Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wake up slow

This weekend it seems I have relocated a bit of my capacity for sleeping in. Till about 10 anyways, which is good enough. I woke up earlier this morning and even had breakfast when I really should've just gone back to bed. I ended up sleeping another couple of hours. Looks like the boy stayed up late hunting souls on Dawn of Sorrow, though, so I'm not sure when he'll make an appearance.

Yesterday I played a bunch of online games, the best being Drakojan Skies. It's not perfect, but it's pretty fun even when you die a lot. That's important for me ;p I also played Bikemania, which is a souped up version of an older game I used to play. The old version only had like two levels, while this one seemed to go on forever. It gets frustrating after a while, heh. Note also: Sheep Invaders. Seems more forgiving than most Space Invaders games. Well, I played a bunch of other stuff too, following links from Addicting Games. Most of it pretty much sucked haha.

Other than that, the new season of Venture Brothers started. This is the show that Scott and I watched all in one day a few months ago. I don't really remember much of the plot. I didn't even remember they were **spoiler** dead **end spoiler**. Anyways, they'll be back, obviously ;p

Really it mostly just makes me want to see old Johnny Quest cartoons, not the new ones. Although, I might even settle for that.

Hmm, I guess it got sunny. I sort of wanted to check out Pride today. Now I'm not sure if I really want to slog all the way downtown. Would it be weird to go with my boyfriend? Maybe. Probably we should just concentrate on cleaning the apt. I think today is our highest potential day yet.

I'ma have leftover sloppy joes for lunch in a bit.

Then maybe we can watch Dr. Who.


Hopefully I'll get some callbacks for jobs this week. A couple different places said they would. I keep getting shot down, though. It's all because I'm leaving in Sept. GOD, people, sorry I have a LIFE. If I were just some deadbeat with no ambition, then maybe I could work at your deli FOREVER. No, sorry, that's not what I mean. I have no problem with people who work at coffee shops and stuff all the time. In fact, I could probably be perfectly happy running a coffee shop. I'm just really frustrated that no one is willing to take me on for a couple months. Yeah, I have to go, but I can work a LOT this sumemr and I would do a good job! >_< Whatever : /

It bites, though, because I wanted to save up some Tokyo money, get a new laptop before I leave, etc. Not to mention help out a little more around here. I'm out of money now, so Scott has to pay for everything! He doesn't mind, I guess, but I still feel a little freeloadery.


We got yummy cinniminimium cereal last night. ;D

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