Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

The latest craze(s)

Still on the BSG kick, and oh, what a kick it is. Started my new job at 42Blips so any and all sci-fi is go, as I mentioned. I'll be starting at MassiveBlips on Monday.

That said, I'm making a concentrated effort to study, read, etc. as well, but this means a very tight schedule.

Finally go to the doctor on Tuesday. Took all day, but the outcome is a rocker boot and a recommendation for acupuncture (which quite frankly, terrifies me, but if I can afford it she said it would actually help me get better...and, you know, I'd be able to say I had acupuncture...)

Mom has been in town for a couple days here and I feel sort of bad because mostly she and her bf just took me out for food and bought me a mattress and assorted textiles haha, but it was so nice to see them. I had actually never met him before, and last time I saw Mom was X-mas.

Actually let's discuss the bed for a minute, because I'm really happy about it. Not only do I have an Ikea foam mattress to lie on, instead of the floor, but I have one of those (fakey) down comforters I've been wanting since I was 15. When I went to France for the first time I did a homestay for a week near Nantes and the bed my host family provided me with had this AMAZING comforter. I had never used one before. So light and fluffy, so cool to the touch at first, but traps heat like crazy. I could just live in one of these things. I'm so happy I have one now. Maybe I will come around to naps now that I have somewhere so comfy to rest. (Ok, honestly, I hope not lol I'd rather just hop into bed all terribly exhausted at 1 am and drift toasty...)

But yeah, Wednesday night we had fish tacos and veggie nachos at El Metate and then took a spin down to the wharf where we got sundaes at Ghiradelli's (which always manages to upset my stomach, but maybe it's worth it, I dunno). Road the cable cars--my second time (first was with Scotty and co. after an awesome afternoon on the wharf) and got dropped off at home.

Yesterday I met up with mom and took her down Valencia and 18th. Stopped at Bi-Rite (I had honey lavender and she had mint chip). Showed her Dolores and the view from the top of the hill. Later on we took BART out to Dublin to meet up with her bf and the car so we could head out to Ikea. After that we ended up at this really tasty Thai place on Folsom. My first time having mango with sticky rice, which is surprising, given my unyielding passion for mango.

Today was Tartine for lunch (No ham Croque Monsieurs left = fail, but the tomato and fromage blanc was tasty anyhow, and they gave me leftovers of their sandwiches--spicy chicken and pastrami. How do you end up with three halves of sandwiches? Cuz seriously, if those are thirds then they should think about chopping the price and the amount of sandwich in half.) They did some sight-seeing while I saw...anime for work 6_6 and then picked me up for a burrito. I guess maybe we should've gone to Cancun or somewhere. I didn't really feel like La Taqueria was at their best. Have they been slipping? Felt sort of skimpy on their ingredients (which taste the best!! Dammit!) and still have that soup syndrome. Anyways, it was nonetheless delicious and they weren't put out by the soupiness.

I guess tomorrow they are doing their own thing and then just getting ready to leave, so I may not even see them. I gotta work, so I guess that's ok. Blah.

Anyways, you can tell I've been busy. Been a little overwhelming, but I think I can handle it. I had a phone interview with GameSpot, so let's cross our fingers I get some sort of follow-up next week. Being invited in for an interview would be a start...

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yeah, yeah, I know, so skip the slowpoke emote. Anyways Josh and I popped in the first disk and watched for two hours before realizing they had slapped the entire miniseries on it without breaks, haha. I jokingly suggested this, but didn't expect it to be true. We're gonna finish it tomorrow. Good stuff. I mean, at this point, I realize there's not much to say. Everybody knows how awesome Battlestar Galactica is, but I finally get to watch it now, so wewt.