Friday, June 30, 2006

The Dwindling Friday Sunlight

Well, it looks like the boy will be late tonight. He's utterly swamped. I rummaged in the pantry and came up with some soup and crackers for dinner. It was...ok. It sort of had meat in it, anyways, and vegetables. It seemed a little healthy, if not a bit salty. Then after that I couldn't help but finish off the Ben & Jerry's, so I guess I'm full. The bad thing is that we really don't have too much for when the boy gets back. I was sort of scrounging as it was today. He'd probably be content with oatmeal and toast, but he hasn't eaten all day, so I wish I had something more substantial to feed him.

Today, besides getting creative with the odds and ends of food lounging in the kitchen, I was doing some laundry. Unfortunately that activity has since been halted due to a) lack of funding b) missing laundry detergent. Yeah, it vanished. Someone walked off with half a box of powder laundry detergent. That is pretty LOW. I guess it could've been a mistake, but it's a pretty thick-headed mistake to make. "Oh, this is next to my laundry basket cuz I left my stuff here all day even though my timer went off 2 years ago. I don't recognize it, but I guess it must be mine since it's to my stuff..." DRRRRRRRRRRRR *droolface*

What else? Video games, Home Movies, uhm...I'm gonna go read. Oh, and earlier in the day I crawled back into bed for an hour. I was falling asleep playing my DS, and bed sounded like such a nice comfy place, so I went there. It was.

ARE YOU THRILLED BY THE ABSOLUTE MUNDANENESS OF MY ACTIVITIES??? Canned soup, stolen sundry items, late morning cat naps, and CARTOONS? Life has never been this thrilling.

Nah, it's not so bad. Plus, the boy has a four day weekend, so no matter HOW late he gets home tonight, we can make sure the rest of the time is great (even if he has to write MORE, which is pretty much a given the way they've been piling on the assignments lately.)

I think that's a wrap. I'm gonna go see how far I can get in The Amber Spyglass. I've been slacking off on the reading, which is sort of sad. I guess I've just been doing other stuff like job interviews and games and punking around on the web...


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snack and Interview Report!!

plain nonfat yogurt
100% fruit blueberry preserves


pretzels on the side


I've been trying different combinations of fruit in my yogurt, but putting in banana seems to be one of the better bets. It neutralizes any of the tang from the lactose or the bacteria or whatever gives plain yogurt that crazy tang, and it also helps with tangs of other fruits like strawberries, etc. Just mellows everything out nicely.

Pretzels on the side today is really only a diversionary tactic to keep me from being reminded that we are out of Grapenuts. If we had those I would've sprinkled them generously, but pretzels aren't so bad, really because of the salty counterpart to the fruits' sweet.

Other than that, today I had cereal, a blackberry scone, some decaf, and left-over veggie-tofu (Japanese) curry. The curry actually fared pretty well as a left-over, which made me happy.

I had the two job interviews today. The first became a mini-nightmare because it turned out that the place was at the Crocker Gallereia. I remembered the address and how to get there, but not the name of the place. I figured it would just BE there. I forget these things sometimes ;_; There are three cafe type places there. One was definitely ruled out because I had already applied there (x_x), but there were still two. I wasn't sure how to approach this. Neither had "now hiring" signs in the windows, so that was no help. Eventually I just went to the only I thought it was and said, "Uhm...are you guys hiring?" and the baristas sort of laughed at each other and said, "Yeah, Betty's right outside..." They must've admired my uncanny timing ;p Anyhow, once I found it, that one actually went pretty well. She was the first person to not shoot me down immediately after I told her I was going to Tokyo and seemed to understand the need to make money. Also, I guess her boss is FROM there. Interesting...

The second job interview took slightly longer (and a bus ride) to get to, though it was easier to find. Cute little cafe in the Mission Bay area. Seemed to be going pretty well until I told the guy I would go to Tokyo. Everyone thinks that is "so great *smile smile*" but then they don't hire me. He did a good job of preserving his energy through the wrench in the thing. Although, I suppose he doesn't really care since he'll have a zillion more interviews this week ;p Hell, I don't mind not riding the bus down there everyday, so no problem.

Just hope I get the other one, or the one I now have an interview for on Wednesday instead of Monday (at the very least.)

And other than that? Boooo. Who knows what we'll eat for dinner? I don't care cuz I had a yummy snack ;p

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am sleepy.

Last night the boy and I stayed up too late playing Metal Gear 3 and looking at Nintendo Cartridges. He told me a lot of stuff about Tengen and his neighbors in Maine and then we sacked out.

I've been listening to CHALLENGING SUSHI lately. Live365 is weird, though. They'd much rather have you be a member, so sometimes it will take a couple tries reloading the station before they will let you listen. You get this obnoxious "free trial" message crap. Anyhow, the station is alternative Japanese music, not J-pop and stuff. There is reggae, rock, jazz, and all sorts of stuff. I highly recommend checking it out :D

Actually, I also found a ton of sites like this where you can listen to old radio shows XD That makes me very happy. I miss Oldtime Radio Drama on 90.7 back in Wisconsin.

Then, let's see, I also discovered Channel Frederator yesterday while surfing. They play animation submissions. Basically a weekly indie shorts podcast. The only problem is I'm 'podless and I'm not sure how to play the downloads on just a computer.


I can't believe it's already quarter to 2. I guess it's because we got a bit of a later start to the day. I guess all there really is for me to do is some dishes and clean some more. I studied a little Japanese somewhat half-heartedly. I just don't know what would be the most effective thing to be working on...


Monday, June 26, 2006


Well, on Wednesday I have two interviews at a couple cafes. One is downtown and one is really too far away, but I'll probably go anyways. Next Monday I have an interview for a REALLY RIDICULOUSLY short-term job at a Japanese travel agency. It would be for not even half of August, but it would be a possibility to use my Japanese.

In other news, I'm really damned snacky today.

No, uhmmmmmm so I applied at another cafe, and I REALLY AM GOING TO DO THE DISHES AND CLEAN SOME STUFF...


Cleaning up

Well, the apt is slowly getting a bit cleaner. Bit by bit. Yesterday Scott and I put up a bookshelf. Unfortunately, we had a different screwdriver head than the one required, so all the screws are stripped and the shelf will never come apart again : / He got blisters forcing the screws in and then I took over. It's actually really nice to have the books and moves up off the floor. It will probably keep them cleaner and it looks better.

The other, even more pressing, task was to get the dishes done. This was Scott's job, since he told me he would a few days ago. They were pretty disgusting and the job was no fun to begin with, but then he punctured his finger on a piece of broken glass >_< Unlucky ;_; He also has a burn from a couple days ago AND those blisters remember, so his hands are just feeling pretty beat up right now.

After the dishes, we made a Banquet Homestyle Bake for dinner. Actually, that box that's in that pic is the old design. The new one is more red, white, and blue. Same food as in the pic, though: Country Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Biscuits. It was actually very tasty considering everything just comes in the box and you drop it in a pan and bake it.

This morning I cleaned the shower. It didn't make much sense to before, as the drain was plugged and the water went down so slow that all the scum was left behind. I used a bottle of Dranoesque plumbing solution on it the other day, though, so now it works fine. So the shower is clean, and now I am too since I'm not scared to put my feet in there anymore :D

Apparently the boy is sick : / I told him I would go to the office and pick up anything he needs so he could work from home. I mean, it's one thing to go in if you can ride a bus or something, but he walks, and if he started feeling really bad on the way he'd have to drag himself all the way back (up that hill.) That worries me a bit : / He's tough, though, I guess...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wake up slow

This weekend it seems I have relocated a bit of my capacity for sleeping in. Till about 10 anyways, which is good enough. I woke up earlier this morning and even had breakfast when I really should've just gone back to bed. I ended up sleeping another couple of hours. Looks like the boy stayed up late hunting souls on Dawn of Sorrow, though, so I'm not sure when he'll make an appearance.

Yesterday I played a bunch of online games, the best being Drakojan Skies. It's not perfect, but it's pretty fun even when you die a lot. That's important for me ;p I also played Bikemania, which is a souped up version of an older game I used to play. The old version only had like two levels, while this one seemed to go on forever. It gets frustrating after a while, heh. Note also: Sheep Invaders. Seems more forgiving than most Space Invaders games. Well, I played a bunch of other stuff too, following links from Addicting Games. Most of it pretty much sucked haha.

Other than that, the new season of Venture Brothers started. This is the show that Scott and I watched all in one day a few months ago. I don't really remember much of the plot. I didn't even remember they were **spoiler** dead **end spoiler**. Anyways, they'll be back, obviously ;p

Really it mostly just makes me want to see old Johnny Quest cartoons, not the new ones. Although, I might even settle for that.

Hmm, I guess it got sunny. I sort of wanted to check out Pride today. Now I'm not sure if I really want to slog all the way downtown. Would it be weird to go with my boyfriend? Maybe. Probably we should just concentrate on cleaning the apt. I think today is our highest potential day yet.

I'ma have leftover sloppy joes for lunch in a bit.

Then maybe we can watch Dr. Who.


Hopefully I'll get some callbacks for jobs this week. A couple different places said they would. I keep getting shot down, though. It's all because I'm leaving in Sept. GOD, people, sorry I have a LIFE. If I were just some deadbeat with no ambition, then maybe I could work at your deli FOREVER. No, sorry, that's not what I mean. I have no problem with people who work at coffee shops and stuff all the time. In fact, I could probably be perfectly happy running a coffee shop. I'm just really frustrated that no one is willing to take me on for a couple months. Yeah, I have to go, but I can work a LOT this sumemr and I would do a good job! >_< Whatever : /

It bites, though, because I wanted to save up some Tokyo money, get a new laptop before I leave, etc. Not to mention help out a little more around here. I'm out of money now, so Scott has to pay for everything! He doesn't mind, I guess, but I still feel a little freeloadery.


We got yummy cinniminimium cereal last night. ;D

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fruit of my Agony


I decided to just get it out there. I didn't feel like a hands-on would've added much to it, anyways. TVs have buttons, you press them. Big deal.

In other news, the afternoon will be spent revisiting some potential employment locations.

Ok, I suppose I didn't really have anything to say and just wanted to shamelessly plug my blog post :D

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cryin' for the youtube

Yeah, they're taking down a lot of stuff now. That sucks. Nevermind that most of it shouldn't have been up in the first place. It's all copywrited pirated whateverthehell, but still...I was having fun. Watching Stand Alone Complex on youtube was my last ditch effort to not eat dinner quite yet, waste some time, etc etc

*drinks water out of a coffee cup*



Can I just say that today is REALLY long?


I already moaned and groaned about how bored I am here, but I felt I could maybe add something to that by...

wasting time on blogger...


Tomorrow I will go back to Hannspree and see if they will let me borrow a TV. If not, I will just write the "article" with what I have. It's not like it's a treatise or anyting. Just a quick blurb to show the world some nifty TVs. It seems like maybe the people at the store will be expecting more. I have seen their press book. Ack.

The boy got home way late last night from work so he slept in till...about 1ish? I didn't think he was going to, so I kept checking in on him while reading/interneting/video gaming/eating. Now that he's gone to work I'm just sort of doing the same stuff only without the interludes of wake-up kisses and stuff.

I should just force myself to study or clean or something. There is just really nothing I have the patience to stick to right now.

I feel like I should go outside or something, but there is nowhere I want to go. I can't grocery shop or anything cuz I have pretty much zero dollars. If I were really intrepid I would surprise the world and do the dishes, but that just isn't happening.

I have all these excuses for not working on cleaning. For instance, I need to get stuff off the floor so I can wash it. I can't get stuff off the floor until the bookshelf is done. Also I want to wash stuff before we put it away because everything is uber(disgustingly) dusty. In the bedroom there are clean clothes and dirty clothes and lots of dust and gadgets etc. I have no idea what to do with it all. I've basically been brought to a standstill. I think I might be able to assemble the desk (by assemble I only really mean to put the computer back on top of it instead of on the floor...) That just needs some dusting and...moving things and stuff. I could probably do that. It's not that productive, but at least it's something.

OH I remember my excuse for not doing that. It's cuz the boy was thinking about maybe moving it over there *points*


*frustration with nearly everything*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fun with Xaberdee

Xav is visiting his Dad in Castro Valley, so on Monday he rode the BART out here to San Francisco to hang out. We didn't really do too much: rambled around Japantown, had lunch, wandered out to Pier 39 for a bit, headed downtown, ate dinner, grabbed my stuff out of the apt and then went to his Dad's house where I spent the night.

His sibs are super cute, quite energetic, and verrrrrry goofy. In fact, before I left yesterday we took some movies, so now I can relive their goofiness whenever I want @_@

Speaking of movies, we saw Dead Again. Sort of a weird thriller set alternatively in 1948 and sometime in the '80s about a scissors murder. Reincarnation, love, stabbing, something for everyone ;p

Dooby dooooo.

Oh, yeah.

Sunday, June 18, 2006



This weekend entailed lots of Castlevania and not a little Bullshit.

Penn & Teller must just not age, or something. The boy say that a side-by-side shows evidence, but without that I can seriously say I don't notice a difference. I remember watching them in music class in elementary school and on goofy magic shows and they look exactly the same. The bullshit show is very entertaining. It's fun to laugh with the boy and this seems right-up-his-alley type of stuff.

We also caught the new Dr. Who ep (**spoilers,**) which was sort of refreshing. A bit devoid of the Doctor for the majority of it, though. The evil alien reminded me a bit of the original Little Shop of Horrors. Sadly, no suitable pic could be found from the movie... Here is a goofy stage production rendition of the effect I mean.

Chick who played Moaning Myrtle in HP was in it, too. She was cute, but her character ended up as a tile with a love life. I don't really want to contemplate what sort of love life it was (of course, that means I DO,) as she was just a slice of rock with a face. Are her corners sensative? If he nibbles a bit 'round the edges does that make her go nuts? And...ok nm.

I still like the new Doctor. Not that I really am allowed to have much in the way of an opinion here, since I'm quite the n00b. I do like him better than the old guy (whose pic on IMDB looks nothing like him in the show.) Something about his general demeanor, (that's very vague) uhm...his fiestiness. That could be it. I suppose all the various Doctors had bunches of charisma, and I certainly haven't seen even half of them. *sigh*

Tomorrow Xaberdee is coming to visit me here in Frisco. We'll run amuck and then hang with a boy. I guess the plan is to go back to Xaberz' dad's house afterwards, and chill with his sibs. I'm going to miss the boy, but if I'm gonna freak over one night I'd better get a grip before Sept rolls around @_@ >_< ;_; T_T

Thursday, June 15, 2006

See also:


Nothing Interesting Here

Bus TV

Aiiie. Today was a little frustrating. Decided I would pick up a copy of God of War, since I've always wanted to play the rest of it, having at one point been thwarted by an evil malfunctioning disc at my friend's house. The idea came from craigslist, since a guy there was selling his PS2 etc. I inquired as to how much just that one game would go for and he said 20 dollars. I won't bore you with the details of our extended conversation. There was a bit of hemming and hawing and haggling etc. Anyways, we were supposedly to meet at 3 pm in front of the GAP downtown. I thought it was all set up, but then (after wasting dawdling a WHOLE bunch and wasting a ton of time) I came early, only to stand there for a half hour while he...wrote me an e-mail to see if 3 was really a good time or not which I received upon arriving back home.

But I'm leapfrogging ahead a bit.

See, on the way home from that escapade, I happened upon the neighborhood EB. I figured it would be more expensive there, but figured what the heck. I wanted the game and would have it either way. Actually, it turned out to be cheaper, only by 48 cents after tax, but nonetheless... Of course, the next problem turned out to be that God of War is rated mature. That's like an R movie. Need ID cuz I look like a 12 year old. I figured I would give it a shot. For a second it seemed like things were going ok. She got the disc out, scanned it, took my money, and then popped the question. "ID?" ERRRRR... "How old are you?" 20... "YA RIGHT :p" No, she didn't say that, but she might as well have, because I didn't get a game : /

Not the happiest afternoon.

I ended up taking a bit of a nap and I think that is why my stomach is cross now, but it may have just been fooooood.


I start my new job tomorrow.

I previously told her I would be unable to continue since I really needed a full-time job this summer, but she basically ignored that and told me that I would get a raise in July and more hours than she had originally intended to give me. Now I feel like I can't refuse, especially since I don't really have any other options at this point in time. Watch the job offers come ROLLING IN as soon as I commit to this, though.

That's what will happen.

I guess I will use my day off on Wednesday to chill and work on LIVEdigitally stuff. I also won't be working Saturdays. Apparently the one other sitter the lady ended up hiring can only do Wed and Sat, and now there is no call for Wed. My question is, though, what is the point of having two if one of them is only going to be doing one day? I think I'm just not going to worry about it and enjoy the fact that I get more time with the boy. I don't really need to be working weekends...

It feels later than 9:30.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm not quite sure why everyone told me X-Men 3 would suck. Did the first two suck? Is it something to with fidelity to the comics or something? If that's the case, then you've got me. I never read any of them , so there is nothing for this tri(?)logy to love up to or ruin.

Obviously it's not THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME or anything. It's definitely a "movie" (if we want to talk all snob) and a summer action blockbuster sequel, at that, SO EVERYONE JUST RELAX.

Can you really tell me you didn't enjoy it? Great action (I do love CG.), kinda fun plot (I thought), and Hugh Jackman (*cough*)

Ok, Halle Berry.


I haven't seen the first two in...three years, so the whole Jean coming back from the dead to turn into death goddess was just sort of taken as what was happening regardless of what happened before. It struck me as very strange that Scott died for no apparent reason. Did they just not like him? WOLVERINE ROCKS. And I like the rearranging of the Golden Gate at the end. That was cute.

If I were Magneto I would just make flying bicycles for everyone, although I suppose that's a little too ET.

Also: why were the Anti-cure's all goth?

At first I was a little put-off by their choice for angel boy, but I got used to him. He was barely in it, anyways. The younger version of him was perfect, though.

Dooby, doooo...also, how about that ending. What the hell do they mean calling it "The Last Stand" if they're gonna have everyone getting their powers back and stuff. God, how much you wanna bet even Phoenix will "rise from the ashes?" ;p

There were these really obnoxious kids sitting in back. Talking practically the whole time and giggling at the sexy stuff. (Don't you love how Jean/Phoenix is always undressing Wolverine? I mean, seriously, beginning and end, all the time. It's a little silly ;D Ooh, and at the end I love how Jackman basically just had to reprise the finale of Van Helsing...that was silly, too. XD)

**end spoilers*

So, yeah, now I'm a little sad that I didn't drag the boy along, cuz it probably would've been fun. And even if he didn't like it, he would've had fun panning it. In fact, I think I told him that, but it wasn't enough to sway him...

Anyways, he said he would come with when A Scanner Darkly comes out :D

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday morning

It's so time for some cereal!

A thing.

Sorry, that's all I got. Just thought it was sorta exciting ;D

Monday, June 12, 2006

I wrote a thing.

I'll let you know if it goes up or not. I'm not sure if the topic is good, or if the writing is good (actually, I'm pretty sure it's bad) etc


I had made it my goal to be a published author by 18. That is long past; HOWEVER, I can still be a WRITER. This makes me sort of fuzzy inside. We'll see how it works out.

Other than that, it appears I will be a babysitter for two boys, ages 8 and 10. The youngest wears diapers and can only babble, but seems friendly enough. Quite a handful. We'll see how that works out, too.

Everything is up in the air!

It's time for a mocha, I think.

My Second Attempt at Egg Poaching (and lots of pie)

Today marks the historic second attempt at egg poaching made this time without the aid of a cup. The cup was for shape-holding purposes and now we know why. If you just stick the egg in the water it tends to shred and flake and make a general mess leaving you with really only about half the egg you started with.

Still tastes good on toast, though.


Other than that, I finished off the pie this morning. That means I had a piece and then looked at the sad remaining bit and said, "Might as well eat that tooooo..." Yum.

Yeah, this morning has been mostly food. I also played some games...and sat around...and made instant coffee.

The boy and I watched Fist of the North Star last night. I was sort of hoping to avoid that movie...forever, but I guess I failed. That's ok. It was pretty ugly, horrid, and gory. Sort of what I expected :D Now I can't poke the boy without him exploding, though : /

*chicken noises*

Sunday, June 11, 2006

For my reference and your boredom

Things I need to do tomorrow:

Refill meds.
Take back library books.
Possible job interview? (babysitting)

Errrm...seems like there should've been something else...


Apply for more jobs?
Like that one on California?
And uhm.......
I forget.

Redownload AIM (old version.)

Send away a netflick.

Other crud.

Ok, this was a complete waste of time.

I suck.

Man, I'm a total loser today. I hate being mopey. I'm mopey. Just blahing around the apt bringing the whole atmosphere down, being stupid stupid stupid and crying about nothing like a five year old. Hate that.

Nobody's calling about jobs. That is really bugging me. So, I just sit around reading (alllllll weekend) and getting stuck in video games. Stuck in just about everything. I feel pretty useless.

Maybe this is a lesson for missing my meds yesterday. I need a refill.

On a slightly more positive note, I ate a crapload of fruit today because our new blender kicks whole bunches of ass. Bananas, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, ice cream, you name it - in it goes. (Maybe not all at once, though.)

I feel like crud, and when I feel like crud, Scott feels like crud, which makes me feel cruddier, which makes him feel cruddier, and then we are both cruddy and maybe he wishes I would go do something else for a while instead of make him feel cruddy while he's trying to write.

Now I'm just being silly.

Eh, when's the last time I had a meltdown in my blog. It's probably been a nice while, so I'll just leave it and hope someone calls to say they're hiring me and see if I can get unstuck from a game or read MORE or try to make myself useful. I will refridgerate pizza.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yarg yarg yarg

Last night I was so ILL. Side effects, they just kill me. Luckily I managed to have some cereal and blueberries at something similar to dinner, even though that was only supposed to be a snack until the boy got back. I had soda crackers and 7up; that works, I guess.

Unfortunately, what all of that means is that I waited all afternoon for the boy to get home so we could have a tasty dinner and hang out etc, and then I was so sick feeling that I just sacked out. And now, of course, it's morning, but that means 7:30 in the morning, and it would be just plain cruel to wake anyone up this early on their day off (for normal boring reasons like coffee or games or grocery shopping.)

I made buckwheat non-stick pancakey things. Crepey. They taste very good with a wide variety of toppings such as peanut butter and banana or almond butter and blueberries. They're even pretty tasty plain. The mix is pretty simple; just add water and cook on high heat. Handy!

I'm working on abandoning my yahoo mail. All that really ever comes there is junk nowadays, so I'm switching all the junk I care about to my gmail account. For some reason my blogger account is being difficult about it. I switched my e-mail in my profile. Is there something else I have to do? If anyone knows, by all means, let me in on the secret.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I am so productive!

Look at me! Dashing about town to job interviews! I applied for two things (convenience store and deli,) had an quick meeting, will reinquire on Monday. This afternoon I'm receiving a blender for ONLY five dollars and it will be delivered directly to my door sometime in the next twenty minutes or so. I'm pretty excited about that. SMOOTHIES!!! Then I have to go to another place before they hire someone who isn't me!

I went to the grocery store since I needed cash to pay the blender man with and didn't feel like being ripped off for two bucks by a ATM. I got some bananas and a greek wrap. A so-so lunch of banana and greek wrap. It certainly could've been better. My shirt puzzled the check out gentleman, though, so it was fun. It's the broken heart one. On my way home I found mysterious extra fruit in my bag o_O I think it's a plum.

Dooby-doo. Did I already mention that I'm reading Jack Maggs by Peter Carey? He is one of the authors I --- ooh blender man just called, he's on his way :D --- wanted to read more of this summer. I've been meaning to ever since I read The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith in high school, but just never got around to it. I love his stuff o_o And, of course, an extra perquisite of reading good writing is that it improves your own *sparkle*

SPEAKING of writing, just a moment ago I replied to a craigslist post about a gadget blog. Supposedly, they need help and supposedly you get free stuff. Did they mention *gasp* LAPTOPS? That would be exceedingly wicked. Plus, what better thing to do in my spare time than work on my writing. To be a good translator, you have to first be a decent writer!


Craigslist Hound

I want to eat dessert while I do this!!! V_V Pie or pain au chocolat or cookies or ice cream or SHAAAAAKE. I put in a bid on a blender. They wanted fifteen dollars but said zero sometimes wins. I said I could definitely give them nothing. Or something. I also want sushi. I'm pretty much out of money, though, so I'm thinking more along the lines of salami sandwich (on white : /) or bust...

This is how I spend my mornings...just hounding the (craigs)list. Clicking every half a minute to see if something new is up. There was a guy who posted a silly "free pet" ad about a tapeworm. I...can't find it anymore, otherwise I would link. Damn.

Anyhow, I think I've probably annoyed the shit right out of anyone who was maybe even having the tiniest little inklings of the thought of the thought of calling me. Anyhow, I'm going to go to a cafe that I thought was too far away, but who are even now a week later still hiring. I'll have to find some "cuter" clothes, though.


It's not gonna be cool if I have to wear all my cute clothes to work : /

Tomorrow is Saturday. Sunday I might go make some money. It's a modeling gig for 10 bux an hour. Artiste. Sounds legit. I'll bring the boy just in case. Then we can pull some karate kung fu if things get fishy.

I would like a burger as well.

Or pizza.

I'm not even that hungry!!! Hahaha!

I can just think of all the tasty food I would like to eat, and then have a sandwich in an hour and a half (on white : /)

We are out of bananas. Actually, I take that back. There is one lonely banana who spent the weekend (last weekend) getting cozy on the shelf.

Maybe I will have soup.

We also don't have any strawberries.

We do, however, have many many blueberries. Fresh, preserved, canned. Not frozen, but I could freeze some if I wanted. Took my new flavor a bit too far, I think.

I ended up going back to bed. I gave up. Which, was fine. I guess I used the sleep to my advantage. Ho hum. I just feel sort of silly having cereal and hot chocolate, going back to bed a couple hours later, and then getting up again a couple hours LATER and having breakfast again.

I should quit thinking about sushi, because if I go spend a zillion dollars on sushi I don't think I could quite forgive myself.

Maybe I should go obsessively check my e-mail (and the list) to see if anyone has figured out how much they need me.

Hot Chocolate at 4:30 AM

This is the life. I haven't had hot chocolate in quite a while. I generally opt for the coffee nowadays. This morning, though, the plan was to be moral support for Scott's three am wake-up time, as he had been working most of the night before, and working all day, and was hence too tired to continue working last night. In a last attempt to entice him out of bed an hour later, I headed out to the 24 hour grocery store for some instant coffee. Our coffee pot is...ahem, out of commission these days, so instant would have to do. There are no coffee places open around here at 4, although there must be a Starbucks fairly close, because I saw someone with some at the store. I'm sort of jealous now, but not too much so, for I have tasty hot chocolate that even came with little marshmallows (which reconstitute fantastically in hot water!!) ;p

Blogger was out all day yesterday, which made me a bit sad because I had quite a bit to relate. No matter! I'll just ramble on for a while today, since I have noooo lack of time:

Wednesday was Scott's birthday. He ended up working from home, which made it very hard to surprise him. In fact, it made it pretty well impossible to surprise him, which was fine, because I think when I told him this fact, he was rather surprised that I had planned to surprise him...maybe. In the end he received his presents wrapped in a towel and a sweatshirt, since there wasn't too much else on hand. This worked just as well. Hopefully they weren't too boring (The Goonies DVD and a "mouse that shoots lasers" XD)

Then, ok. At first I was going to make MY birthday cake, the one that I pretty much stole from my mom's side of the family. Yeah, it's been rather APPROPRIATED XD I love that cake. Chockamowii with the best frosting ever! Unfortuantely, to make that best frost ever you need an electric beater thingamajiggy and of those we have few (read: none.) My next thought was blueberry pie. The last time we decided we wanted that we went to the store and bought one. It wasn't. I may have mentioned how we warmed it up and ate it some, had some cold the next day, and then forgot that we left it out and it died on the counter. This time, I figured I would go all out (allllll out) and make it entirely from scratch with FRESH blueberries. What I learned checking out at the store, is that blueberry pies should only be made by people who either have lots of blueberries or are willing to let frozen berries cut it. BUT I HAVE NO REGRETS!! My original intention was to bake while he was at work so when he got home I could be all, "Happy birthday!" or whathaveyou. The way it HAPPENED, however, is that I ended up waiting until the last possible minute to even start, so it didn't get finished until something like ten at night by which time I was feeling quite ill due to my evil pills and he was feeling rather unwell due to stress, among other things. Clearly, things weren't exactly peachy. When we finally did have some pie (with vanilla ice cream) yesterday, it was...ok. I dunno. I guess, what can I expect? My first pie ever, home-made crust, yadda yadda. There was bound to be SOMEthing imperfect. I dunno. It tasted like pie. It wasn't bad. I think probably the only thing that could've gone any better was the crust. It was a bit thick, as I used a cookie sheet with the rolling pin so as not to get our "new" table all sticky/doughy. Hmm...well hopefully it wasn't BAD.

Anyways, MOVING ON:

Cup~A~Joe's has been a bit of a downer lately. The other day I went over there at opening to get some take-out coffee and I know for a fact that I gave her a ten. Why? Because on the chair where the cash was carelessly strewn, I picked up first a five and then thought better of it, for WHATEVER would I do were I to be tempted by a tasty-looking bakery item and find myself short of funds? Hence, ten. I GRABBED A TEN. It was the only bill in my pocket, woman! I swear! She insisted otherwise when I inquired after she handed back my change. SADNESS!

I forgave them, however. One can't be golden every hour of every day. The next day, I went with full expectation of receiving the normal great service and the normal delicious coffee. Unfortunately I was served watered down espresso. I'm ALMOST positive that is what she gave me. I know where the coffee comes out, and I know where the espresso machine is. I also know what hot water looks like. I feel ripped off (again.) I dunno if I can like it there anymore! Their coffee is usually so yummy! I was very very disappointed. In fact, I was so disappointed that I ended up barely touching my drink and going elsewhere in hopes I would be better served! FALSE! The other place did THE SAME THING. Is this the lazy baristas secret? Or the "oh panic she ordered decaf and I just don't have any coffee so I'll give her the decaf espresso that no one in their right mind would order but we have to stock" move? Did she even GIVE me decaf? No one will ever know.

I had hot chocolate this morning and it was damn good lol :D

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Latest Attempts at Accomplishing Something

I went around to both of my barista job prospects with no luck. I did have some coffee, a danish, and a tasty chicken salad sandwich. This took up the morning.

I finished Mona Lisa Overdrive, too. I almost want to go back and read Neuromancer again, now that I have a little bit more of a handle on Gibson... I suppose I will someday. Too much other stuff to read right now, though (including the Bridge Trilogy.)

After lunch, I went to an open interview session at Starbucks. Yes, I know, Starbucks, but let's think for a moment. What better place to gain experience? According to what they told me, they send their recruits to CLASSES for THREE WEEKS. You learn how to tell the difference between different types of coffee, how to recommend the right stuff, all in addition to how to actually mix the drinks. After hearing that I'm almost hoping they DO hire me. Being a morning person is good. Leaving in Sept is bad. They'd like more of a commitment for their month of training *sigh* The guy who interviewed me said there could still be a chance, though, so we'll see. It'd be pretty cool if I could get hired for the morning shift at the one on 2nd street by where Scott works. I could meet him for lunch right after getting off work (daydreams.)

Actually, meeting him for lunch is what I did after that interview. I had already eaten (that chicken salad sandwich...pretty good, seeds and celery and stuff in it with clover honey...yum!) but he was starving. It's always nice to see him :D

After that I filled out an app for another barista position at this place downtown, and then read some manga at Border's.

Ho hum.

I guess the only other notable thing about today is how WELL I slept! Not being on a couch probably had something to do with that, but also, this place does really feel like home, so it was nice to be back.

I had a bad dream.


I'm going to eat a yogurt and do some dishes.

Monday, June 05, 2006

It's definitely Monday

Back to Frisco day.

This morning I had a dentist appt at 7:30. I haven't been to the dentist in a year because of happy changes in plans, so I had to reach back quite far to recover those necessary skills such as keeping a mouthful of toothpasty spit from going down one's throat, making the swallowing motion without swallowing, and maneuvering one's tongue away from the polisher. And don't forget that it is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY to make small talk during this entire process.

Apparently one of my fillings is getting old. They put a "watch" on it. I hope that doesn't mean it will suddenly fall out while I'm in Tokyo and I will have this dark smelly chasm in my molar o_o

After the dentist it was mostly a matter of aiports and trains. I'm pretty tired. Gonna watch some cartoons or something.

I feel intelligent because I was able to find, download, and put to good use a torrent for saturday's Dr. Who. At the rate it's going now it will definitely be ready by the time Scott gets home ^_^ He'll be happy :D

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy B-day, Dear Bruder

He's 19 o_o

So, it's been a little bit of a stressful weekend. It seems that Scott and I are doomed to second-class sleeping accomodations, such as couches, floors, and I hit the jackpot one night with a trundle bed 6_6 Ah well. Busy times, lots of people, space is limited. I feel bad, though, because he hasn't been sleeping too well.

Been playing lots of games. Yesterday, had breakfast with relatives, a late lunch with Photo (who looks a LOT different; I haven't seen him in FOREVER). That was fun. Then the boy and I hitched a ride to O-town with my mom and sis where we just kinda chilled. We dug out some of my old crap and looked at rubbish I wrote when I was like eight. Read some stuff. La di da. Ate some stuff. La di da. *shrug*

Gonna have lunch soon ;D

Friday, June 02, 2006

What I woke up to this morning

loser: who is this?
me: good question ;p
me: a girl
me: who likes video games
me: and anime
me: and Phoenix
me: and wants to be a translator
loser: name? and why are you on my list?
loser: hmm no answer
me: Emily?
me: I dunno. Probably cuz you put me there at one time or another.
me: Another, I'm guessing ;p
loser: yeah well i dont know who you are
me: K. That's fine. Maybe you have a history of hanging out in chat rooms??
loser: no i dont think so
me: If you don't wanna talk, then don't talk to me. I really don't care lol
loser: hey dont be getting all pissy with me.. i just said i dont know you
me: ;p
loser: ok thats getting annoying
me: Maybe that's why you stopped talking to me...
me: I like my smilies ;D
loser: maybe, cuz your a annoying little freak
loser signed off at 6:48:09 AM.

Yes, that's 6:48 in the morning. Did I sound pissy? I thought I was being pretty genial about the whole thing. I mean, HE'S the idiot doesn't know who he's talking to. He didn't really sound like he wanted to know or cared, so I thought I would have a little sense of humor about it instead of just blowing him off. And then he called me a freak. Ooh, ouch. Ok, but in a way, it is sort of ouch. I'm not often called ANYTHING, at least to my face, so I'm always a little worried when it does happen. In this case, however, I think it's safe to say I was just dealing with some sort of teenage loser boy who was up too late (cuz I bet he didn't get up at 6:30 ;p) Yeah that's being a bit presumptuous and mean, but whatever. My morning just started off rather strangely because of him.

Actually, it started off strangely because I'm back in Wisconsin for the weekend where my sister doesn't want to get out of bed to go to...highschool. I was up till 1 cuz I ate pizza and played Oblivion a bit, so I was hoping I would be able to sleep in till like 9 at least. That would've satisfied my 8 hour mark, so I figured I could do at least that, but then Mom had to come wake up my sister like 98 times, so I was downstairs eating breakfast before she was @_@ Ah well. Maybe if I'm good my mommy will get me coffee :D

The boy is arriving this evening at the mke airport. Or I guess...just at MKE, since the nickname is taken from the airport code XD You know, there's a magazine or something that took that. I almost feel like a trend setter. I had never heard anyone call it mke before. I suppose there must've been others, though. ANYHOW, he's coming!!!! TONIGHT!!! I'm so excited XD *love and sparkles* I guess today I'm getting some sort of hair cut, although I don't know what kind. I really don't want to grow it out... I guess that is my issue. I guess I don't really mind right now, but for Tokyo I want my impression to be made with short hair. It really feels like part of my personality, to have short hair. This mop thing, that is...meh, but if I really grew it out? I don't think it would feel right. This reminds me of last summer when I finally got it cut. So much better. I felt like I regained my identity. I know the boy would like to see it longer and that's cool. I really don't mind. I guess maybe it's because he knows that I'm the kind of girl to have short hair, so if I have long hair he still knows who I am. When I go to Tokyo, the people will have no idea about me at first. Short hair will be the kind of impression I want to make. Hmm...maybe this is valid.

(Yummm...Seattle's Best isn't so bad. My mom makes coffee at home. I guess I forgot about that. I'm so used to having to cafe-ing in the morning XD The coffee pot at home--drrrrrr the apt where I live? hee hee I enjoy that mindset, though. After a while it really did start to feel like home. I was going there on the weekends and all. ANYWAYS...the coffee pot there is a Martian landscape. I dunno if I talked about that already or not. *sigh* It's as much my fault as anybody's. I should add, however, that aside from the COST of cafe-ing, I really enjoy it quite a bit :D which is probably already evident many times over XD)

Wheeee...busy weekend. I like that a lot ^_^

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today I leave!

Off to WI for a Midwestern weekend. The boy follows tomorrow. I still haven't packed XD Scott and I spent way too long watching Robot Chicken on youtube yesterday afternoon. Some of it's funny, while some of it is just downright disturbing. There is also plenty of plain stupid material. Ah well. There were at least a couple that had us laughing our brains out, probably more because they were horrible than because they were actually good, though. Man, I can't think of any off the top of my head. We seriously watched for I think at least three hours, all sorta melts together.

The schedule for the morning shall include (in a rather abbreviated form, I imagine): Coffee, a shower, and packing. Anything else will happen purely by luck (whether good or bad is yet to be seen o_o) I'll probably pop into yahoo and say bye to Randy, though. It's too bad I have to leave so early because I could've met Scott for lunch otherwise. Oh wellll. I can call him later.

*swoop* Yeah, I'm off to do somethin' or other...