Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm not quite sure why everyone told me X-Men 3 would suck. Did the first two suck? Is it something to with fidelity to the comics or something? If that's the case, then you've got me. I never read any of them , so there is nothing for this tri(?)logy to love up to or ruin.

Obviously it's not THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME or anything. It's definitely a "movie" (if we want to talk all snob) and a summer action blockbuster sequel, at that, SO EVERYONE JUST RELAX.

Can you really tell me you didn't enjoy it? Great action (I do love CG.), kinda fun plot (I thought), and Hugh Jackman (*cough*)

Ok, Halle Berry.


I haven't seen the first two in...three years, so the whole Jean coming back from the dead to turn into death goddess was just sort of taken as what was happening regardless of what happened before. It struck me as very strange that Scott died for no apparent reason. Did they just not like him? WOLVERINE ROCKS. And I like the rearranging of the Golden Gate at the end. That was cute.

If I were Magneto I would just make flying bicycles for everyone, although I suppose that's a little too ET.

Also: why were the Anti-cure's all goth?

At first I was a little put-off by their choice for angel boy, but I got used to him. He was barely in it, anyways. The younger version of him was perfect, though.

Dooby, doooo...also, how about that ending. What the hell do they mean calling it "The Last Stand" if they're gonna have everyone getting their powers back and stuff. God, how much you wanna bet even Phoenix will "rise from the ashes?" ;p

There were these really obnoxious kids sitting in back. Talking practically the whole time and giggling at the sexy stuff. (Don't you love how Jean/Phoenix is always undressing Wolverine? I mean, seriously, beginning and end, all the time. It's a little silly ;D Ooh, and at the end I love how Jackman basically just had to reprise the finale of Van Helsing...that was silly, too. XD)

**end spoilers*

So, yeah, now I'm a little sad that I didn't drag the boy along, cuz it probably would've been fun. And even if he didn't like it, he would've had fun panning it. In fact, I think I told him that, but it wasn't enough to sway him...

Anyways, he said he would come with when A Scanner Darkly comes out :D

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spades said...

so i might have gone to this movie. Maybe it was at a budget theater, and I spent 2 dollars. Should I say was this movie worth it? It moved way to quickly, if you are not familar with the story lines.

Also, uhm, maybe the director is not as good as the other director of the first two. This might lead to the ineveitable let down that people said this movie sucked. Maybe, down the road there will be a better one.

Are you even getting this message? I have like four novels to read before school starts in two weeks or something. How will I ever keep up to the implausible academic schedual? Is proffesor short for proffessional or to proffess, which is to explain everything within the range and relms of enabled knowledge? I think I am guilty of reading too much sometimes. Good luck ducks?