Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snack and Interview Report!!

plain nonfat yogurt
100% fruit blueberry preserves


pretzels on the side


I've been trying different combinations of fruit in my yogurt, but putting in banana seems to be one of the better bets. It neutralizes any of the tang from the lactose or the bacteria or whatever gives plain yogurt that crazy tang, and it also helps with tangs of other fruits like strawberries, etc. Just mellows everything out nicely.

Pretzels on the side today is really only a diversionary tactic to keep me from being reminded that we are out of Grapenuts. If we had those I would've sprinkled them generously, but pretzels aren't so bad, really because of the salty counterpart to the fruits' sweet.

Other than that, today I had cereal, a blackberry scone, some decaf, and left-over veggie-tofu (Japanese) curry. The curry actually fared pretty well as a left-over, which made me happy.

I had the two job interviews today. The first became a mini-nightmare because it turned out that the place was at the Crocker Gallereia. I remembered the address and how to get there, but not the name of the place. I figured it would just BE there. I forget these things sometimes ;_; There are three cafe type places there. One was definitely ruled out because I had already applied there (x_x), but there were still two. I wasn't sure how to approach this. Neither had "now hiring" signs in the windows, so that was no help. Eventually I just went to the only I thought it was and said, "Uhm...are you guys hiring?" and the baristas sort of laughed at each other and said, "Yeah, Betty's right outside..." They must've admired my uncanny timing ;p Anyhow, once I found it, that one actually went pretty well. She was the first person to not shoot me down immediately after I told her I was going to Tokyo and seemed to understand the need to make money. Also, I guess her boss is FROM there. Interesting...

The second job interview took slightly longer (and a bus ride) to get to, though it was easier to find. Cute little cafe in the Mission Bay area. Seemed to be going pretty well until I told the guy I would go to Tokyo. Everyone thinks that is "so great *smile smile*" but then they don't hire me. He did a good job of preserving his energy through the wrench in the thing. Although, I suppose he doesn't really care since he'll have a zillion more interviews this week ;p Hell, I don't mind not riding the bus down there everyday, so no problem.

Just hope I get the other one, or the one I now have an interview for on Wednesday instead of Monday (at the very least.)

And other than that? Boooo. Who knows what we'll eat for dinner? I don't care cuz I had a yummy snack ;p

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