Monday, June 26, 2006

Cleaning up

Well, the apt is slowly getting a bit cleaner. Bit by bit. Yesterday Scott and I put up a bookshelf. Unfortunately, we had a different screwdriver head than the one required, so all the screws are stripped and the shelf will never come apart again : / He got blisters forcing the screws in and then I took over. It's actually really nice to have the books and moves up off the floor. It will probably keep them cleaner and it looks better.

The other, even more pressing, task was to get the dishes done. This was Scott's job, since he told me he would a few days ago. They were pretty disgusting and the job was no fun to begin with, but then he punctured his finger on a piece of broken glass >_< Unlucky ;_; He also has a burn from a couple days ago AND those blisters remember, so his hands are just feeling pretty beat up right now.

After the dishes, we made a Banquet Homestyle Bake for dinner. Actually, that box that's in that pic is the old design. The new one is more red, white, and blue. Same food as in the pic, though: Country Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Biscuits. It was actually very tasty considering everything just comes in the box and you drop it in a pan and bake it.

This morning I cleaned the shower. It didn't make much sense to before, as the drain was plugged and the water went down so slow that all the scum was left behind. I used a bottle of Dranoesque plumbing solution on it the other day, though, so now it works fine. So the shower is clean, and now I am too since I'm not scared to put my feet in there anymore :D

Apparently the boy is sick : / I told him I would go to the office and pick up anything he needs so he could work from home. I mean, it's one thing to go in if you can ride a bus or something, but he walks, and if he started feeling really bad on the way he'd have to drag himself all the way back (up that hill.) That worries me a bit : / He's tough, though, I guess...

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