Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fun with Xaberdee

Xav is visiting his Dad in Castro Valley, so on Monday he rode the BART out here to San Francisco to hang out. We didn't really do too much: rambled around Japantown, had lunch, wandered out to Pier 39 for a bit, headed downtown, ate dinner, grabbed my stuff out of the apt and then went to his Dad's house where I spent the night.

His sibs are super cute, quite energetic, and verrrrrry goofy. In fact, before I left yesterday we took some movies, so now I can relive their goofiness whenever I want @_@

Speaking of movies, we saw Dead Again. Sort of a weird thriller set alternatively in 1948 and sometime in the '80s about a scissors murder. Reincarnation, love, stabbing, something for everyone ;p

Dooby dooooo.

Oh, yeah.

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