots of good advice, ultra patient.
- missed my favorite restaurant because they were closed for brunch due to Super Bowl holidayness.
- worked on a freelance project.
- didn't have enough time to study kanji : /
- went to the name of that store we can never remember.
- learned some things about Japanese cuisine that I had never heard.
- treated myself to a fantastic Sardinian Italian dinner.
- got sort of lost in the wide world of Internet, which was pretty relaxing.

Hopefully in the future this will be less of a list and more of a paragraph. I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I sort of miss being able to look back at a day 2 years ago and see what I was doing. Or rather, I know I will miss it in a couple years when I can't look back.

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